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    I was referring to the commonwealth institute website: http://www.commonwealthinstitute.org/

    Misspoke on the Gates foundation or you misunderstood me. I don't give to them but to their causes, ie health concerns in the 3rd world. I follow their activities because it brings such things to my attention.

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    I thought you sued for peace Gary?


    You were behaving yourself lately and staying out of my business, but are you now resuming your personal attacks? If so I will gladly oblige you.

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  • Doubt it. The great thing about religious fanaticism is how useful it is to control the masses. It's been done for thousands of years, most effectively by the catholic church. The religious right will steer their peasants into supporting a candidate they feel will build on the gains made by Bush.
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    Yeah hate to burst your bubble, but overtake cable news? That's not going to happen. Most people don't read blogs or get their news strictly from websites. The netroots is growing exponentially because it's still quite small in the overall picture. There was a time when Microsoft's stock would triple or quadruple annually, but those days are long gone. You cannot sustain tremendous growth once you get to a certain size. All you can do then is diversify. The day you'll know the netroots is mainstream and huge is when you see growth slow to a paltry 3% or so.

    I'd like to see blogs and netroots overtake newspapers first. Baby steps. And until I can go to a website and see streaming video reporting from bloggers, I just don't see how you're going to get the average lazy couch potato peasant to switch over to a medium which requires intelligent thought.

    Now, I do believe netroots can overtake network news eventually because they are in their death throes. Unfortunately, that do mostly to, you guessed it, cable news.

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    That is an excellent article. I added the website to my favorites in case they post more of these.

    I think you picked out one small paragraph in what is what is overall an excellent analysis on democratic strategy regarding the war, and take it out of context.

    That excerpt refers to the minority of anti-war critics that criticize American troops and seem to refer to the insurgents as freedom fighters, when we know there's a huge difference between nationalist Iraqis fighting an occupation (totally justified and understandable from their point of view) vs opportunistic foreign fighters fueling attacks on US forces AND Iraqis themselves -- those brutal killers don't give a damn about Iraqis and kill indiscriminantly.

    I have not heard anti-war critics like Cindy Sheehan do this and those aren't the types the author is referring to. However, there ARE some asshole radicals out there who are just plain un-American. Let me give you a first-hand example from personal experience. While I was in the military and taking some college classes there was some punk 20 year old who was saying that he hoped any of our troops over in Iraq who voted for Bush would "get what they deserve" and be "IED'd". I was going to beat the shit out of him but the other class members intervened. When people like that say those kinds of things and rather see their own citizens die, I'd call that un-American.

  • I wish this country would get behind alternative fuels in a way like the space program in the 1950s and 1960s. At this rate we'll never be energy independent.

    Oh I forgot, there's no money for such initiatives because our dumbass cut so many revenue streams during wartime.

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    Erick is an idiot because Bush himself said yesterday that Cindy can say whatever the fuck she wants. Guess he hasn't been paying attention to his boss.
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    I guess if I started a conservative blog I could get ranked in the Top 240!
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    Remember in 2004 the big problem was the weak field of candidates. Ten candidates and none of them truly outstanding enough to capture the attention of mainstream Americans. It'll be a good thing to have a powerful frontrunner this time imo.

    Two for the price of one, Hillary and Bill.

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    I'm not really interested in women CEOs growing their companies.

    I prefer giving to unicef and billandmelindagates foundation, etc. Politically I like to support candidates directly. You know, aside from Hillary I also donate to Nader.

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    I support a graduate drawdown of troops over the next 2 years to wean the Iraqi gov't off dependency of US forces. This would be a way to gauge over time their ability to handle their own security situation as well as give them a sense of urgency to get their full military apparatus in top gear. Perhaps a quarterly withdrawal of 15,000 US troops beginning in spring 2006. By the end of 2007 only about 35,000 troops would remain, and these could be pulled back to remote desert installations similar to what was done in Saudi after the Gulf War and prior to the withdrawal to Qatar.

    Air support could be extended to the Iraqi government which lacks an air force, similar to the no fly zones during the 1990s. This would provide airstrikes, intel, and medical evac for Iraqi forces.

    I was in the military until 2004. I'm in the process of looking to regain a commission to return to active duty in January, and quitting my IT job. I was in the kosovo liberation and I have no problem helping out in this effort if need be.

    I oppose immediate withdrawal and leaving the Iraqis to chaos just because I was against the invasion in the first place.

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    You're the one making a generalization, so you should substantiate it. Link?
  • Actually McCain is quite popular still with the middle. I consider him the anti-Hillary and the only candidate that can -- and would probably -- beat her in a general election. He has too much crossover appeal to moderate democrats while Hillary has a very liberal history.

    I don't think he'll get the nomination though. The religious right controls the GOP and won't allow it. Not after they've been spoiled under 8 years of Bush.

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    What moderates called you anti-american? I know lots of liberals calling moderates anti-american though.

    And why do you even care what republicans think anyway?


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