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    Georgia is a great example of how the strategy game "command and conquer" holds some parallel to political strategy.

    In command and conquer, you can lay your forces out in a wide perimeter and go after the enemy on all fronts, but if you do, you might just leave your home base undefended.

    Now, the GOP gambles every year that they will shoot a round or two out into the woods and the democrats will go don their red badge of courage and meet them on their own ground.  Where they promptly try to cut you to ribbons.

    But guess what. The game has built in logic to run an attack on your base, go deep into your own territory. And blow you away.

    Now, that is exactly what the party is doing.

    Tim Cairl is the mastermind of this maneuver down here in Georgia.

    So for Tim Cairl, Kudos. Now, get back to work, nobody's won anything. Play to win. Then we'll really see some money come into the game.

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    This post has that familiar air of "us, not them" self satisfaction that got America right into the place where it is now.

    Issues where common sense comes into play should not be posted about as if they're a surprise that they have bi partisan support. "Even republicans" are americans.

    The whole of what is wrong right now centers on a very american, and not partisan, problem: how do we kick all of the bastards out, on both sides of the aisle?

    A manhattan project for energy independence goes a long way as long as the failed experiments of this and past administrations are dismantled to pay for it - America can't afford to keep going on the way  it is going, its like a person with high blood pressure just ignoring it until we have a stroke.

    Thats why I am now at the point of completely mistrusting all partisans.

    You can't win, by betting the other guy will lose.

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    Try this for fun -

    1. Find out the name of the janjaweed funders, e.g. maybe the govt. of  sudan, etc.

    2. Drop the url in over here:
    http://www.touchgraph.com/TGGoogleBrowse r.html

    See where it takes you.

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    I've thought about this a bit. Lets separate variables. The Janjaweed are the trouble; they operate with impunity.

    If you look carefully you'll see their pulling most of their munitions from the black market, typical ak47 type armament. They've got some chinese munitions as well. Their momentum comes from how many different portable supplies they can roll out of each raid. They always salt the earth when they're gone, burn everything in sight.

    Their transportation is largely by camel, they ride in hard to areas that are typically not on any arterial roads.  

    Most of these villagers support by low grade agriculture, foraging and hunting in about a seven mile radius. In general, about 7 miles is what one man will walk in a day.

    Given that, the raids are typically about 14 miles apart.

    The geography if the land is fairly flat.

    The cheapest solution in my book is this:
    have the government subsidize cellular tower buildout in the hardest hit areas -
    put coverage patterns into the seven mile zone where the hunters are located.  Two speed dials each hunter: their village, and airstrike.

    A camel moves about 12 miles an hour, so to cover the last ground out of the forage zone, if a hunter spies the janjaweed charging in, would provide a 30 minute scramble.  Even a rusty f 14 tomcat could cover that ground with room to spare and strafe the entire raiding party at mile 3.

    In the meantime, with an alert to the village, they lift up all their movable supplies and lockdown the water and other things the raiding party will need to take away to sustain.
    And set booby traps.

    They will be safe as they flee into the forest, the raiding party will not risk dispersing through  the forest to hunt them down.

    Africa right now is experiencing a cellular boom. People pay for cellphones. Eventually the government will make their money back.

    America can help by lending cellular expertise, and tech to get them going + it would be a simple appeal to lift tariff on export to darfur region
    and with their oil money their credit rating should be decent enough.

    Option 2: Hunt down the janjaweed. they leave a trail of ghamu kadda all the way across the desert. Track them with helicopters and gatling gun them in their tracks . Night vision and muffled apaches would work, when the camels spook it will make a star in the desert where the camps are - then drop a special forces out there to figure out if they are janjaweed. Once you get a lock on them give them a warning to surrender then just gatling gun them right there in the desert if they don't play ball.  

    Option 3: Arm the villagers and train them as a militia

    All of this is centered around that christian acronym of trying to figure out what the Janjaweed are doing, or... as I wear around my wrist..

    WW T JJW D?

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    Chris seems to have an interesting view here, and unlike Scott Shields or Jerome Armstrong  - its not anywhere near airtight.

    What he's saying is, that advertising something makes it somehow real. In other words the dyed-in-the-wool liberals who would give everything including their sons and daughters, down to the very last rivet, victory garden and war bond - the same pennsylvania liberals who bonded together and threw their entire soul into a blind attack on the armed enemy -

    That they don't exist because they , too, didn't advertise on some network somewhere?

    In other words - pay for play, right chris? I'll tell you what: maybe the studio decided that conservative blogs are populated with people who would see it even if the critics panned it, so they thought that they could make it a safe haven for seeing the movie as a part of their identity.

    What that says about liberals is that if you want to win a war, get them in play. But if you want a country that loses wars, but has some great shopping and super duper ticket sales, put a guy like George Bush in charge, he'll pay you 100.00 dollars and then make sure the oil companies get off scot free for their billions.  

    If anything, the idea that advertising has anything to do with anything is part of the problem not the solution.

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    Can you post transcript of the podcast? The blogosphere may be diverse but sub thread media format jumps have a tendency to quash th' thread, amigo.

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    The casey/ pennachio thing was highlighted by bowers speech + it gives you a good idea why organizing your issues and priorities so that whatever happens with your constituency, you need your supporters to get the story right.

    Pennachio wasn't running on a gay rights platform. But that was the first thing Bowers said. Like narcissus, staring into the waters until nothing is left but a flower... pennachio is fading away...

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    err.. I was referring of course to the fact that Rove blew the cover off a CIA agent to smear someone this time around,

    and also to the fact that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald called Rove in to testify for the FIFTH time today after reporters testimony states that he was THE LEAKER!!

  • Warner. Winner.

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    Chris you wrote "pouring", you should have written - "poring"

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    but so what. who cares about polls. mccain is too close to bush.

    he's being sucked into the wet sticky bush vortex.

    hey! today bush slapped the wrists of the big oil companies that elected him president. lets see.. oh yeah.... skyrocketing costs.... and no appreciable action against big oil! just talk.

    golly gee, john ... d'ya think its straight talk.

    just think, if you were a businessman, how much damage having the straight talk express do a whistlestop in Bush-ville would be, someone who lied to get us to war, put michael brown in charge of fema and spies on his own civiliians without telling us about it.. oh yeah, and tortures as well...

  • what? r u kidding. he's already nominated. since when has the republican party ever been a democracy?

  • Bush hits 20, and he'll take the whole republican party down with him.

    your best bet: don't count on them losing, its better for you to win. Lies, damned lies .. and statistics.

  • that may be so, but have you paid that ticket you got when the partisan's policeman's car pulled over your mudslinging mercededes and gave you a slander citation?

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    Big Oil
    Organized Death Industries
    Pro-Iraq Invasion Industries
    Corrupt Lobbying Firms
    Osama Bin Laden

    looks like a clear choice to me..


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