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    What utter nonsense.
    Rapid response will be the key.
    SLAM them as soon as they open the

    The newspapers were complicit in the last
    smear campaign, they'll do the same
    for this one. Allow me to highlight
    for you some of the good points.

    1. He did a deal with Enron to set up an
    insurance haven in Vermont when he was govnah!

    1. He's got an unbridled temper.

    2. He's a liberal.

    3. He's gay. (again, this is not my idea, its theirs)

    4. He opposed the Iraqi war, and by opposing it,
    he opposes Freedom.

    6. He flip flopped on the palestinian issue,
    he said Israels wings should be clipped. Then he corrected himself and said that palestinian two state system should be the one.

    1. He doesn't want the iowa primary (thats a good one - know where they got it - public TV!!)

    2. What else? Lets think - oh yeah. He's angry, bellicose.

    3. The killer story: He's supposed to be a fiscally disciplined guy but he couldn't
    control the disappearance of a 40 million
    dollar chunk of cash in three months, in
    his own campaign.

    10. Lastly he just doesn't get the internet or the blogs, it was all Trippi's Idea - he thought he
    was losing security when he was sending email addresses and mailing addresses to his supporters for letter writing campaigns.... he's computer illiterate (Judy Woodruff wanted that question, but since it came from the audience at random,
    they might just run a story that says "he likes MACINTOSH COMPUTERS!!")


    Folks , this is an Epic moment in history. I love myDD because its really more objective than any of the other blogs. Dean, and how he deals with this,
    will define or destroy the Democratic
    party. Its that simple folks.

    I for one think he's a good bet, things
    will get more exciting. He's the kind of
    guy I admire. I love him, but I hate
    his friends. Just like he hates my friends...

    NEWT 2008!!


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    I just woke at 4 am from  a dream.

    First, I took time out from class to look
    walk down to a train track. There I put
    my head on the track and I saw the train
    coming. I just lay my head their on the track,
    I wanted to see a train up close. Then I rolled
    away, like Ty Cobb. And that train started
    slowing down, air brakes. But only after
    I had moved. I lay there, unable to get
    farther away as the cars roared by.
    But they were slowing, and it made me
    sad.  I knew it takes alot of gas
    in the air to make the train go again,
    I didn't want the world to end by global warming.

    Then I was in a room. The teacher was asked -
    what is the mystery of our faith.

    I said - Christ was born, christ died
    and christ rose up to be born again.

    The room stopped and the instructor
    nodded yes.

    Finally I just woke up. The arc lamps
    of Atlanta, far off - lit the sky orange
    even though it was 4 am. There was a fog.

    And I logged on just to say this, then
    I get to work (I'm a ceo).

    Liberalism means fighting for your country,
    loving your country so much, you would
    give your very life for it.

    Conservatism is blond haired, blu eyed
    children in uruguay that can recite
    the german alphabet. Conservatism
    was a shade on that train that passed us
    by. And we saw it. It was a train filled
    not with steel rails heading to a factory.
    There were people there.

    Liberalism means being smart enough to
    fight and to be a fool for christ. We should
    never be afraid of that.

    Want a real war? Try this one: who will
    get confirmed as Supreme court Justice.

    All the bloody sunshine in the world,
    you can just pound that right up your ass -
    Scalia is as much a lock on chief justice
    right now as Dean is on the DNC chair.
    If that doesn't mean the end of the party -
    what does?

    And not that the Democratic party being over,
    forever, is a bad thing. But its end the
    hands of a man who thinks clearly now,
    at least. Someones favorite uncle, something
    like that.

    Whoop de doo.

    I will fight for my company and my god
    and my country. You fight for the party.
    I feel like someone is trying to get away
    with murder.

    Liberalism. Good freaking luck.

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    Finally!! Gay marriage is definitely
    a trick. Its simply, the GOP pointing
    out that the Donkey is being ridden by
    special interest groups.  They can't
    shake the monkeys off their back, can
    they. KOS is gay so he won't write
    anything that draws attention to this.

    But enough is enough. The gays were voted
    down everywhere, and they're a non-issue.
    What is the cultural narrative that works?

    A 'fighting liberalism' is the cultural narrative
    that works. Rosie the riveter. Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves and taking on Bin Laden.
    America unified. Liberalism? "Buy War Bonds".
    How about attacking the Chinese Industrial
    complex, while we're at it? No labour
    union in the world can compete with
    1.00 a day labour. Are they evil? Who cares?
    They're destroying our industrial capability.
    Enough is enough! And what about those
    obese, arrogant, stupid kids !! We
    should be identified as the party that
    rolls up his sleeves, gets those fat,
    soft, ignorant children into lean,
    mean, learning machines!

    Flaming gay pink sweatered faggots
    are precisely the counter image
    - so DOH they chose it!

