Would The Family approve an abortion?

I'm sure all have seen the multiple stories on the secretive power-cult The Family that is embroiled in the Ensign-Sanford scandals, dragging in Coburn and a plethora of other Moral Christian Warriors from current and retired Congressional tenures.

We have seen a strange doctrine from the Theological leaders of this cult, a philosophy that implies that members of this group are "the NEW Chosen People", selected by God to be above human ethics and the rule of law.

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Question: Are you Israeli, have you even been there?

Just a thought today, and this IS indeed directed to those who focus on the I/P issue here, on both sides.

A question for you, first, are any of you besides Strummerson actually Israeli Citizens (or Middle East or Palestianian citizens, though I expect that is very rare for blogers on this kind of site) OR first generation OR have contemporary family living on either side of the conflict.

I am asking because of an incident in my life, not sure if that has any bearing or not.

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The Sotomayor Dog and Pony Show

Well, it made for entertaining CSPAN and some fun blogging, but now that it is over, let's admit a couple of things:

1.    She was never in trouble; her nomination was assured from the moment Obama had the revelatory meeting with her.

Starting today, we will see those Republicans who are safe (Dick Lugar came out today saying he was voting for Sotomayor) coming out for Her, and the only entertainment left in the dance is watching folks like Coryn weigh the political balance between pissing off the base or pissing off the Hispanic vote.

2.    This was really all about one primary thing: Obama's next nominee, especially in the not foreseen situation he gets to replace Thomas or Scalia, and in that situation not today envisioned, change the balance of the court.

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TCTV:Freeper News Network Announced!

Well, it's been announced by me, but it got you to click on this diary!

Here's the story. While cruising KOS, I was running through a diary where some brave soul had been cruising Freeperville threads about The Sarah.

A comment by one extra-special wingnut caught my eye, this poor sad-sack was bemoaning the fact there was no real TV news outlets for the conservative point of view.

You see, to the true toes-over the edge lemmings, Fox news truly is "fair and balanced" and is really far too kind to liburuls and not truthful about real rock-ribbed conservatives like The Sarah.

So, today, I announce, the foundation of "TRUE CONSERVATIVE TV."

It will be available on Analog Channel 13, because it's clear, Digital TV is a European Socialist Plot, I mean Analog TV was good enough for Ronald Reagan, wasn't it?

Anyway, the first agenda for TCTV is to create a line-up, so here's what we can do to help our conservative brothers:

What show do you think should be on the new TCTV network?

I'll start in the first post.

Tom Coburn: The Power of the Corrective Force!

Well, goodie two-shoes moral scold Tom Coburn was sure quick to put those wanting to bust his Promise-Breaker buddy's chops in their place:

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said Ensign could use forgiveness.

"If you look at it in the light of everybody makes errors, at least he fessed up and resolved the problem with his family; so I think it speaks well of his corrective force."

Gotta love these guys: Clinton cheats, it's the end of Western Civilization as we know it; but one of their buds is caught schtuping the hired help and has to fess up before the schtupee goes to the National Enquirer?

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Let's name the next Rankles/MilesOutlandish/Ronaldo Sockpuppet!

Since Agiprop-diarist and homophobic moran Rankles has decided, in this sockpuppet incarnation, to commit MyDD suicide:

http://www.mydd.com/story/2009/6/15/8361 4/5943#commenttop

I propose we help him come up with his next sockpuppet handle after the moderators ban his dumb-ass this time around?

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They really think this is going to work?

Ok, I know the rapacious liberal media is used to salivating like Pavlov's dog whenever the noise machine cranks up some feigned outrage.  And, no doubt this will get Mika and Joe all a twitter on Morning Joe...

But, otherwise, I just can't see this working outside of the rabid base.  

http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009jun/05/the-inner-muslim-at-work-in-cair o

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This diary does not exist!

He/She is a known socket-puppet, who began his/her posting history by pretending to be a gay man in a diary so over the top as to be beyond comedy.

Throughout the course of this posters history here, he/she is the literal case for a troll, someone not interested in discourse, but rabble-rousing and insulting the Democratic Party, progressive causes, and our President.

Now this:

http://www.mydd.com/comments/2009/6/1/81 949/42366/1

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Dismantling the MICC: A 50-year undertaking

Rifting off Charles front-page diary, I am heartened by his use of the full acronym of Military-industrial-CONGRESSIONAL complex as Eisenhower, according to his son, wanted to name it in his apocryphal speech in 1961.

http://coursesa.matrix.msu.edu/~hst306/d ocuments/indust.html

Since I am tired of logging on to what has become in recent weeks MyTT (MyTortureTalk), can we scan up and out, and talk about the bigger underlying long-term issue here, and one that is even more deeply perplexing to progressives: the aptly named MICC and it's prominence and power in modern American governance.

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Rummsy played to Bush's messianic streak

It's pretty clear that the éminence grise duo of the Bush Whitehouse, Cheney and Rumsfeld, played George Bush's teenage ego like a Stradivarius. Whether it was convincing him he was some cross between Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln bringing Democracy to the middle east, or in this case, convincing Bush that he was "the Sword of God", bringing down the wrath of Jehovah on Muslim fanatics in the Middle East:

http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20090518/ts_ alt_afp/usiraqpoliticsreligionrumsfeld;_ ylt=AqSEwXwf7xX7eAEEaDR.l1uyFz4D

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