From Al-Anbar to San Ysidro: Schwarzenegger OKs Guard Deployment

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has okayed the deployment of California National Guard Troops.  Under the rights bestowed upon him by <strike>Darrel Issa</strike&gt the state and federal Constitutions, Schwarzenegger had the authority to approve the deployment within the state.  (Note that the states do not have authority to block deployment overseas due to the Montgomery Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1987.  See PERPICH v. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, 496 U.S. 334 (1990))

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CA-Lt.Gov: Jackie Speier &The Garamendi Hubub over Insurance's attack ads

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I think both Lt. Governor candidates have aspects in their favor.  Jackie Speier has a tremendous air of potential around her.  She just might be the first female governor of California.  She is my state senator, and I have really appreciated her efforts, both on behalf of her constituents and for the state in general.  She is a friend of marriage equality and  has been a strong supporter of environmental protection.  Check out her issues page for more info.

However, Garamendi is no dummy politician.  He knows what's going on here.  Recently, dave j of seeingtheforest  cross-posted a story about the attack ads by the insurance lobby against Garamendi.  It's quite an interesting story.  Basically, Garamendi impliments some overdue regulations.  The insurance companies don't dig on that, so they threaten him with a $2 million attack ad campaign if he does it.  Garamendi does, and oh, btw, he sends a letter to the FBI and Bill Lockyer accusing the insurance lobby of extortion.

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CA-Gov: How we beat Arnold after the bond passage

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Pretty much all of us California bloggers have noted something about how this bond package will affect the governor's race.  Julia at BetterCA has her opinion, Frank at CPR has his, and Randy at Bayne of Blog has his.  I know Bradley doesn't like it when you call him a blogger, but he's got his thoughts too.  And from the other side, Dan Schnur, a Rep operative, posted on FlashReport yesterday that this all but locked up the governorship for another 4 years.

The infrastructure bonds that the legislature put on the November ballot this morning will re-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger. Already armed with advantages over either of his Democratic opponents on taxes, driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, and Jessica's Law, the presence of bonds providing money for road, school and levee construction gives Schwarzenegger an issues arsenal that will be almost impossible for either Steve Westly or Phil Angelides to defeat.(FlashReport 5/5/06)

Now many of us would argue with parts of his logic.  I have a HUGE quibble with his belief that anything to do with immigration is a good issue for him.  But, that being said, I think if you nibble around the corners of the analysis from both sides, you get to an overall consensus this was a win for the Governator.

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CA-11: When is national intervention (DCCC) necessary? (w/poll)

Cross-posted from Calitics, the progressive community blog for California. I also posted this on dKos, figuring it would float into obscurity, but it got a decent reception over there. I meant to post it here too, but time seemed to slip-slide I do that now.

Over the weekend, the CA-11 delegates at the convention endorsed Jerry McNerney over Steve Fillson:

It wasn't only Angelides that walked out of the convention with a coveted endorsement.

So did Jerry McNerney, one of three Democrats running for the nomination in the high-profile Congressional District 11 race against incumbent Richard Pombo, R-Tracy.

McNerney scored 21 of the 28 votes cast by party delegates, an indisputable victory that produced a wide smile on the face of this serious Ph.D. engineer from Pleasanton.

It was a minor step for the Democratic Party but a giant leap for McNerney, a candidate whom national party leaders have spurned as unlikely to triumph over Pombo. McNerney, a wind energy consultant, is too liberal to win critical votes in the conservative San Joaquin County, they say, and besides, he already lost to Pombo in 2004. (CC Times 5/1/06)

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