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    Kerry pushed for this during the campaign. That would be acceptable to me.

    I do think that the education credits that Bush implemented should stay however, or be increased. That's one of the few things he did that I like. I got about $2500 of tax breaks for education that I wouldn't have got otherwise.

  • Clinton's always been big on humanitarian causes. His biggest regret was not intervening in Rwanda and he's been trying to make amends since. Read his book.

    Carter is a free trader. Of course he supports CAFTA. I'm surprised you didn't know that. This was huge headline news.


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    Nonpartisan congressional redistricting (and at the state level, nonpartisan legislative redistricting)

    This may hurt the dems as much as the repubs but it's the right thing to do. Gerrymandering is undemocratic.

    Fair and Simple progressive no-deductions income and payroll tax

    Not enough detail. I'd settle for a full repeal of Bush's tax cuts and restoring taxation levels of Clinton's era. Perhaps keep some middle-class tax components of Bush's tax cuts. Clinton's fiscal policy is proven and would solve the deficit problem again.

    Fair Social Security funding (lift the income limit, add progressivity) to guarantee solvency and meet our moral obligation

    I really wish people would quit trying to mess with SS. Leave it alone as is. Instead, let's fix our fiscal policy and eliminate the deficit. I'm not talking just about deficit spending, but the deficit itself. If this were eliminated and we weren't paying billions daily to fund our loans supporting the deficit, SS would not have a crisis at all. Fiscal dicipline is the answer. SS works -- don't touch it.

    Health care for every child as a step to health care for every American

    Sounds like Hillary 1993! Actually, I have no idea what they mean because there is no detail provided. I've lived and worked in countries with universal healthcare and like our system, there are pros and cons. The problem of uninsured Americans does need to be addressed.

    Expanding, retraining and reequipping the National Guard as our "first line of defense" for Homeland Security. Return the militia to its role of protecting its community.

    Simply quit breaking the national guard and reserve's backs in Iraq doing the job of active duty and this problem is solved. National guardsmen and reservists are already better trained than ever before -- due to combat experience. I'd prefer to return manning levels of active duty to where it was during the Gulf War. Basically twice its size today. This would require repeal of all of Bush's tax cuts.

    "For the Troops" - Spend tax dollars on the military prioritized to support the soldiers, sailors and airmen, not enrich the defense contractors

    This is common sense and everyone's been saying this for decades. Realistically? I don't think it will ever happen. When I was in the military there were aircraft bolts and washers that cost as much as $15 each, yet you could go to Home Depot and buy the same thing for $0.80. Tell me how that happens? Eliminate this fleecing of the government across the millions of inventory and there would be a massive reduction of overhead.

    Pass legislation to enforce equal protection under the laws for all Americans as guaranteed by the Constitution

    Duh. How is this a policy plank?

    Progress toward energy independence by applying American technology for common-sense conservation and the use of government grants and incentives to encourage purchase and installation of home and community based sources of solar, wind and other inexhaustible, renewable energy.

    No, screw that. This is the same half-assed nonsense we don't need anymore. Forget incentives and conservation, we need a solution and we need it fast. We need an energy initiative like we needed the Space Race in the 1960s and 1970s. But this time it's not about pride but national security. I know that if this country would dedicated unlimited resources and minds to a solution like fusion, and do so with the same resolve as it pursued the atomic bomb and the moon landing, we'd have a real solution in 10 years.

    I am so sick and tired of these non-solution solutions.

    In summary this list needs a lot of work.

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    I don't quite like this as stated either. I'd like to see more details of this like how it will be paid for.

    I would support larger tax breaks for college students and perhaps a federal grant fund for students who maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher. Another fund could be set up for excellent scholars who acheive 3.5 GPA.

    I would support 2 year enlistment terms in the military out of high school in exchange for the GI Bill that can be drawn upon for education. Basically they can avoid full terms of service, and the nation gains a pool of inactive reservists and national guardsmen that can be drawn upon in national emergency.

    The point is to keep personal initiative in the equation for the students. If it were free to go to school through a bachelors degree, it should be mandatory to attend by law to ensure return on investment. Not everyone wants to attend college so the choice to do so should remain.

    Also, this would simply raise the bar imo. This proposal is well intentioned and its true a better educated workforce is better for america, but if everyone had bachelors degrees the bar would be raised by employers to seek people with graduate degrees. Actually, this is already happening with the current undergraduate rate. Anyone been applying for jobs recently? So the benefit to the middle-class is speculation I think. More competition would be created by having more qualified people applying for the same jobs.

  • At the least that bungling moron Rumsfeld needs to be fired. Fighting wars on small and on the cheap is ridiculous.
  • Actually, one way I'd like to see Bush reform his Iraq policy is repeal all his tax cuts and ask every American not serving in his war to shoulder the burder of paying for it with their wallet.

    He keeps saying we're in a time of war, have patience, this takes sacrifice. Yet he thinks so little of the American people that he doesn't even ask them to cope with higher taxes so we could actually afford better equipment and pay for these troops and their families. Mark Shields wrote about that this week. It's a disgrace.

  • Carter is greatly responsible for helping push Bush to return many of the Gitmo detainees back to their home countries.

    You realize Carter is also pro-CAFTA right?

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    And btw, I support staying the course but I'm a veteran of the Kosovo liberation and recently applied to reinstate my commission. Hopefully I will return to active duty this January which is the soonest they will allow.

    So unlike chickenhawks I don't have to answer to anybody about my position.

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    Liberation may be the 4th (5th?) cover story for Iraq, but the "democratization" is a farce. The country is being reshaped into a shadow Iranian religious state. Democracy is counterproductive in countries whose citizens don't distinguish between government and religion.
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    But I think the troops fighting there are noble. It's not their fault Bush sent them there.

    And I believe the Afghanistan war -- which is still ongoing -- is a noble cause. I wish we'd move half our resources from Iraq to there.

  • Figures. In-laws are always a pain in the ass.
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    I wouldn't say I am a Naderite. I may agree with SOME of his views, particularly campaign finance reform and the environment, but I'd hardly call myself a follower. I admire the man because he is principled and consistent, plus he's done much good for society in his battles in the past. However, I do not agree at all with his views on the war (immediate withdrawal). I do believe in the importance of breaking this two party system, so I could be convinced to support him or Badnarik -- another I admire -- if they had any real chance at breaking 5%.

    As for Clinton, most of my fiscal and foreign policy goals are aligned with his. I also share his view on trade as a historically liberal ideal that the republicans have jumped on board of in the last 15 years. Also, most of my socially liberal ideals are near his, or at least can live with his policies. I think he's a great president and I'd have voted for him in 2000 and 2004 if I could have. I support Hillary mostly because she'll bring Bill with her and I believe he'd be a great influence in her presidency.

  • Because they have shunned Operation Yellow Elephant and would rather have others die for their beliefs.


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    I read on some news sites that Cindy's family is now split, among them her sister or sister-in-law who is claiming they oppose Cindy's efforts. That her son's father's side of the family is now seeking to oppose her. If true I expect Fox to begin having them on as guests.
  • Nobody's going to hurt Cindy. This was inevitable given all the media attention to this story. These people were probably dispatched by one of Karl's lackeys. But just as republicans need to respect Cindy's right to camp out Bush, so should everyone else's rights be respected. The right to free speech is what is allowing Cindy to take on the president today.


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