Kerry makes the move! What you can do..!!

Sen. John Kerry is Filibustering Alito! He's attempting to block Alito's confirmation!
Here's where you can support him -

And here is where you can write a letter to the editor, in support of blocking his confirmation. =30082&lte_campaign_id=44

To me, this is unbelievable. Sen. Kerry has taken a courageous stance. There is a very low
outcome of success for what he's doing, its just like taking a swift boat right into the line
of enemy fire.

I oppose Alito, as an indpendent/ I think the current executive
should not be allowed to put someone in power, on the supreme court, who voted against inspection of the white house. Alito opposed the appointment of special investigators to
check into white house corruption. This is a big deal for me. I don't like tax money  being spent on anything that doesn't get the job done, that I need and If Bush is out
there wasting it, I want to know. No blank checks.

You may have other reasons. Spying on American citizens is kind of creepy. Alito thinks its ok. But whatever the reason, if ever there was a time to stand up for a lone
voice in the senate, now's the time.

Good luck/ And lets ask ourselves - how legal is the "nuclear option" - if the GOP wants to point it at us - lets see if we can take a direct hit from a nuclear weapon and survive. I know ways I can do that in real life, it takes battle hardened places to live! This would be the ultimate test. Please let me know what you think, or if there are other resources that can be pointed. Actions like these, really draw me out. It was only this way, we could oppose Alito and have it make sense. That the senate would be a check and balance against the unbridled power grab of the white house.

Go for it!!

There's more...

Confirmation of Alito

Alito has been careful to walk a fine line, in his confirmation. He has thought about precedent, and most importantly - he hasn't raised any red flags regarding the fact that the position he is nominated to, will be one of historic importantance.

Alito has not been an ideal candidate, but a vast improvement over Miers.

Currently, his confirmation stands at 55-45, his seat on the supreme court is a done deal.


The bush administration, not unlike its domestic spying agenda item - has sought to acquire from then-privately held google, all internet searches for Pornography.

The premise of their subpoena was to reveal how a federal law, actually a law that was voted down and then again, on appeal - overturned by the supreme court - would protect kids from internet porn.

But a deeper question resides - why do people do the things they do? Why would Bush go after porno, what reason would he have to know who's searching for what?

Cheney says this week that domestic spying is essential. Bush apparently wants to see what pictures of nude women you're looking at as well, in the same fold.

This is as far from libertarian as you can get.

Red and Blue Nation? Causes, Consequences, and Corrections of America's Polarized Politics

Mass media advertising coupled to a process that creates riders to bills without checks as to their origin, not unlike an anonymous internet posting to a poll run on a server that doesn't check identity - provides a venue for organized groups of people to synthetically inject their ideas into governance laying claim to larger groups of people, than, in fact, they are. A lobbyist and/or special interest group that seemingly represents thousands of constituents - all the while speaking only for his or her own self interest - creates in the mind of the politician, a powerful combination of money and connection to his or her own "media constituency".

And yet, these constituencies are more often than not, synthetic. Many "red staters" hold bread and butter issues close to their core values and directions as voters, and yet - they place their trust in an ephemerally designed "party" that builds upon their own sense of fear - they are acutely aware of the consequences of being a member of the "have nots", and not unlike the agrarian migration, wear their simplistic membership - without constraint to the direction of whichever party they belong to, with great pride - it is part of their identity.

And so, the avenue opens to polarization. The heavily populated and wealthy blue staters, more often than not citizens of the world, and liberalized by their views of other countries systems - in my case, seeing other countries cellular infrastructures - in others, their healthcare system - whatever the reason - tend to follow the same simplistic pattern. They band together because, even if the party is not "intellectual" they want to be considered a member of the group - without constraint to the direction of whichever party they belong to - it is also part of their identity. I know a person who starts off his talk by saying he's been a democrat all his life. Hardly a badge of honor when you consider the egregious civil rights violations in the south, wouldn't you agree?

