• From a policy perspective - Bayh was my least favorite realistic pick (beyond the BS Hagel/Bloomberg crap).

    But from a tactical perspective - I really do think that picking Bayh would swung IN.

    I think Obama can still snag the Hoosier state, but it's gonna take lots of work.

  • And Illinois.

    Forget WI - doesn't worry me.

    I've already done two trips (lots of family in Indiana) - and am planning another in a couple weeks...

    Indiana is winnable... I'm tellin' ya' -- friends and family that haven't voted for a Democrat since Jimmy Carter are giving Obama a serious look.

  • Relative to its midwest neighbors, Indiana is actually a younger state... racially, it may not be Obama's best state - but the winger faction is overrated IMHO.

    Tamp down the margins in the south, run up turnout in Lake and Marion -- crank up the old South Bend Democratic machine -- I honestly think Indiana is an underrated flip opportunity.

  • Same here.

    Reagan Democrat Hoosier kin in LaPorte... Bush voters all (twice) -- this year, 60-40 Obama.

    Obama is going to surprise in Indiana.  I'll put money on a 5 pt race right now - give me the slimmest of odds and I'd take Obama straight up.

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    Indy Star poll -- conducted by the quite reputable Selzer & Co -- has the race at 47-44 Obama

  • needs to smack John McCain upside the head - HARD.

    Mr. Deregulation - from the S&L mess right up through Phil Gramm's ramming through of the investment bank rules loosening - now wants to claim he's John Q. Oversight McRegulate?

    Give.  Me. a. Break.

    You want to change your position?  Fine - but let's not pretend that for 26 years you were on the damn opposite side of this equation.

    Obama needs to quit saying he "doesn't fault John McCain" -- because John McCain and Republicans like him are PRECISELY at fault.  These are exactly the jackals who insisted that unfettered market would correct itself.

    Well, it didn't.  It didn't and now we're dumping trillions into nationalizing the companies that the Grammies insisted should be allowed to police themselves.

    Nail to that liar's forehead -- this is YOUR mess, John.  You helped create it.

  • Not that I'm relying on Zogby or anything -- but you do need to separate their standard polling from the internet-based polls.

    This is problem near the bottom of the reliability heap -- but unlike the online polls, I do think it legitimately belongs in the heap.

  • Damn.

    Was scanning the thread to see if I could be the first to note that the proper address is Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

    Oh well

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    Hell, the conservatives that got us into this mess are doing better at creating a state owned economy than any communist ever could.

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    disease infecting the sibling.

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    watching the speed at which they're blowing up.

    We're hitting day 2 of not just McCain, but even his campaign and surrogates just utterly stumbling around.  Fiorina, McCain himself, Romney -- I have yet to see a single McCain surrogate that has done anything but make this mess worse for them.

    What's more, Obama has been pitch perfect the last 2 days -- I think his belittling of McCain's "9/11 commission" crap today was perfect; he finally made a point with a perfect soundbite.

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    Right - but I actually haven't seen how big a millstone that financial services arm is to AIG.  

    Not that I know what I'm talking about, but it seems to that what could come out of all this is a really ugly twofer.  

    The investment banks tanking over these big bundles of subprime crap are just the first domino.  These types of bundled securities draw large institutional investors... hedge funds... pension funds... and insurance companies.

    I confess to not knowing the rules regarding one subsidiary being heavily leveraged into financial products hawked by another subsidiary under the same parent -- but the ugly truth here might well be the insurance divisions are going to see their own health jeopardized as much by their own investments as the illness affecting the parent.

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    So that floated idea of "discussions" of a federal line of credit...

    Just something to get the market over after the fed (correctly) didn't cut rates today?

    Brace yourself is right, because that's the best course of action -- the problem isn't liquidity, it's the fact that there's so much bad debt sloshing around and it's got to work its way out.

    The only upside to all of this is that we might get to see some of the wankers on places like CNBC cry.

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    chronicles the great mysteries of the 2008 campaign, I think how exactly it is that Fiorina became recognized as an economic expert should be atop that list.

    She was a disaster at HP-  typical of the crap 'marketing experts' that Wall Street for some reason thinks are best suited to run what are fundamentally technology-based companies.

    She's the omnipresent liberal arts grad wanderer (philosophy/medieval history BA) who then went the typical "I'm in marketing!!!" corporate route for all such people who can't get real jobs, then proceeded to the typical MBA and climb the managerial ladder route.

    How in God's name that makes her an expert is beyond me.

  • They left it alone.

    This is a good move.


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