Peter Dinklage smiles to the camera at a red carpet Hollywood event, dressed in a suit and tie

15 Famous Short People Who Reached the Stars

If there’s one thing the media and people on social networks love to throw around is “facts.” We’ve put them in quotes because many of them are based on stereotypes and have no truth to them. You’ve probably heard of so-called studies that have been conducted and show that short people tend to be less successful, wealthy, and less attractive.

It also doesn’t help that historians sometimes focus heavily on an important historical figure’s height. Take the example of Napoleon. For most Europeans, he was an invader and, in the grand scheme of things, a villain that belongs in history books. It’s rumored that he was very short and had image problems, which supposedly led him to be such a despicable person. On the other hand, the Russian tsar Peter the Great, the emperor who developed Russia and westernized it, is rumored to have been 6’7”.

These aren’t the only examples of famous short people being associated with less successful, while tall people are considered to be well-liked and charismatic.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no correlation between height and economic and social status. To prove this point, we’ve compiled a list of 15 short famous people. After reading it, will you still think that being short means you’re doomed to be forgotten about?


15. Peter Dinklage (4’5”)

Peter Dinklage smiles to the camera at a red carpet Hollywood event, dressed in a suit and tie

Despite having been born with dwarfism, Peter Dinklage never gave up his dream of one day becoming an actor. He studied acting at Bennington College and during his student days starred in numerous amateur stage performances.

Once he finished his studies, he went on to win everyone’s hearts with his spectacular performances in blockbusters such as Elf, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

His latest movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, has won him his first Screen Actors Guild Award. But this wasn’t the first award Dinklage ever won. Thanks to his amazing acting in the hit show Game of Thrones, he has been nominated for seven Primetime Emmys, of which he won three. This role also guaranteed him a Golden Globe in 2012.

Not only is Peter Dinklage one of the most famous short people on TV and cinema, he’s also one of the most talented actors around!


14. Lady Gaga (5’1”)

Lady Gaga smirks to the camera wearing a one-shoulder black dress
The so-called queen of pop is one of the most famous short people (and singers!) in the United States today. However, you might not have noticed her short stature because she wears freakishly tall heels during public appearances.

We don’t really need to tell you who Lady Gaga is since she’s sold upwards of 30,000,000 albums and 150,000,000 singles. Her music was iconic during the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Besides being known to be a wealthy and successful singer, Lady Gaga is also famous for wearing over-the-top outfits and owning them. Who could forget about her meat dress for the 2010 MTV Video Awards? If there’s a celebrity that is very much out there and embraces who she is, that’s Lady Gaga.


13. Daniel Radcliffe (5’5”)

Daniel Radcliffe looks to the side of the camera with a serious look on his face
Daniel Radcliffe isn’t that short when you take into consideration the average height for a man globally. But Hollywood male actors tend to be much taller. However, Radcliffe still managed to land his infamous Harry Potter role and thrive as an actor afterward.

During an interview with Playboy, Radcliffe was asked if his height bothered him when it came to being an actor in Hollywood. He made it very clear that he didn’t see himself as very short and that his height had never been a problem to him, professionally. Although it does limit what roles he can play, he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out for being 5’5”!



12. Ellen Page (5’1”)

A smiling Ellen Page looks to the camera at a red carpet event wearing her hair long, straight, and down
Besides being known as a rising star, Ellen Page has been held as a lesbian icon ever since she came out in 2014. She’s a role model for people all over the world and has inspired many to come out and embrace who they are.

She starred in hit movies, such as Juno, Inception, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Tallulah. Thanks to her unmeasurable talent she has been nominated several times for the BAFTA Awards, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and even for an Oscar.

But her influence doesn’t end on the movie screen. She’s become a gay-rights activist and gives talks all over North America about the importance of acceptable, as well as advocating for the end of sexual-preference-based discrimination.


11. Prince (5’3”)

Prince smiles as he accepts a Grammy Award at the 57th Grammy Awards event
It’s not a secret that Prince was quite short when compared to other music stars at the time. And despite him being admittedly self-conscious about not being tall enough, that never stopped him from becoming one of the most memorable singers of all time.

A little-known fact about Prince is that this wasn’t a stage name: he really was born Prince Rogers Nelson. Maybe that helps explain why he was such a dazzling and extravagant character back in his days.

Prince was a very creative and productive music star. He wrote thousands of songs, even more than the Beatles did. From a young age, he wanted to become a musician like his parents were. At the young age of seven, Prince wrote his first song.

Who can forget about “Purple Rain” or “Kiss”? He was a musician that got over his height-related complexes and defined the musical scene of the 1980s.


10. Reese Witherspoon (5’1”)

The actress looks seductively to the side, towards the camera, from under her blond fringe
America’s sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon, is a petite beauty, even when compared to other famous actresses in Hollywood. Despite being shorter, none of her hit roles reflect this personal characteristic.

Known for her role as Elle Woods in Legally Blond and as Madeline Mackenzie in Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon was never held back by her height, southern accent, or blond hair. She’s one of the most loved actresses in Hollywood (besides being one of the most famous short people who made it on the big screen) and is known for being super friendly with her fans.

Once you look at Reese Witherspoon, you see that her smaller stature is not a limitation: it only makes her look cuter and more loveable.


9. Pablo Picasso (5’4”)

An elderly Pablo Picasso holds up his head with his right hand resting on his forehead
Any art lover knows who Pablo Picasso was, but not everyone knows he was a short man, even for Europe at the time.

Being the creator of one of the most well-known art movements in 20th-century art, Pablo Picasso will forever live on. His Cubist paintings inspired dozens of already-influential artists and millions of amateur artists to push the boundaries of art and create new and exciting things.

