Nomination No-op

The nomination today needs a "no-op", a processor design term that refers to a "no-operation". Do nothing.  A wait state.

It is an impeachable offense to have sent 100 documents classified top secret, to the phillipine nation and into the hands of Al Qaeda. It is questionable to have flown Bin Laden's family out on Government passes. But it is absurd to see the man who authored our UN speech that took the country to war - prosecuted on Friday for five felony counts of lying to a grand jury and covering up an action against someone who was fighting Al Qaeda, at the top level of government - And take no action.

Downing street Memo clearly states that facts were being fixed to take the country to war. As we were already at war, the key here is that facts were being fixed to make sure no one talks about it afterward.

At the Center of this , is Dick Cheney - and like Karl Rove, he is a master of puppets. And his nomination to replace "Scooter" Libby is the real issue - he's going to drive harder and farther towards Fascism than ever.

Let me be Clear: We are talking about a Person who described the Guatanamo Bay Prison as a Vacation Paradise. A man who pushed Ahmed Chalabi up to the front - even though he had already been convicted for embezzlement.

VP Cheney is bound to the hip with Karl Rove. Rove solicits the corporation contributions and interfaces to the corporations, to big oil. For example, there are bills in the house right now that are pushing massive giveaways to the oil companies even though their profits are up nearly 40% this year. (and have doubled since 2002)
Karl Rove shopped a map dividing the Persian Gulf up into oil company sectors - in January of 2001.

And then, conveniently - a longtime family friend of the Bush family masterminds an attack on our own country and Bush immediately pushes everyone to go take Persian Gulf oil and to let the guy go free in Tora Bora.

Al Qaeda is extremely dangerous - and the disaster that they can cause in our country makes Hurricane Katrina look like a walk in the park.

You can't see dead bodies floating in the water at 50,000 feet... George W. Bush dispatched Cheney recently to Atlanta to whip up support for the nomination of Scalito.

Give it a No-op. Tell them the processor is working on something else.

And democracy will win. The gears of democracy turn on the truth.

If all you can do is focus on the bright shiny thing they dangle in front of you then you will
be forever relegated to history...

Drive hard. Make Congress investigate the situation. Downing Street Memo LIVES

The next Justice

"If you live by the crystal ball, you have to get used to a diet of ground glass."

Judge Emilio Garza
Born 1947
Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals
Nominated by former President Bush in 1991

Probability: 75%
Error Bar: 23%
Context: Counterpoint to previous nominee, difficulty in opposition from existing constituency.  Leverage.
Justification: Rove - who else do you think Cheney gets his orders from?

Calm before the Storm

There is no calm before a storm. Thats a myth. There are storms that come up slowly , but storms in general march up announced, with wind. Statistically speaking, storms almost always occur in turbulence.

Nevertheless we somehow in our collective memory associate and validate the phrase 'calm before the storm' with some real event.

Lets hope that we can see it coming ...

About TV

Don't worry about killing your TV anymore. Its already dead. Today a statistic was released that showed Night TV viewership is down 39% since the year 2000.

An additional Saturday night Television slot, is now being auctioned off to the highest bidder by ABC since the viewership is so low, they can't find anything they want to air. The price for the prime time slot has been dropped by 75%.

Among 16-24 year olds its even worse. TV viewership is down nearly 21% overall in this group, with a core percentage of that group going over to gaming in droves.

Meanwhile, just as an afterthought - the slump at the box office continues... 17% fewer Americans went to the movies this year. Some months, even less.

And now, a message from the broadcast lobby, who wants to try to tell your local politician how to vote this year or otherwise, extort big fees from him for political ads: Where is everybody?

Oh wait, were we supposed to say that?

American Zion

I am an avid film collector. I have over 1,300 films. DVD/VHS, BetaMax.. I have film to dvd, dvd to mpeg, and transfer studios to keep the print alive and going. I always collect originals because the cover art is a huge part of the collectible.

Generally, when I go to the movies I duck in the theatres to get a clue as to whats playing. I generally only go when there's something I want to check out, and its not often I stay for the whole movie. More often I am there to scope out whats going on and get ready to collect. I wait two, maybe even three years to see a film that I really want.
I snag the DVD and bring it home.

The reason I am saying all of this is because there was a film I caught totally by accident. The re was no movie poster, it was just playing in the theatre. I caught 5 minutes of it and was locked in from the start.

Its called "American Zion" and its apparently the story of this family , Steed, who follows Joseph Smith to Kirtland, Utah. The date was about 1833
or thereabouts.

What really impressed me about this film was how quickly one gets wrapped up in the politics of the film. In this film, the Lt. Gov. of Missouri decides to declare emminent domain on all of the property of this group of settlers, and basically throws them off. Then when the people try to get their land back, he moves in with a small army to keep them off.

Because they opposed slavery, and you can hear the dilemna - "If they oppose slavery, it will wreck our trade with the southern states".

