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    I agree, say in an alternate universe Hillary won the nomination, this website's archives would be a poor page in the history books.

    It's quite shameful.

    I find comfort in pretending people like Alegre and Linfar are just covert agents from Karl Rove's underground operations he still runs.
    I hope my fantasies are reality.

    I never thought I would live to see the day that Democrats Demigod their mainstreem canidate.  

    If you disagree with what I say tell me how the whole group here is any different from the Ron Paul crowd.
    The similarity I see is that those who demigod their canidate refuse to accept any faults or weaknesses in their canidate.

    I supported Dodd for president until the moment he dropped out.  It was incredibly easy to pick the next best.

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    Air America needs to put Seder or bring back The Young Turks (formerly held the morning drive slot before the whole slot was canceled).

    They have lost almost every show this year except for Hartman and Madow.   Maddow is kicking ass on MSNBC and if you saw her host countdown then you know there is no way MSNBC isn't thinking hard of giving her a show.

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    I know the crowd,  I went to the local Democrat meeting immediately following the 2006 victory in Maryland.

    At the old age of 28 I was the youngest person there by at least 20 years.

    Is this the status quo we want for our party?

    This is pure poison for us!

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    Wow you guys hate Democratic momentum.

    You should have been smiling ear to ear.

    I am afraid people like you are a net negative to Dems winning in November.

    Again, you would have been more at ease if they were talking about Britney Spears/youtube.

    It seems you suffer from quite an odd jealousy complex.   what a shame.

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    Lets not forget the Iraqi women and children, but in that same breath I think this issue if horribly frightening, and its even worse that the media doesnt cover it.

    I dont think the media is doing it out of callous, I honestly think they know Americans would go as frothing mad as you saw Cenk do in that second clip.

    Unfortunatly the MSM wants to depress you, but not so depressed you get off the couch and miss the commericals.

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    Tell me why The Young Turks was the worst show on Air America?

    Im dying to know.

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    Assuming there is any left, where does all the extra money go when she drops out?

    And this isn't a question to Clinton, but to Ron Paul and others as well who dropped out with surplus donations.

    Is there an FEC law that applies to this?

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    I know this isn't as important as "sexist" media bias against Hillary but I thought it would be worth a look.

    I know these aren't women running for office but I think they are almost as important.

    I don't think it's fair they have ZERO access to the justice process.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5GigADEv OA
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_gxEfMo6 Bs
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11E8jLANQ mQ

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    Oh please,  Hillary and Obama were both weak on this traitor Lieberman.

    The only difference is that HRC is philosophically closer due to her ties to the DLC and "conservative democrats".

    Lieberman is definitely in the top 5 reasons why the DLC has failed us so terribly.

    Its the logic used that put this scoundrel next to a good man like Gore in 2000.

    Im waiting for the coward Harry Reid to remove his committees duties, but rumors are he just sealed joe in for another year.

  • Don't think for a second you swayed me.

    I didn't know this was an "Election 2008" site, it seems thats what it has become.

    And I see the "issues" talked about on here are only the ones HRC's campaign say are relevant.

    I yell at liberals for avoiding the "hard" issues like this.

    I call shame on the poster AGAIN for making a misleading and pointless video and cloaking the shrills for a failed canidate with a fight on sexism.

    And yes I still shame anyone who read my comments and said nothing, including you.

    What I am accusing you of is making Hillary's treatment in the press a bigger womens rights issue that women getting raped in Iraq and having no recourse.

    Hillary's campain will go on regardless of this petty video,  these women who were raped will live with it for life.   Add to that they get no chance at justice, in fact they are denied justice.

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    There is a difference, her blogs are only written to push a candidate and they are poorly written AND she doesn't participate in any discussions.

    She is a clown and is making serious Web cast shows like The Young Turks look bad.

    NOTE: The Young Turks were broadcast nationally for 6 years on Sirius and then Air America.  Since Air America couldn't afford a morning time slot they went independent.
    It is a 5 person production team that broadcasts their show in video and audio.

    There are NO radio shows that do this much with corporate support.

    The Young Turks are fully listener supported.
    http://www.youtube.com/user/TheYoungTurk s

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    I cant wait for this book.

    Cliff Shecter is a hero of mine and a true patriot.  

    DO NOT SLEEP on this book,  Cliff is a progressive WARRIOR and spends his life on his work.

  • Thank you, I can't wait to Campain for her.

    A congressman running for office did a door to door campain,  for fun I said at the end "Im real involved with ActBlue"  his eyes lit up, it was quite endearing.

    So who here is going to trash ActBlue?  I am waiting for the bombs to drop    :D

  • I want you to tell the rape victims of Iraq that Misogyny of the MSM is more important than their violent attackers getting a pass and protection from their government.

    My how you people have fallen from REAL issues.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5GigADEv OA

  • Interesting, honestly before all this confusion I really wish Maryland had a caucus.  I think it makes great sense.

    Again we must push for rules that only REGISTERED DEMOCRATS can vote in Primaries.

    If anything it encourages and Rewards people for party loyalty and participation and makes the election results feel very clean.


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