Happy Thanksgiving

I saw this , this morning. Its a happy thanksgiving president - John Kerry got elected...
As jury foreman (cnn)


LOL - you just have to have people like this elected to serve you. I mean, seriously - you know Kerry went in there and tried to do the best he possibly could. I remember well my own jury experiences. Seriously - that was a cool experience for me. It didn't pay much ... but it was a definite eye-opener.

Did you ever have to do jury duty?

Alito and Confirmation

Alito is headed towards confirmation and now the beginnings of a democratic filibuster are underway.

Its important for me personally to take assessment of the situation. I deeply disagreed with Emminent Domain. That was uncool. And it also brought home just how much of a role the Supreme Court plays for us all, in every day life.

On the other hand, even if I wanted the courts to move to the right and reform itself - I would want the best man for the job.

Without the Democrat filibuster, there not be that possibility. The Democrats must be able  - and I say this guardedly - to filibuster Alito.

So this post is dedicated to the confirmation process. I for one would like to hear what Alito has to say in his confirmation, even if I don't have 40 minutes a day to hear it all - just be able to take 15 or 20 min. to read the record and decide for myself where the guy's head is at. But then, by all means - if there is a substantive discussion of where things should go - why is Bush hiding out in Mongolia right now? Where is the ideological leader Karl Rove would put forth - Rove said "conservatives will win the war of ideas" in this battle. Is this it?

For my money, this is a great national discussion to have. So much BS has been heaped on America, we have a huge, lumbering bureaucracy - massive debts - bigger and bigger government - giant issues to deal with. And the next years hurricane season will be even worse. This year, so many storms they ran out of letters to name them.

This is the core of who we are - people like Rosenberg are right to be looking at this carefully and of course, he's got the partisan line to vote against Alito. "Alito against Democracy" he calls it.  For what its worth, right now, IMHO its best to be skeptical, but open minded. Think for a second that this institution takes on a life of its own. Former "conservative" appointments have gone "liberal" and vice versa.

The confirmation process is taking on a life of its own. The winds of change are blowing within the democratic party - it seems to be reconstituting itself - let us hope that it will uphold the american constitution, while it finds its own.

Murtha Forker

There is a very decisive strategy out now to fork the support Murtha has rallied for making the war make sense. Like a person who hasn't the ability to stand on his or her own - Iraq has been consistently unable to build up her own security forces, her weak muscles keeping her from doing the job.

Murtha spoke up saying we need to get them standing on their own, asap - and that means we need to look at what the Iraq field commanders are saying: phased withdrawal.

So here's the scoop. GOP Duncan Hunter wrote a piece of legislation that is being hurried through the Republican controlled house that says to withdraw the troops.

This is a political piece of legislation, poorly crafted.  Its design as it stands is to fork the support for Murtha and his ideas within his own party.

The GOP is trying to force the democrats into voting against it.

Does anyone know who would be preparing a set of amendments that set up the bill appropriately?

What is the roll call for voting to support it, as is (We can count on Dennis Kucinich!)?

Has the GOP figured out how to split the support in the Dem. party for Murtha?

Bush Speaks. I disagree.

Most of you know that I am a very recent convert. I do not still follow most of the party line here, or get too excited about democratic initiatives. I am kind of like Christopher Walken at the house party "why won't anyone talk to me?".

The damage that the Bush republicans have done to what was once the republican party is staggering. I see nothing wrong in a conservative view, a more effecient government.

But the amount of money the Bush republicans have spent is not only an all time record, but each year its even more. The president has never... repeat NEVER vetoed a single line of legislation - there is no power in the white house to stop runaway spending. In fairness and moderation, I personally would oppose relief money like cuts to medicare and to the CDC, in a time in which not only did we lose a major city - but we've lost our defenses against killer storms. There will be more. This was an all time record season for hurricances, there are many people who need help. I do believe in smaller government, but I don't believe in cruelty - torture or callousness, that is the trademark of this administration. Led, of course, by a man who thinks that seeing thousands of his fellow citizens dying deserves only a descent to 50,000 feet before he flies on to his next Karl Rove engineered campaign stop. At that height, dead bodies floating in the water... look like ants..

Republicans everywhere say the same thing: why is it that our party has not executed substantive change?

Today, for me, is the straw that broke the camels back. And like a pitcher on the field who's throwing a great fastball, here you have me, personally finding a party who has my voice. Believe it or not. The democratic party.

And why? Well, for one. They have people who know what they're talking about. Each time I see George W. Bush standing in a flight jacket I think of either how he stood up there on deck of a carrier and smiled as he said "mission accomplished" and that the war was over (!!). I know that is the extent of George W. Bush's ability to wage a war - when the army almost steps aside and lets us march into bagdad - he doesn't figure out they're waiting for them to amBUSH him...