Unbelievable. It was so cool. The purpose of this diary is , to encourage you to see this little gem. I am not sure who made it or who stars in it, but everyone is good and the film rocks.

Maybe if enough people see it, we can all know what it was like to be able to stand on our own two feet without Fox News telling us where to  put them..

Miers is OUT

According to Sen. Schumer, Miers now lacks enough votes from either side of the aisle to be confirmed.

Speaking personally, I think she's probably a nice person. As is George Bush. She's into math. She's a really bad actress (witness the christmas thing people put on the website..) and she's a good runner.

But this is a classic case of the jack of all trades being the master of none. She is so opposed to womens rights, has so little qualifications (president of the bar association is , for example, only a bureaucratically appointed task and not an executive job..)

That even if everyone thinks shes neato, enough on either side of the aisle thinks she's not to be able to stop her nomination. Unlike Roberts, which was a lock from Day one despite what bowers said - this one can be stopped.  She has lower approval than Robert Bork..

Womens Rights / Miers

CNN: Miers supported a ban on most abortions.

The signficance of this is, that with a candidate that we knew little about - one of the key issues of the day - the litmus test - has in fact been applied, showing again Bush to be a liar.

Bush wanted to post Miers to the SC without a review of her record. The record now clearly shows that she's not tough enough for the far right, and if you've got some views about a woman's right to choose..

Fog of War 2

The first in this series studied how we should go into a war, full-on. We should never hold anything back.

Some years later, McNamara, the former secretary of defense was dining in Vietnam when a person leaned over to him and whispered in his ear.. "why did you never trust us with the chinese, we have been fighting them for three thousand years.." and suddenly it dawned upon McNamara that they would have fought to every last man, down to their last breath.

We have the cleansed, scrubbed, politically correct term to refer to, for people fighting in Iraq for freedom from an American puppet government - as "insurgents". And yet, in the same breath we barely disguise the great toll on our economy to have this war dragging on it - despite the tax cuts that were launched, almost as if to sell the war.

My prayer is that Fitzgerald will bring out the truth: that there are people dedicated to marketing war. People whose focus, in the white house, is to misuse what has become the press - to turn America against herself.

Perhaps their greatest failure is that they themselves haven't turned against America with all their force. They painted themselves in the mantle of wealth. Stolen though it is - playing to the deepest of Red state desires - the darkest waters of shark infested predator lending enfolded, their only island the shining beach of the GOP oasis.

The war against america began in 2000. And that is, personally , when my nightmares began. With a new and explosive scandal now every week, they are making Enron look like a walk in the park.

And they are taking corporate America with them. Collateral damage? But then again.. we are at war.

Nazis in Ohio

Where goes Karl Rove, so goes Chaos. In the words of Barney Cam - "hey, he spent a lot of time there. It shows.

The reason I'm posting this is just to chronicle the completely unbelievable. In the short space of one week America has achieved all but the remaining few elements of a fascist state -

  1. a neat and clean genetic test for people at the hospital, administered when they're born. will be able to successfully classify the genetically undesirable. Rove is thinking, blond hair, blue eyes, folks... and he's sooo powerful - don't diss him on this one!

  2. A man being beaten up in prime time and nobody even worrying about it - next stop, your neighbor!

  3. The attempted dissolution of posse comitatus, which is the law that prevents soldiers from marching against you - us soldiers are not allowed to march against or take action on, any US citizen. But Rove wants that changed..

  4. The Patriot act was significantly strengthened. nuff said.

  5. Bush promised to veto anything that tells our soldiers not to torture people. Pissing on the koran, anyone? Hey mines longer than yours..

And now, of course, NeoNazis marched on Ohio... golly ... isn't this the state that decided George Bush should be president. Nice place, but maybe I wouldn't want to live there...

Stop. I know what you're thinking, those who read the news article. The damn niggers are the ones causing all the trouble.  Hey. Thats the way the news article is written, I can't blame you for that. Did you vote for Bush?

The Fog of War

Robert MacNamara was an overachiever, a kid who wanted straight A average in school. In college he went to Cal and then on to Harvard to become a professor that was a part of the team who ran the computer sorting machines for the draft in WWII.

He fought briefly in the big one, but long enough to understand the mechanics of one lt. colonel LeMay.

A memorable anectodote serves to define the purpose of this diary entry - and to start off what is I hope a fairly accurate reflection of our current situation in Iraq.

MacNamara was asked to study a report that came in, analysing a mission turn back rate of 20 percent. That is, 1 out of  5 of the airmen turned back each sortie. What he found out was that the majority of these turnarounds were due to fear. The casualty rate on these daytime raids was about 25 percent.. they were running 5, and 10 missions - which meant that somewhere, their number would come up.

Well, LeMay found out about this and decided he would fly out in the lead plane and he informed everyone that anyone who turned back for any reason would be courtmartialled. Just like that, overnight, the turnback rate dropped.

This is leadership.


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