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    Think about the parallels in religious extremism.

    Pat Robertson:

    *Abortion causes breast cancer
    *9-11 is punishment for homosexual tolerance
    *Islam is evil


    *TV, radio, books, and magazines are evil
    *Women caught with a leg uncovered can be stoned
    *Christians are evil

    The main thing they have in common is intolerance, the cornerstone of their belief systems.

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    That's not a ringing endorsement. Bush did not grow up until 40 years old, unlike Richardson. Bush earned nothing in his life; everything was given to him on a silver spoon.

    While I don't have a problem with Richardson, he may be latino but his name sure doesn't sound like it, and this may water down his hispanic appeal as petty as that sounds. It's important for reaching most people who still don't know who he is, or the average voter who doesn't even tune in until a month before the election.

    Also, towel snapping and handshake records don't exactly impress me.

    One problem is I doubt his ability to even carry his own state. NM has a 2:1 registration advantage of dem vs repub, yet it went red in 2004 and barely blue in 2000.

    I agree with Paleo. Maybe a VP pick.

  • 7% growth in China and India isn't helping. We'll see $100 per barrel and $3.50 at the pump within 2 years.
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    Carter negotiated the hostage crisis? Oh that's right. His bungling is legendary, particularly the ill-fated rescue mission by delta forces. I suggest you re-read history because Reagan swept Carter thanks mainly to his inept record on foreign policy. Carter's humanitarian efforts came mostly after he was voted out of office. Only in the last 20 years has he begun to redeem himself in the public eye.


    Wilson was an open racist, a grandfather of modern neocon ideology, and the League of Nations is a relic of Wilson's failure in domestic politics -- the US never even signing on to the organization it conceived; dooming it. He only deserves credit for leading America in WWI.


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    Nope, don't buy it. Whatever you wish to call it, GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA, these are all free trade, ie the liberalization of trade, a historically liberal ideology.

    What you advocate is protectionism, a conservative ideology. That's why you're in agreement with Pat Buchanan, while I'm in agreement with Clinton and Carter.


    It's time to move on. This isn't the industrial age anymore, it's the information age. This isn't a manufacturing based economy anymore, it's a services based one. Outsourcing of jobs is a reality of the new economy and one you're better off getting used to. Adapt and gain the new skills, otherwise be happy with your low paying jobs. Or be left behind.

  • They've been buying out the patents for better fuel economy for years...then burying them.
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    I think he already has a had start on that distinction.
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    I believe in much of what you said, but I just think this argument is full of too many platitudes and subjectivity. I'd rather stay out of the values argument...pretty libertarian on this front.
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    But I don't think Bush cares because he doesn't have to run again. Two term presidents are the most dangerous. I thought the people would think that through in 2004 before they went to vote. That's the #1 reason I voted for Kerry.
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    What about Nixon...he should be top 5 worst.
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    1812 was a stalemate. And the british also burned washington to the ground.


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    Clinton is a free trader, so he did the correct thing and voted in favor of NAFTA. That's what he believes in. I ask no less of the guy I voted for.

    As for Carter, he endorsed CAFTA. I'd imagine his pro free trade politics would tarnish his image in your eyes, no?

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    Cindy Sheehan said on Connected yesterday: "Terrorism is just another -ism. When I was a kid it was communism".

    She's got a point, and hindsight does not forgive what the antiwar movement knew during Vietnam. That "containment" was a total farce.

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    True, but Nixon was an environmentalist and created the EPA. I still think he's a prick though.
  • Opposing illegal immigration does not make you or anyone a racist.

    I support reforms to help these people who want to come and work in the US to enter legally. We need to increase quotas and expedite the process to allow people to enter the country and earn citizenship the legal way.

    Your competitors are breaking the law by hiring illegals. You have a right to be upset about it when you try to compete fairly. Let's help these people register with the system and make sure they get paid fairly.


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