    The media that belongs most, is
    the military blogosphere. They were
    out here before you, Chris.
    And they're the heart of the grassroots
    that is powering the GOP.

    And nothing will matter, by the way,
    if America loses the war. Nothing.
    We're going to live our lives
    every day in terror just like
    the Israelis. We have to win. Period.

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     Pats 33 , Philthydelphia - 21
    Take it to the bank.
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    but getting things done is a plus.
    I'm very happy with the Bush administrations
    successful elections in Iraq, voter turnout
    of about 70% with only a few cities like
    Samara where the voter turnout was below 10%.

    Better still, it looks like the people are rising
    up and taking control.

    My sources tell me that Dean has clinched the
    nomination and now, if you want real reform -
    you'd better remember that Dean was relatively
    clueless during his campaign - Trippi set things
    up and Trippi's backing Rosenburg.

    Lets make sure Simon Rosenburg gets in power
    inside the party structure. Then you just might
    have a party that can attract independents
    for good.

    The worst possible thing that could happen
    is if you believe in the junk you chew.
    Everyone knows that government is now
    firmly in the hands of major corporations.

    Dean has one shot at this, one only. Without
    Simon, he's dogfood. I promise you.

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    when they tried to put stupid stickers
    in textbooks,

    and here in this deep red state of georgia,
    we lift them up when they shine the light
    of ethic and truth upon the ways of humans.

    Two different worlds, chris. The natural
    world follows the rules of science.

    And a good, christian society follows
    the rule of the lord. First.

    I bet the first person to stop on
    Titan will say a little prayer
    when those 311 mile per hour winds
    blowing at about 78 Kelvin temperature
    hit him in the spacesuit for the
    first time.

    And life will team around our bacteria
    laden footprint. Life goes on
    all over the universe, all different
    kinds of life.

    And it does have a soul. You have a
    soul, Chris. God bless you for posting
    this. The pictures of the probe
    nearing the foreign shores ,
    approaching over the ocean - borne
    by a 300 mph wind towards a high cliff -
    dude. You gotta see those to believe them.

    Theyre' on ESA.com
    or something like that.

    Take care.

  • on a comment on blogPAC call liveblog w/Dean over 9 years ago
    The fact that Newt is a critic of
    Bush's policies now, is very significant.

    Newt towed the line when the election came down
    to it, smiling and saying kerry "wasn't
    fit to be Commander in Chief".

    But his invective against Bremer's handling
    of Iraq wasn't disguised.

    Cyberspace is fundamentally libertarian,
    Newt " gets it."


    The GOP uses interesting structure.
    They have people like Norquist and Newt,
    aggressive thinkers. Connected to a large

    Then they've got the Christian conservative
    leaders who want social change.

    Finally, they've got the CEOs of
    corporations who just want tax breaks
    and stuff like that.

    Gingrich was a force of nature.
    As dean said once "not a particularly nice man".
    So be it. the DNC chair isn't for nice guys

  • columbia school of journalism review
    wrote an amazing piece on coverage of
    the democratic primary. it was outright

    amazing distortion.
    is it that, they pay the "analysts" to come
    on, and television company HQ has to pay them less
    if someone else pays them off?

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    The scumboat scandal spread to every region
    that is a hot Talk Radio market, first. They
    hammered the scumbarge vets message home to
    every christian/ conservative in America.

    Kerry's lead over Bush evaporated in direct
    proportion to so called "truth" broadcasting
    that invites listeners to speak out , esp.
    nervous, nerdy "liberals" they can mock on air.

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    I did freelance work for the WSJ on the Enron
    accounting, was a source behind the scenes for
    alot of SPE writedowns since I have both a
    math background and I happened to be an
    Enron (ENE) shareholder at the time.

    I have two lifetime subscriptions to the WSJ
    and the AJC for my work.

    I am a bona fide independent. My bottom line
    on the political process is summed up
    in that song by Sting .. " they all seem
    like game show hosts to me".

    The america people were riffed 500 million dollars
    last year, a half billion in cold cash
    sailed over to none other than your friendly
    neighborhood broadcast industry pocket.
    With FCC media consolidation, the Federal
    govt. can't even spend an annual budget
    without giving this lobby succor.

    My every atom of my being says this is
    +the+ central issue. And there's value
    in any station that realizes the
    average consumer can get wize (we
    read da footnotes, bra! got out
    of my enron holdings with room to spare!)
    and give the comcast/media/viacoms of the
    world the heave-ho.

    The NET rules!
    Blogosphere is better than News!

    I saw a great bumpersticker the other
    day. it said.

    " Lighten up your day with a psychopathic
      conservative talk show host."


  • I agree.