Then, I think of what he did when his country called him. How totally different from People like Kerry and Murtha - who not only answered their nation's call but came out, born again hard. Even hackett, who fought in the Iraq war - wouldn't stand down if she calls him to go. But bush - what does he do? He gets drunk , snorts coke and skips out on his physicals and is dishonorably discharged - and even then, chumming up with the close and personal friends of Bin Laden - all the while serving and fighting the worst that ALABAMA can throw at him. Repeat. ALABAMA.

So he's standing up there, dressed just like Karl Rove wants him to dress. Saying just what Karl Rove wants him to say.

And he's safe, too, because right now, almost SEVEN IN TEN americans are just plain pissed off at him, and he's way over in Asia accomplishing what he did the last time war called him: running and hiding and getting wined, and dined to do it.

In every game, if you don't have someone to catch the ball, in the field, or someone who can step up and hit the ball out of the park, you'll lose. You can pitch a good game, many of us have done that. Here is the one that we - and I say that whether you like me or not , turtleneck boy - WE can hit out of the park.

And that is this: Bush just said in a speech today , that he will follow the "sober judgement" of his commanders in the field.

  1. The sober judgement of the commanders in the field was to go in with more troops. Think: japanese sounding general's name... remember...

  2. The sober judgement of one major general there on the ground is a unit by unit withdrawal. The plan was submitted this week and is in Bush's hands, maybe its a +presidential daily brief+ still on harriet meiers desk... there are quite a few there...

  3. Bush put in charge of all of this someone who made the soldiers go out and scrounge in the trash heap to get enough armor on their vehicles - and he's keeping him there in charge of it all even though the guy (come on, you know this guys name) is totally out of touch with the situation (we know that we know we do not know...)

Can anyone here name the two generals and commanders on the field I'm talking about.
For extra credit, you can forget completely about the smooth talking, campaign ready - secretary of defense who puts on a really good show for the news-media entertainers that you can leave on in your trailer home 24 Seven with a news crawl under him.... that secretary doesn't know very much about how to fight a war...

Heads Up! Watch Hardball 2nite1

John McCain is debating Dick Cheney on MSNBC Hardball w/ Chris Wallace tonight -

Heads Up - I don't have cable so if anyone out there does, tell me what this was like. I found msnbc.com very difficult to navigate, loaded with all kinds of anti-navigational advertising.

Woodward, Valerie and Rove

Woodward, a reporter for the Washington Post, released a tremendous revelation today - he stated that in no uncertain terms someone leaked the identity of secret soldier Valerie Wilson, to destroy her identity as a fighter against Al Qaeda, from the offices of the white house.

The investigation into a major security breech at the white house, under Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, just went into the stratosphere.

And, not incoincidentally - it described to some degree what may be happening within the white house - and why George Bush is a man without a country today. The silly flights from country to country with no clear purpose, and currently no deliverables whatsoever - are setup and caused by Karl Rove.

Rove is the cause of George W. Bush's trouble. In Fitzgerald's indictment he mentions "Senior Adminstration Official A" that was involved in the destruction of Valerie Wilson. But he does not name him in the indictment against Cheney's office.  When five felony counts against Cheney's chief of staff landed on Scooter Libby, that ultimately forced Libby's resignation - for obstruction of justice and an attempt to coverup a leak - Libby cried foul and Cheney took a trip here to Atlanta to meet with the evangelical faithful and the people near the military base of Dobbins AFB.   Showing just how much influence Karl Rove has - the white house is in full swing for a campaign-style approach that shows just how cool the president and vice president really are.  A campaign that had to begin with the president leaving the country.

In washington this referred to  as being "radioactive". That is, so hot, no-one wants to touch you.  Cheney and Bush are fighting for their lives - both in the ways that they have learned so well. Bush, by evading service. Cheney , by listening to his corporate advisor Karl Rove - and attacking an innocent country. In this case, Rove's campaign is against America itself.

In a government administration that has requested to do away with the fourth amendment, has seen the rise of emminent domain, tried to create a secret police and threatens to veto any bill that comes to the house that keeps them from being able to torture the citizenry - this is par for the course.  After all, Rove himself can be thought of nothing more or less than a contractor - just as his own grandfather wase nothing more or less than a contractor.. for the third Reich. The forty year plan he has put in place doesn't include you or me. But if Dick cheney can convince you that it's good for the wanna-be wealthies that the GOP dangles in front of half of America as what you will be if you grow up- the disaffected, gullible and greedy - then Dick Cheney will be able to convince you - that its worth paying for as well.

Americans have paid. We have paid 200 billion dollars for a boondoggle in Iraq. We have seen our salaries drop, our stock crash, and corporations get free passes out of jail with bankruptcy - or prison-work camps with arranged cook-offs, while the laws against us have tightened and dead float in Katrinas wake while Arabian horse farmers who were set up with a cushy job to respond to such disasters.. send emperiled email stating that they're frightened and need help.

While they are sitting in a leather chair.

Bush spent the day after Katrina, playing guitar with a country western star and then in San Diego at a fundraiser. For this white house, its one long campaign.