Thus the seeds are sown for polarization - but they are germinated by advertising - and not just any advertising, but highly expensive "word traps" that are laid by extremely overpaid (not unlike CEO pay in public companies where the board doesn't really look at what they're paying them)  companies whose purpose is to farm the minds of Americans and within that engram, set forth a new connection - a synaptic bond between a positive and whatever item they are attempting to sell. Often, as in the case of Television advertising, the placement of these advertisements and their broadcast cost  - today exceed their benefit to a particular candidate or party. But it is the ancillary effect of such a campaign, ergo - the person being his or her own Troy Hurtubise, that entraps and ensnares the few in each community who speak out on talk radio and participate, whether activist or not. These people are the vectors of polarization, the advertising is as much a feed to them, as it is a brand that they can drive around in and feel comfortable.

The rock and roll of this, is that average human beings - already isolated by County and City zoning, create within themselves an acceptance that their isolation is a part of their identity - and in so doing pursue, exurbia vs. the urbanites,  actions and activities not directly related to their own community, but beneficial to the corporate sponsors of this environment. Praise Bob, they go to the mall!

Social direction and reform corrects this situation, mainly through the appointment of new leadership. The cornerstone of this correction is a three point space:

  1. To remove the ability of anyone to introduce to any legislation, a rider or a pork item without having that identified to them - mccain-feingold style.

  2. An attachment to American tradition, and its libertarian foundation, which include the ability of an individual to participate more strongly in local and school politics than federal, and a general sense of American identity that precludes random military action as foreign policy.

  3. Fundamental reform, which perhaps neither party can truly embrace. This is key: both parties are corrupt, neither party offers an alternative to the other - and the polarization in place is resultant from their individual investments - either one, or the other party embraces change, or the voter gravitates to neither, and a new party in either's stead.

The last is the most important. It is , within the cycle of history that a new party appear. Both the democrats and the republicans fear greatly a new party that would act as the savior of the American people, and also eat heavily into their own pork feeding trough - but this is in fact, the best and most appropriate way to solve the problem.

In short, revolution.

Bush Republican

This is a true story.

Today, I was driving home. As we went down the road, we saw a cat walking across the road.

The cat looked disoriented,and about to dart one way or another so, I put on the hazards and motioned for the car in front of me , heading the opposite way to  do likewise until kitty clears intersection.

This fellow, whom I happen to know is a campaigner and activist for the Bush republicans, and is a bush republican himself - hit the cat, ran right over it.

My daughter was three feet from it all. We rushed out to pick up the cat , drove down about a half block into a parking lot and set up triage.

The cat was hit in the skull, looked like the spine was ok. But the Bush republican didn't even slow down or stop; the little fellow was a 1 yr old kitten, he had a severe concussion but we checked out the limbs (if you can press and see white in the moon of your thumbnail, and the person or animal doesn't yelp, its not broken) for fractures and took him home to sleep it off.

A cat, when it is hurt, will sometimes hiss at you. This cat yowled and hissed but I was not afraid, I wrapped it in a blanket and then we set him up in a box. After a little bit of amateur doctoring, we had our little fellow sleeping it off.

Q: I know where this guy lives, what should I do?

Ariel .. In the Sky...

Ariel Sharon will be awakened soon. What will happen when he is brought out of his medically induced coma?

I have some minor authority to post on this subject, I am working right now on research that focusses on dysarthria - a form of speech in which the individual is halted in their everyday life by their absence of ability to form certain sounds. Many of these dysarthria patients have a pattern to what they are doing, but surprisingly, modern speech therapy is a pencil-and-paper enterprise and the diagnosis and treatment is often similiar to sports medicine approach  - find the problem, loosely categorize it under a huge catch-all diagnosis
(dysarthria, like cancer, covers 10 major groups of speech disorder) - then treat it with one on one therapy. The hidden premise is that since the speech therapist can speak as if he or she is understood, that therapist can teach you to speak as if you would be understood despite the fact that you've taken a synapse nagasaki.

Most of the dysarthric speakers are stroke victims, in fact, that will be our first test case. The NIH is reviewing my grant application and I will know If I am a live-fire exercise by end of the month, but my company has already made interesting strides.

The first thing we will see from Mr. Sharon is dysarthric speech, with this kind of stroke. I will not bandy words on this point; just as I predicted the levees in New Orleans need be raised (I did get the height wrong, I thought 3 feet would be good enough, I think they were breached by six feet)  I am going to state that when Sharon gets out of the coma, he's not going to be able to communicate as he had before.

What will this mean? For a statesman, the end of his career. Sharon is finished. His career is over.

I lay no claim to be able to predict the future. Any thoughts on this? What are your ideas?

