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    I watch Morning Joe because they're some of the only morning hosts on the air who are almost completely transparent. Not entirely by choice, mind you, but they're such cynical bastards I couldn't even think of watching anything else.

  • WITH all due respect, you're fucking wrong. It signifies a disconnect with the rest of society and a desire to feel better than everyone else. Also signifies being a real tight-ass.

  • Look, if there's one thing we have learned from all this, it's that the people paid to understand the market really didn't understand the world. Why would anyone listen to them when they were so wrong? I'm not going to say that all economists are stupid, but it's the wrong fucking time to be listening to stock traders, particularly ones on CNBC whose primary function is to avoid telling average people anything that might take money away from the big traders.

  • Yes. I never thought for a second that he was trying to "educate" him, only call him out for being a phony.

  • Shit, worse than that when you're talking about talking heads on TV. Those people only exist to about to fall with a lot of people on board, the tell people to buy all the shares that will be dumped on them.. If a stock is at a prime buying point, they tell people to sell.

  • I think just generally speaking about the stock crash in particular, especially given the root causes and gigantic phantom stock market rise that has been so thoroughly smacked down.

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    Calm down, buddy. The budget office targeted most of this money to get out as soon as is possible. In some cases, this might mean spending the money before it is received since it is already assured to be coming.

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    Really? You say this seeing how badly our wonderful Congressmen messed up the Stimulus package? I think having someone to really push for this is essential, and more importantly, makes it clear that our government is not run by a "Decider" any more than a baseball team is run by its General Manager. He takes the longview, but he has to have someone in place that would be good at keeping it from getting out of control.

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    Oh, it's completely his own fault. He said outrageous crap all the time. He was one of our most promising leaders, but he just didn't have control of what came out of his mouth. When tensions run high, we can't risk the HHS secretary saying that Republicans are being argumentative and unpatriotic. Sebelius has lots of experience talking to and working with Republicans. Dean does not.

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    On another note, I read that today, she's attending a conference on aid to Gaza in Egypt. I note that Obama has made very few efforts to reach out to the Israelis. Part of this is functional, he doesn't know who he needs to be ready for. But I wonder if he isn't also deciding to play a little hardball while he can get away with it scot-free.

    Bibi needs American support even as he will most assuredly mock our new leader. They still aren't sure what he thinks of Israel despite having pledged his support on multiple occasions. So perhaps this is a way to make them think that he's not afraid to walk away from the table.

  • Hey, let's not forget that this is all Lieberman propaganda, too. If I remember right, he was more than willing to skip town with McCain on the first go-round. He jumped on board the ship once it was already righted again.

  • Don't bother explaining the concept of equivalence to KosNoMore. He's a Republican, or at least might as well be. They don't live in a world of grays, or even black and white. They live in a world of deeply defined colors and characters that all look the same. One brown skin color is another brown skin color. One ethnocentric special interest group is another ethnocentric special interest group.

    Just be happy that he's doomed to disappointment as the last of his breed dies gasping for air.

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    Q: What did the hammer say to the nail?
    A: Go away, you stupid troll.
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    News NETWORK. And it still is indicative that things aren't changing. Until MSNBC has a decisive lead on MSNBC or cuts into FNC's lead again.

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    Between him and Gibbs, it would be one more step for Obama in winning the battle for Joe Scarborough's heart.


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