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    Could World War 3 Happen?

    The fear of a third world war has loomed since the end of the Second World War. The Cold War left many people convinced, for years, that the third war was coming at any moment with the potential for it…

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    15 of the Most Evil People in History

    The path of history has never been one that bends to fairness or morality. Everyone in history chooses how they wish to treat others and what kind of person they wish to be. And while there is plenty of evidence…

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    20 of the Most Famous Serial Killers in the World

    The United States holds the dubious honor of being the country with the greatest number of serial killers and it’s by a disturbingly wide margin. Over 3,200 serial killers have been identified in American history. For some perspective on a…

  • Edward Edwards confers with his lawyer while wearing orange prison attire during his trial

    10 Vicious Serial Killers from Ohio

    Netflix and other broadcasters have been investing in true crime shows for the past years. From documentaries about Steven Avery’s trial (also known as Making a Murderer) to ones about the Columbine school shooting, it’s fair to say true crime…

  • Trump's Trade War

    9 Biggest Trade Wars in History

    Wars on trade are a common topic in world history – especially with news going around regarding trade wars under the Trump administration. In fact, President Donald Trump stated, “Trade wars are good and easy to win.” While there are…

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    7 Most Efficient Types of Clean Energy

    Within the past few decades, the amount of U.S. electricity generated by various clean, efficient energy sources has be rapidly increasing and still continues to. Wind, solar, and biofuels are a few of the main types of efficient types of…