• World

    15 of the Most Evil People in History

    The path of history has never been one that bends to fairness or morality. Everyone in history chooses how they wish to treat others and what kind of person they wish to be. And while there is plenty of evidence…

  • Automotive,  Business

    Why Do People Steal Catalytic Converters?

    The short answer to why thieves are targeting catalytic converters on cars is that your catalytic converter contains precious metals that are, often, literally more valuable than gold. A catalytic converter contains small amounts of rare metals like palladium, platinum…

  • Health

    How Many Teeth Do Adults Have?

    The average adult has 32 teeth in their mouth, at least for a while. You may not keep them all for long and, of course, if you lose an adult tooth you won’t grow a new one back again. Let’s…

  • Business

    How Much Does Elon Musk Make?

    Until late in 2022, Elon Musk was the world’s richest person. As a result of conflicts arising from his takeover of Twitter and falling Tesla stock prices, he dropped from that spot but just barely. By early December 2022, Musk’s…

  • L&I Apothecary

    Best Ginger Essential Oils of 2022

    Ginger (the root of the zingiber officinale plant) has been at the heart of the human story for thousands of years. From ancient China it spread by way of the spice routes to India, Europe and beyond and has left…

  • Edward Edwards confers with his lawyer while wearing orange prison attire during his trial

    10 Vicious Serial Killers from Ohio

    Netflix and other broadcasters have been investing in true crime shows for the past years. From documentaries about Steven Avery’s trial (also known as Making a Murderer) to ones about the Columbine school shooting, it’s fair to say true crime…

  • Trump's Trade War

    9 Biggest Trade Wars in History

    Wars on trade are a common topic in world history – especially with news going around regarding trade wars under the Trump administration. In fact, President Donald Trump stated, “Trade wars are good and easy to win.” While there are…