Ariel Sharon, and God

How long can we, as Americans, sustain the bully pulpit of so-called christians such as Pat Robertson.

Mr. Robertson is an entertainer. A man today fell gravely ill, and Robertson, whose only claim to speaking for our country - is a failed - and I would like to underscore this point - failed bid for the presidency and, of course, his current ownership of a TV station.

A failed presidential bid means that the people of America clearly do not wish him to speak for them.

But for some reason, as Americans, we seem to be happy when a man who calls himself a christian seems to enjoy his attempts to boost the flagging ratings of his television shows by claiming to speak for God and America.

In the beginning, when America was young, our constitutional founding fathers saw to it that we protected free speech, and religion and state were separated. They did this as a great gift to our fledgling country - we were very fortunate to have men such as Thomas Jefferson who really seemed more to enjoy getting laid and partying at Monticello than the garish fittings of the tyrant that were the fetish of the European heads of state.  Americans never thought we had a better pot to piss in; we fought the british. When they foisted upon us taxation without representation, we threw a tea party for them... an American tea party. We made our own rules, and we were fair.

They saw to it that Church and State are separate. I am an evangelical christian. However, my model for being a christian time and again comes from Jesuits - I learn from them. They are invariably out there in the middle of the battle between satan's minions and the rest of man; their hands are dirty. They speak plainly, and they hold the catholic church on their own shoulders. Jesuits tried to stop the holocaust in WWII. Jesuits are involved in trying to stop gang violence in LA. I think a jesuit priest not only asks what would jesus do, but he goes out and does it also. And if you think about it, that is kind of a scary thing to do, isn't it?

So, at any rate, these men like Jefferson were christians. And they were also Deists. But they wanted a place where people could cash out their religion like switzerland lets you cash out your check. We were to be a repository for the faithful. Come and worship god in your way, you are free to do so. We won't report your religious transactions back to the holy church of the british empire. In those days, not going to anglican church was considered a crime against the state. I'm serious.  And the Church was something of a third estate, they were the interface between lords and serfs. They controlled, up to a point, the mechanism of the written word.  But, thanks to m en like Jefferson, who were christian, and spiritual - we were set up to be kind of a switzerland for religion. That was our purpose.

Now, Pat Robertson is not selling christianity, he's selling TV. That much is very, very clear. And it is entertaining, just as the "left behind" novels and all. They're kind of cool. And I will offer even that Pat says some cool things every now and then, just like Opra. He's got his thing, this 700 club thing. Its kind of neat.

But here's the gist: King George decided to do whatever he wanted to against America, just because he sat in a golden 700 club throne as the religious and moral leader of england. He literally decided, without giving any thought to what we in the colonies would want - what would be best for us.

I think Pat Robertson is probably a nice person, I've never met him. I would certainly like to. People like him tend to have a great sense of humour, they are creative. They steel themselves to be in the studio and time and again to manufacture emotions on demand. It is the life of an actor, and most actors are good party people.

The question is: Are we being taxed, without representation - again. Is our diplomat, the president of the United States, or, because something the founding fathers did not foresee-

Are we in essence, being represented, by someone else?

I feel we should answer questions like this. I get all in a pretzel knot about advertising, though, so I'll warn you I'm not that objective. What do you think?

Why the Press Still Doesn't Get it Right

The Press today reported that a group of Miners in WV were alive and well. The NYT picked it up and ran with it.

Lets be clear: their reporting thus far is how little involved they have been in making this tragedy widespread, in the age of instant information.

What actually happened:  a cellphone conversation was overheard. Someone told someone else. No official word was given that the miners were alive. But the press decided it was news.

I have a CNN archive of the mistakes the science department has been making in reporting science. Not just little ones - but big ones.

They make mistakes in political elections, actively distorting the candidates viewpoint. Often they take the point of view of decided what will be the news, and altering debate questions so that their viewpoints are sent out.

It is the Fox News era.

DELAYed effect

Today Jack Abramoff, a long and close associate of Tom Delay, and someone who is listed in Delay's charges that he is battling, has plead guilty to corruption.

This is the barcode of the GOP. Corruption. It is how the average voter will scan them. And thank god.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Mydd'ers. Play to win! Any new years resolution. - (make it with japanese twins, baby. YEAH


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