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    My point is that Kitzhaber didn't want to run then, aside from family issues, because he saw no point to being in the Senate as a member of the minority because he wouldn't be able to advance his agenda at all.  

    But, if the Senate is up for grabs in 2008, which it very well should be, then his primary political reason for not running then now becomes a reason to run.

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    p.s. I'd rather have Earl as chair of an important committe, like transportation, to keep bringing dough to PDX and Oregon.

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    My money and hope is on the Kitz.

    If the Dems take the Senate, or come close, I say he's in because he has explicitly said he was avoiding it because, aside from family issues, he didn't want to languish in minority status and not be able to implement his agenda, which wouldn't be the case anymore.

  • I ain't in denial, but you do need to learn to read.

    I've said that Cliff has been good, in fact, he's been brilliant in the past, but I stand by my affirmation that his personal attacks made him look like an arrogant ass this time and that undermined severely whatever factual points he was trying to make.

  • Cliff has been better, I think it's getting to his head. He looked obnoxious and too much like a Republican by resorting to offensive personal attacks instead of just stating the facts that would , themselves, hammered her into the ground.

    A very poor, disappointing showing.  I hope he learns from it, because it detracts from the winning Dem message and reflects very poorly on the Dems as a whole.

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    Financial reports are coming out today in Oregon races, and it looks like (D) incumbent Kulongoski is going to be far behind, unfortunately.

    There's no limit to campaign contributions here in Oregon, so there are many very wealthy, very conservative Republicans giving upwards of $100,000, even $500,000, to his opponent Ron Saxton, who is trying to hammer his Kulongoski with negative ads.

    Hopefully an anti-Republican sentiment will win the day for Ted, but things look iffy here, with a new poll today putting it at a dead heat, 39-37.  

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    Thanks for the effort, Jonathan, if that was you down at the Governor's hotel, sorry that I didn't introduce myself but I was busy chatting it up with Mike.  Best of luck to you two on Saturday with Kulongoski.

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    It cracks me up that Republicans think that they have a chance in districts like this one this fall.  Can't they see that everyone else thinks they've gone nuts and are leading this country over a cliff? Perusing some NW conservative websites recently, I saw them gushing over their chances of taking this district from Hooley, with upstart Erickson.  He has no chance! None! I'm delighted to see them wasting their time, energy, and money on lost causes like these, it'll make our work easier and all that more satisfying when they wake up from their delusion on Nov. 7 when we sweep them out of power throughout the country.

  • Agreed.  I can only hope that Kitz would (as Gov.) still decide to challenge Smith in '08, but that won't happen.  His heart is in Oregon, and he's obviously gotten tired of sitting on the sidelines and not being able to have a (big) say in what goes on in the state.  

    If he runs for Gov., it's his in a landslide, and he won't want to give it up for life in D.C.--- he simply doesn't want to live there.

    Knowing that Kitz is unlikely to challenge Smith (that's the most important thing that this potential primary challenge means), our best hope is Defazio, and that might be a match-up we can win.

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    How 'bout we draft him, with a fundraiser to demonstrate the support for him from the grassroots.

    Tie in lots of liberals blogs and raise, say, 100K over the weekend.

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    polls put him with less than 50% wanting to reelect him, he one last time with around 49% only because a third-party Libertarian run took away from the Republican candidate Mannix, and the Libertarian is not going to run again this time.

    There's already one declared Democratic primary challenger for Kulongoski (Sorensen from Eugene), and I frankly hope that he gets it because Kulongoski has run to the center and is not championing progressive ideals, which has pissed off lots of Dems in the state.  Frankly, he's in bad shape, this is a toss-up or very weak Dem, not strong at all.

    Our only saving grace is that the same extremist Right winger Mannix will very likely get the nomination again, and the state just can't stomach him, but if people don't turn out for Kulongoski it could be disastrous for us, because the Repubs are good at turning out their base.

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    Mr. warm and cuddly himself!  

    Can't wait to ask him about those arms deals with Iran, vote against Mandela's release from prison, Halliburton's no-bid contracts, there'd be no end to it all!

    My money says Jeb, nobody else has the religious fanatics in his pocket but still mainstream appeal.

  • I was thinking the same thing and was looking to see if someone else had said it first.

    But, all in all, we need to win Senatorial/Congressional seats, a top-down approach to building the state party would work well too.

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    It posts, in French, articles from foreign newspapers/journals from all over the world.  This is a great way to avoid Western bias.

    Anyone know of a site like this in English?


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