To this day, you can still see Picasso’s influence in the creative world. From books inspired by his “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and by his “Guernica.” Who can deny that Pablo Picasso was the most influential artist in the 1900s?


8. Kristen Bell (5’1”)

Kristen Bell smiles faintly as she looks to the camera
Another beautiful and short Hollywood actress is Kirsten Bell, the one who brought Veronica Mars to life in her amazing portrayal of the young-adult character.

When Kirsten Bell arrives at Hollywood parties and events, she’s usually accompanied by her husband. Well, being next to a 6’2” tall man doesn’t help to mask her short stature — and she doesn’t need to!

The actress has always embraced her body and loved herself for who she is. Which is perhaps why she’s so good at her job and loved by her fans. She owns up to being short and isn’t afraid to take on roles that accentuate her petite figure.


7. Bruno Mars (5’5”)

Bruno Mars poses for a photograph, holding with one hand his white cap in place and wearing a colorful shirt
One of the most influential singers in pop culture today is the Hawaiian-native Bruno Mars. His music is upbeat, and he has the ability to capture a room’s attention like no other.

Besides being known as a terrific singer and songwriter, it’s no secret that Bruno Mars is famous for being short. There have been hundreds of articles written about his height and some magazines (such as Cosmopolitan) have even run funny pieces titled “31 Times Bruno Mars Was the Shortest Person in the Room.”

Instead of being ashamed by his height, Bruno Mars says it doesn’t have any influence over his talent. And he’s right! Height is something no one can change, and the American singer has said this on multiple occasions. It surely doesn’t stop him from selling millions of records and singles.


6. Ariana Grande (5’1”)

The singer performs at the Manchester One Love concert, resting her right hand on her chest, with her eyes closed
If there’s a female singer who’s known (and loved!) for her short stature, that’s Ariana Grande. The former Nickelodeon star is all grown up and has carved her path as a loved musician.

While her short stature worked in her favor during her days as Sam & Cat star, some people had doubts about whether she would be able to make the transition from tween-star to “serious” star. But Ariana Grande surprised everyone once again when she launched her first album.

Grande’s impressive vocal range and petite stature have turned her into the superstar she is today. She has owned up to being short and uses that to her advantage, maybe taking some people by surprise.


5. Ulysses S. Grant (5’8”)

The 18th president has his hand in his shirt while wearing his general uniform
It’s not just celebrities that deserve to be on this list. The eighteenth U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant was a notoriously short president. In fact, he’s one of the famous short people in history that have great feats associated with them!

While 5’8” doesn’t seem that short nowadays, back then for a man who was president and a general, he was considered short. There are even written records of people who consistently mentioned his shorter stature when describing him.

Despite being seen by others as “slightly stooped,” Ulysses S. Grant was, undoubtedly, one of the most memorable presidents. He led the Union troops to win the Civil War, outlawed the Ku Klux Klan, and served two four-year terms as President.

Nowadays, we might not associate Ulysses S. Grant with being short — and in reality, it doesn’t really matter either way!


4. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (5’ and 5’1”)

The twins stand facing each other and looking in the camera, wearing contrasting white and black clothes
The Olsen twins have left their mark in many industries, for example, fashion and cinema. Their name is often mentioned when talking about the Hollywood and New-York elites, but what people might not know is that they’re fraternal (not identical) twins and quite short!

Mary-Kate only measures 5’, while her sister is an inch taller. The saying “good things come in small packages” rings true for these two social butterflies. Not only did they start their careers in Hollywood when they were in diapers, but they’ve also managed to build quite the empire for themselves.


3. Kevin Hart (5’2”)

Kevin Hart stares at the camera with a serious expression on his face
Someone who breaks stereotypes, embraces his short stature and manages to make money out of it is Kevin Hart. He’s one of the handful famous short black people who is defying what the image of a black male is.

With so many basketball and football stars towering over six feet, it can be easy to forget that not all black man are ridiculously tall. Kevin Hart has embraced the fact that he’s short — and built a career on that.

He’s one of the most famous black comedians still active today. And being one of the shortest, it comes as no surprise that much of his comedic content is based around the fact that he’s short. But his height isn’t the only thing he’s famous for. Kevin Hart is a genuinely laugh-out-loud comedian who has a knack for grabbing people’s attention and making a room come alive.

In fact, in several interviews, Kevin Hart has made fun of his “petite not small” stature (his own words). Not that many people can be as relaxed and chilled about a characteristic many people pick on.


2. Chandra Wilson (5’)

The Gray's Anatomy actress smiles to the camera and wears a black-and-white adorned dress
This Grey’s Anatomy actress is short but won’t let that hold her down. Playing the charismatic and much-loved role of Meredith proves that being short doesn’t mean you can’t be bossy and make everyone walk in a straight line.

Chandra Wilson has won the Screen Actors Guild Awards several times, the Satellite Award for Television, the People’s Choice Awards, and the TV Land Future Classic Award. There’s no doubt that this woman has plenty of talent. Just goes to show, talent and height are not at all related!

Besides being an outstanding actress, Chandra Wilson is also an active voice for the equality of African-Americas and everyone else. For this, the NAACP has awarded her several nominations, and she continues to be one of the most revered black actresses.


1. Yuri Gagarin (5’2”)

Yuri Gagarin wears his Soviet uniform adorned by all the medals he won while serving his country
Did you know that the first man in space was actually pretty short? Unlike their American counterparts, Russian astronauts weren’t as tall as we might think they were.

Height limitations in Russia in the 1960s were much more lenient than those imposed by NASA. Thanks to this, Yuri Gagarin, who only stood 5’2”, was allowed into the Russian Space Program, where he made a name for himself.

On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to have reached space. He flew on board of the flight Vostok 1 and left everyone on earth stunned. It was both a feat for mankind, but also for short people from all over the world!