Christian Science

"Go and make disciples of all nations"

We have white house people editing
global warming data...

Do you think they are christian?
Will everyone ignore this as well..
it doesn't have to do with advertising
spending, does it..?

Washington Governors Race over : Democrats win

Christine Gregoire won the Governor's race
in Washington today. This is a hard fought
win, and it parallels Gore's battle vs.
Bush in 2000 because of the tight margins.

The republicans chose to fight it out every
step of the way, but they lost.

As long as the numbers are right, I don't
care who wins. I believe this 129 vote margin
is valid. Thoughts?

Democrats Code Red Alert

California is being hunted down from the democratic camp.

Democrats everywhere should be concerned about this,
because this is the largest chunk of electoral
votes still left in the democrat camp.

Prediction: California falls, the democratic
party will never get back up.

Global Devastation

I've posted earlier about the sweeping changes that are occurring around the globe, but none
are made so apparent than what is shown by this recent satellite imagery . These images come From the United Nations,  Environment Early Warning Programme - quite possibly one of the ten floors that Bolton wants to lop off and throw in the river..?

Nothing will be as important to our future, than conservation. If the republicans are no longer
the party of conservation, can the new democrats
stand up for what is the most politically important issue the planet will ever face?

Think ahead 10 years, after you see these
images and tell me if its a safe bet..

The question of whether or not America should
appoint someone who manipulates data - to the
UN, at a time when this is going on .. is an exercise left to the reader.

Save these images. In 5 years, it will be much,
much worse and then the catastrophe will be so
big the GOP can write cool advertisements
about wolves in the woods... choking.

Who do you think they'll try to blame?

Oxytocin, linguistic development and autism

Autism is a national epidemic.

It is a disability with a normal life
expectancy that has increased 10 fold in
the past 10 years.

Take a look at this article about Oxytocin and its potential
role for curing Autism.

I believe a therapy can be derived from linguistic
studies, this drug and interaction.

The illness likely arises from society's inability
to raise young boys. Agree with Laura Bush
on this point. Disagree with the idea that
leaving mercury levels the way they are
helps.. I've seen these kids get better
when you take them away from their environment,
and go to a place with zero traces of the stuff.


Enron Redux

One lesson learned from Enron should
be that the media is a handmaiden
of these investment bankers.

Notice in this story how the
cozy relationship between Enron/Arthur Andersen
and the Supreme Court Ruling that
overturns a lower court finding that
Enron/Arthur Andersen shredded all
the evidence of fraud - was unjustified..

is reported as a .. drum roll " setback "
for the Bush administration.
Not once does CNN in its inmitable
journalistic integrity ask the question - was
this how it was supposed to turn out? They
shine the light of journalism away from
this kind of accounting because Time/Warner
wrote down 7 billion in SPE transactions.

Duck and Cover

Hi there boys and girls, its me, Ducky the
turtle, and I'm here to teach you about
the Nuclear Option with my friend Trent Glows-a-Lott.

D: "Hi Trent"

"Hi Ducky! - You know, boys and girls, really
what we're doing here is constitutional. Its
just the morning constitutional, the paper
of the constitution just came in handy. Now,
we're pressuring those moderates to 'support
George Bush's appointee's but.. chuckle chortle
you know who we really work for don't you
kids? Thats right! Corporate America, and they
want results. Too much bad PR. Even the gay people
working in this Grand Ole Party are starting
to talk. and You know that doesn't sell
advertising. And Advertising is king! And don't you just hate those liberals? (tm) "

"But seriously.. kiddies.. you love a circus,
dont'cha. Sure you do! Well, our plan is to turn
the Senate, into a MEDIA CIRCUS!! "

"Thanks, Glows-a-lott! Ok, kids now lets practice
what you have to do when they use the nuclear
option on us. "

"Duck and cover! Duck! and Cover!"

Because when you're up you're up.
And when you're down you're down.
But when you're lying about being only
halfway up - with 210 judges already confirmed -
you're neither up nor down.

Why I am an Independent

Because I welcome the healing nature of
faith based organizations in the communities
of America.

And I believe that corporate greed isn't
the way to bring it about.

Because I cherish the ideals of a caring society,
and would not monkey with its institutions such
as checks and balances, and social security.

And I believe that fair tax, and streamlined process is crucial to its operations.

I want a government that runs like a computer
program. I want the federal reserve shut down,
and all the trains that were taking all that
money to be decommissioned. I want the feds
to embrace Data Connectors and Stand for
Data Backplanes to the states. Enforce
open data and open government, and remove
human beings from the process.

I want us to move on from the political theatre
that disrupts our lives. I want the internet
in its rightful place as the key element
of our society, collecting votes at random,
and at large. I want the role of media
corporations diminished in shaping public
opinion. I want special interest groups with
social agendas to take care of them locally
and not foist their nifty ideas about redefining
american social institutions upon our national

I want a tax return that looks like the
one I saw in HK, 10% off the bottom line,
and away you go. Payable on the net,
electronically. I want my refund as
soon as the data entry is complete
at the IRS and the computer program
checks my return.