When the democrats seek to find the truth behind the campaign - they join the rank and file of Americans who fought the british government for our very independence.

This will be a war waged not in deaths but in visible signs that the corruption has spread - and a war for our very country.

With Woodward, new questions have to be asked. Who told him, in advance - and if it were isolated, why is there more than one white house person assigned to doing it.

That answer you will find, is in a campaign. Not a campaign of war. That is left to the American people, and like all wars before it.. to the people in Washington that are fighting for us.

Flu Jump

Today the avian flu strain hn51 mutated to a form that infects human beings. The mutation occurred in China. Vaccines exist to innoculate the birds.

Moveon brought to light the complete Mike -Brown like tendencies of Simonsen, the guy who's running the show.

Well. Its showtime.


Dems on Drugs

The main post at mydd today was "dems on the offensive" but my post here is titled for a reason: if you think this midterm with scrawny two or three races means jack-rabbit, you have to be on drugs.

There is no momentum for the dems. The White house is planning to veto the amendment that bans the use of torture, saying it will "tie the hands" of the president in his fight against terror. A neo-conservative is heading towards the supreme court, after a conservative is already there waiting for him - appointed under stealth procedures. Thats 40 years. No filibuster in sight. And the war in Iraq wages on, and on.

If the GOP won the off year elections we'd just brush it off because they won the whole nation, in 2004. Nobody knows what happens next.

Meanwhile, America is getting beaten up - just killed, in the international sphere. Bush is jetting around, a man without a country. Everyone knows he's a lame duck. Not one single thing will come out of the trip to Asia - he is simply running from his problems. I would argue that its likely that he's started drinking again and the white house needs to hide him from the public. But they can't hide him from the world - witness the latin America trip.

America needs leadership and the dems aren't stepping up to the plate. There's nothing here that shows any kind of real victory.

Lets guage our victory by rolling back the effort to have Katrina represent a slash and burn on our social programs, or make progress in knocking the broadcast lobby out of power - or any other lobbyist for that matter. Sen  Feingold made a name for himself trying to get a grip on campaign impromprieties, special purpose transactions - lets do that. Will one Democrat stand up to the way bills are paraded around the house to be loaded up to 10,000 page configurations?

Who will roll back the wierdness of the patriot act - sure you can keep agency interoperability - but why do we need them in our library card system?

And finally, most importantly - lets really get into this breach at the white house - its huge. 100 top secret documents sent to Al Qaeda. Plus, the white house clearly fighting anyone who wants to peg Al Qaeda down - the white house actually sending the country on a wild goose chase while Bin Laden escapes.

If the glove does not fit, you must aquit. We cannot hold the dems to be "irresponsible" if they go on the all-out aggressive attack. This year reminds me of the sprinter that goes out of the gate, you need to keep a pace so strong to win - lets do just that. Strength breeds strength.

Lets really reform this country. Lets go after the corruption like Feingold went after Campaign Finance.

Winners don't do drugs. This little electoin was a blip and polls don't matter. Guys like Gingrich are waiting to feed on your skull and you're waiting to give him a free lunch..?

Excuse me. I don't think so. And yes. The best for last. THINK GREEN. Lets get some environmental mojo.


Because fixing America will be a part time job that nearly every american male would like to help with. Don't just play to your base. Give the new guys something to do..!!

They whom the gods would destroy

They whom the gods would destroy first they make prideful.

To be a democrat means that you are on the vanguard of change, and reform in government. It means fiscal discipline and a real sense that the money spent goes not to the corporation, but the person.

They whom the gods would destroy... are prideful. They believe the flag is theirs, like Al Qaeda - who said "All we have to do is drop our flag at the farthest flung corner and they will send their generals and armies out to it" (OBL).  They would reject the voice of truth, like Al Qaeda who believes today their attack on an innocent bride, and groom, and a party - in Jordan - will strike a blow against the infidel. They will attack those who speak the truth - they are indecision makers - exploding when someone asks for a decision based on facts, or trying to leave it all up in the air. Finishing without any action items. They are self satisfied, and do not grow but rather shrink as the days go on. They become vain, and soft in the middle, and bald on top.

To be a democrat means to look hard at yourself, at everything you do - to decide whether or not it is the best and most reasonable course of action. It is a freedom from the special interest groups that have for too long dominated our country and released it from its moorings. Even as sharp republicans like McCain wonder why his own party is pulled free from its conservative moorings - for the democrats, there is no wonder: the special interest groups - who would sacrifice the entire country and its will for their one voice - are no more.

An animal that christ will ride upon when he comes to Jerusalem, and will be content to live in separate quarter and dine on hay.

They whom the gods would destroy make large, and lumbering - they fit upon them their own trumpet, so they blow it loudly for all to hear.

But those who serve god, even as Job - they will see the kingdom of heaven.

Who Replaces Jerome Armstrong here at myDD?

The feel of mydd was heavily determined by a writer named Jerome Armstrong. He is now working on a race, I believe an ohio race for sherrod brown.

Who will replace him?


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