    Invoking the design of our fathers,
    continually drives us to a libertarian

    Vermont, for example: instead of having
    a powerful central government, they've
    got powerful local governments.

    In the case of SS, we don't have some kind
    of broad, centralized investment scenario -
    we need to have a decentralized, guaranteed
    safety net that can catch people in the small towns as well as the cities.

    Federalization of Social Security was done
    in response to a great crisis.

    Now, with industrialization of China -
    you've got another great crisis: no american
    business can set up shop making +Anything+
    and compete with chinese price.

    keep taxes low, but spark the economic engine
    and drive up revenue. Laffer curve.

    fight the republicans idea to line the pockets
    of investment bankers. bring out the real
    story about how broker fees for these
    "accounts" that are proposed will eat up
    any and all benefit.

    make it clear: America becomes stronger again,
    not by giving away their past but aggressively
    embracing it faster than the corporate republicans.

    My view is that the party needs to move
    not to the right, but to the people.

    That of necessity means cutting itself
    away from the media consultant class,
    the labor lobbies, all the little pieces
    of a life lived for the past thirty
    years under the assumption that
    the party can exist without the people.
    Believe me, they think we're just
    buckets of internet money whether its
    rosenberg, dean, or madison ave.
    all the same.

    its up to us.
    lets take it back to where it began.
    only by having local industry will we have
    local power.  the chinese "centralized"
    economy is just setting the built in corruption
    of a confucian society into a well known
    pattern. and thats whats driving their engine.

    lets go back to go forward, not to obstruct
    social security - but instead to pioneer a
    new way of life without either th einvestment
    bankers, or the labor lobby.

  • Status Anxiety -
    - Alain De Botton

    From the review by the Boston Globe:

    Perhaps, but status anxiety goes back to more than just nostalgia for the womb, as de Botton shows throughout this brisk little read. Thanks to the American Revolution, he argues, the Western world now operates under the assumption -- however false -- that we live in a meritocracy. The lowliest page boy can aspire to billions, as can a doctor happily bringing in a six-figure salary. The result is a society of people forever measuring themselves against one another and those above them. And the richer we become, the more we need to feel loved.

    It sounds like an incredibly reductive argument, but as de Botton zigzags through history collecting examples and illustrating points, his reasoning acquires an elegant simplicity. In the 17th century, status anxiety was dangerous sport as hundreds of thousands of men died dueling over honor. Over the years, it became less dangerous to seek status since the culture -- at least in theory -- accepted that everyone could have it. In the 20th century, a self-help boom exploded in America with gurus like Anthony Robbins exhorting Americans to be all they could be. The implied assumption behind Robbins's success is that most Americans felt they wanted more out of life.

    Two forces make it even harder now to accept our status: snobbery and dependence."

    It could well be said, of conservatism,
    versus liberalism - Trippi's great success
    with Dean was to turn our stock market
    impulses into buying and selling political

    The GOP has cornerd the market on snobbery,
    but what does the word "liberal" mean to you.

    I can offer a definition of "libertarian",
    and it just might use a few french words.
    Ooo la la! what a great book! Read it!!

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    I happen to like Dean personally but I always liked
    him for other reasons than the fact that
    he's got a shadow majority of the american people
    on the internet making a lot of noise.

    The GOP loved him. They wanted Bush to run against

    But Dean is actually a good dude. They really
    do feel threatened by him.

    I am not saying Zell got it right.
    I am simply saying that I would be interested
    in what Zell Miller had to say.

    After all, you want to win at least one red
    state somewhere, dontcha?

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    The last question is one that Zell Miller raised.
    What does he stand for.

    Is he a demagogue, or just populist?

    Never discount what Trippi did. Dean
    was taken from obscurity by Trippi,
    his ad money was squandered by Trippi,
    an infrastructure was set up so full of
    security holes you could see through it -
    thanks to trippi -

    And he made a lasting impact forever on
    the Democratic party thanks to Trippi.

    Again, I reiterate: Dean is good only
    if the Dean team takes a freaking hike
    (except trippi). Dean needs to be able
    to deal with Rosenberg My view.

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    The way to rifleshoot Co, Nev, Az, Ca, etc.
    is to establish a base they can't control.

    America is a very, very fluid country.
    Here in Atlanta we see people with Fla tags,
    Ohio tags, all kinds of people every day.
    They fly in on Airtran for 50.00 bucks
    and fly out, do a conference.

    Correct approach is to form a few places
    where you can be absolutely bulletproof.
    Then create an ideology that people can
    take with them, like they take their
    community with them on talk radio.

    Sorry, Al Franken doesn't cut it.
    The real key is to realize how fast everything
    turned when the talk radio about the
    scum boat vets fired up, last election.
    That was the overlay region - the "talk radio"

    Win the talk radio region and you've won
    the war.


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