How a Democrat becomes President in 2009

It's clear, looking at the Republics, they already have their back against the wall, an unpopular and costly war, an economy already in a recession now heading for massive inflation, and a sitting Republic President with the worst approval numbers in modern history?

So, even though through no wisdom on their own, they choose the most electable candidate from their stunningly weak pack (I sure would rather be running against Mittens or Rudy-Rudy-Rudy) I'm hoping our candidate decides to hand Senator McCain and the rest of the Republic party an anchor and then shoves them in the lake while they are holding it.

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Not to rain on anyones parade....

I have seen this question asked a lot of Obama supporters, so, now with the wind at your backs, and filling Hillary's sails, do you ardent Hillary supporters have an answer?

How do YOU and YOUR candidates win the Obama supporters, when she wins the Nomination?

Or do you think you can win with out them, without someone like me?  

Unfortunately, a lot of us MIGHT have been the wrong people to insult with statements like this:

"The events of past 6 weeks have exposed Obama as a political lightweight without a clear strategy to accept the gift of presidency that is waiting for Democrats in November. If his single-issue platform isn't cause for concern then consider his troubling ties to known terrorists (Ayers), bigots (J. Wright), and charlatans (Al Sharpton)."

Think about all the crappy stuff said about Senator Clinton, then TRY to think about how I feel, when I see that statement of pure unadultered BS....

Jerome, Todd, et all, you KNOW that is complete dribble?

The BIG DOG may have said someone like me doesn't need a President, but, do you REALLY want all us highly educated and fairly upper income Obama supporters pissed off, our wallets closed, our ethusiasm drained?

I'm pretty sure, THE SUPERS want me engaged, cause most of them here in WA state hit me up for money every cycle?

So, tell me, How are you going to win me over?

By telling me my Candidate hangs out with Criminals, Bigots, Terrorists and Charlatons?

And, it's not going to work to say "look what they said about Senator Clinton"

Because, you're winning now, right? So, the onus is on you?

Because I have not done that. I came over here, because it was boring and stupid at DKOS, and I have never said crap about Senator Clinton, only that she ran a bad campaign and surrounded herself with idiots like Mark Penn?

So, ask yourself this? Can you win without me?

Cause, there are MILLIONS of us out there, and if you carry Hillary to victory, SOMEONE will have to heal the breach?

So, tomorrow, when you wake up, and you tell yourself, you are winning, you have also got another duty to think about.

Beating John McCain.  

And, unless you are crazy, you can't do it without a lot of people just like me.

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Graceful in Victory, Magnanimous in defeat

Scant hours away, and Senator Clinton will more then likely notch her most critical victory in the entire campaign.

What will be interesting to me is less her margin of victory (my take is between 12-14 pts) as what the tenor of the reaction is here?


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"The Barack Obama Apology Tour"

After months on this site, I have seen endless demands for "an apology to Hillary Clinton" and "to her supporters" from the various Clinton folks.

And, no need for me to list the sins, they have been pounded endless in the diaries here, starting from "piling on in Iowa" to "finger-gate" the list is a virtual litany of the rude and monstrous behavior of Obama and his campaign?

It's a dastardly litany that have led many here to comment "He's just too rude, too immature, too vile" to be President. I prefer John McCain, who called his wife a "C***" and voted against the Martin Luther King Holiday!  

But, why stop there?  Shouldn't Barack Obama have to apologize for much more then just the campaign issues, and slights to the Clintons?

Well, he never did REALLY apologize enough for Louis Farakhan, but there so many more offensive black leaders he needs to apologize for?

Certainly, all of black politics, from W.E.B. DuBois and onto Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X, Obama needs to apologize to White America?  I mean, and what about Stokely And H Rap Brown? He had that New Black Panther Page on this site?

After all MLK said some really offensive things about America at the height of Vietnam?

Isn't it time for Obama to apologize, as, even to this day, Pat Buchannan and others are STILL offended by King's comment about a war they skipped because of bunions on their butts like Rush and a bad knee like Pitchfork Pat?

Pat is due an apology, not sure just what is taking Obama so long?

I haven't heard him ONCE apologize for Angela Davis? My god, the woman was a black Panther before she become a college professor?  

So, if he apologizes for what Ayers did when he was 8 years old, why not apologizes for things Malcolm X said and did when he was -10?

Black Music? Since SO MANY were offended by the IMAGINED ref to Jay-Z in "brush-off gate".....

Obama might as well start at Billie Holliday, and her song about black lynching's called Bitter Fruit?  

Get it? BITTER? See, that's the tip off right there?

Miles Davis? Complete racist (except for all the white guys he had in his band....)

Now, he couldn't stay in the same hotels with them when on tour, but no reason to be bitter?

Obama has said he likes Jazz, so he had better get busy and apologize for the last 50 years of racists like Miles and Coltrane?

Can't leave James Brown out?  I mean, that black radical was able to slip in that song "Living in America" surreptitiously into a ROCKY MOVIE?

Get it-Rocky=Hillary, and James Brown slips in a bitter song like that?

Marvin Gaye? Just check out that last name, that probably offends those white sensibilities in mid PA? That song "What's going on?"  How Anti-American and bitter can you get?

I mean, why start with Jay-Z and Tupac?

He needs to be apologizing for the "filth" as some have called it here, for generations?

And, ONCE AND FOR ALL, He should apologize for those Cadillac Driving Welfare Mothers?   I mean, his mom was on Food Stamps, how can an Elitist like Obama not apologize for bilking the system like that?  

And, FOR GOD SAKES, he needs to start every speech apologizing for a double tour WW2 vet who spent the better part of 3 decades working in outreach programs, aids combating, and relief for the poor, to chicken hawks like Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly.....I mean, THOSE GUYS have never said anything offensive, RIGHT? OF COURSE, Obama needs to apologize FOREVER to the right wing hacks I have seen linked here?

So, they all skipped NAM, they have CLEARLY made it known they are offended by Rev Wright, and Obama needs to JUST KEEP APOLOGIZING!!!!!!

You know, apologize for Rev Wright to REAL AMERICANS! You can tell by their lapel pins and the yellow support the troop stickers on their Mercedes....

And, I think he needs to definitely apologize to "go f*** yourself" Dick Cheney, the worlds leading chickenhawk? He's wearing his lapel pin, after all....

I hope that's at least a start, though I doubt any `apology" would be enough for some here at

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