I want my personal information protected.
I want to fight al qaeda on my own
and not pay someone six trillion dollars
to let OBL walk past our forces on horseback
in the middle of the night.

I want cities to be the new political institution,
taking control over the process, and uniting
across national boundaries  -

I want global trade to be recognized for what
it is, as surely as I can go online and
buy a product from Great Britain and have
it shipped to my door with a click of a button.

I want us to band together and fund stem cell research, genetics research, and to fund
public works projects.

I want the communities to pay for and control
their own schools. I want the Dept. of Education
to disappear, they've done a lousy job.
Replace it with an online forum that ranks
and categorizes schools and curriculum.
A federal funding program based on teacher
metrics administered by teachers.

I want a president that understands foreign
policy, is a good diplomat. I want war
experience for that job, esp. if we're
fighting a war.  

I want media companies to cough up the story
of the century - that they've been slanting
news to get their advertisers dollars -
to cover their own stories, about their
own debt for equity trades, SPE's and
their own internal problems.  Even if
it hurts their ratings.

And I want better books, movies, and films.
I want works of art that surprise and delight

I want a safe place for my kids to play.
I want controls on the types of
product that is aimed at them that I can
administer as a parent.

And I want another person that I can grow
from my own cells, so I can farm him or
her for spare parts.

I'd like a priest or a minister thats
up late at night, online, that I can talk
to when I see internet porn and ask questions
about why people do this kind of thing.

I want law enforcement to be able to stop
identity theft, and spam, as well as
violent crime.

I want a group of friends around me that
understand and know the bible. And evolution.

I want an America that I am proud of. I am
willing to do anything to make that happen.

Al Gore on the Nuclear Option

Four years and four months ago, the Supreme Court of the United States, in a bitterly divided 5 to 4 decision, issued an unsigned opinion that the
majority cautioned should never be used as a precedent for any subsequent case anywhere in the federal court system.

Their ruling conferred the presidency on a candidate who had lost the popular vote, and it inflamed partisan passions that had already been
aroused by the long and hard-fought election campaign.

I couldn't have possibly disagreed more strongly with the opinion that I read shortly before midnight that evening, December 12, 2000. But I knew what course of action best served our Republic.

Even though many of my supporters said they were unwilling  to accept a ruling which they suspected was brazenly partisan in its motivation, I went
before the American people less than 24 hours later to reaffirm the bedrock principle that we are a nation of laws, not men. There is a higher
duty than the one we owe to a political party, I said. This is America and we put country before party.

Having gone through that experience, I can tell you without any doubt whatsoever that if the Justices who formed the majority in Bush v. Gore
had not only all been nominated to the Court by a Republican president, but had also been confirmed by only Republican Senators in party-line
votes, America would not have accepted that court's decision.

Moreover, if the confirmation of those Justices in the majority had been forced through by running roughshod over 200 years of Senate precedents
in a party line vote to break the Senate's rules then no speech imaginable could have calmed the passions aroused in our country.

Over the long term, making our federal judiciary vulnerable to the perception that it is merely an instrument for politics by other means would threaten the very foundation of our democracy. The integrity even the survival of American democracy depends upon the rule of law.

Respect for the rule of law rests, in turn, upon the integrity with which our laws are written, interpreted and enforced and upon our having, as
James Madison envisioned, a deliberative democracy. Madison knew that the essential alchemy of democracy whereby just power is derived
from the consent of the governed can only occur in a process that is genuinely deliberative.

So it is no accident that our founders gave judges appointments for life to ensure an independent judiciary, or that they empowered the Senate to
pass judgment on their fitness. For the Senate, unlike the House, was structured to encourage a reflective frame of mind, a distance from the
passions of the voters and a capacity for deliberation.

I am deeply concerned by Republican efforts to undermine the rule of law by stripping the Senate of its right to extended debate over judicial
nominations and by engaging in outright threats and intimidation against federal judges with whose decisions they disagree.

Even after a judge was murdered in his Atlanta courtroom and the husband and mother of a federal judge were murdered in Chicago, the
Republican leader of the House of Representatives responded to rulings in the Terri Schiavo case, by saying ominously: The time will come for the
men responsible for this to pay for their behavior.

Representative DeLay claimed his words had been chosen badly but, in the next breath, issued new threats against the same courts: We set up the
courts. We can unset the courts. We have the power of the purse.

The Chief of Staff for a Republican senator called for mass impeachment under the bizarre theory that the President can declare that any judge is
no longer exhibiting good behavior.

There's more...

Mayors Ratify Kyoto Protocol

Mayors from 137 cities across the United States, in a display that brings tears to libertarian eyes
everywhere, have chosen to ignore the Bush
administrations blatant disregard for
the international Kyoto Protocols
and sign on, to make their city's air
clean and safe.

Is your city on this list..?

Hall of fame and what you can do if not: after the bump

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