Will the RNC pull out of the McCain Campaign?

here is a question I want to pose to everyone, and the front pagers should take it up drive the question, because seriously at this point.

if you were in charge of the RNC resources which would you allocate the bulk of your resources to?

The presidential race, where McCain is down an RCP average of 6 points and 100 electoral votes.

or to Congress where the economy has been boosting dems across the country and now 60 in the senate doesn't seem so crazy.

seriously will we get to the point where the RNC says forget it and basically stops spending alot for McCain instead for tight races in the house and senate?

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McCain Camp: McCain was never a true maverick

Ladies and Gentlemen, PUSH THIS EVERY WHERE.

because this is what the McCain campaign just said.

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McCain's onstage 'Senior Moment'

just a video to brighten everyone's day

I wont even say what it is can you spot it!

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Yes, McCain is old

(cross posted at My Own logic)

There I said it, someone had to. No more dancing around this, McCain is old.
I don't think anymore that McCain is just a liar, I seriously just think he is havnig senior moments.

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See, This is why Democrats didn't pass it alone

the GOP have no shame, we haven't even passed the damn thing yet and they are already running aganist democrats with this.

anyone doubt had Democrats passed this alone, they would be more brazen and direct attacking us for it?

now imagine that 67% of the House GOP voted against this yesterday but enough democrats crossed over meaning abut about 2/3s of democrats spent $700 billion of taxpayer money and you tell me what this ad would have looked like this morning.

Democrats should never pass this bill alone.

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Duh, Bailout was always about politics!

The bailout was always about politics.

I see people wondering why the Dems didn't just pass this alone

1) this is a toxic bill NO ONE wants it to pass, anyone who votes for it is pissing off their consituents but this is one of those rare moments where an unpopular bill was probably need.

2) No side wants to give the other the advantage.
if the dems pass it alone, tomorrow we have 218 endangered democrats while the GOP runs against us as tax and spend, which would hurt ALL democrats, that was the point and thats what the Republicans wanted.

We all know SOMETHING had to be done, but the hell it will be done at the expense of the democratic movement.

the GOP wanted us to pass this alone so they could run against us and take back control, I am glad we called their bluff, because they got us into this mess, the public blames them, and now the public will see that 67% of House GOP voted against a bill and then sent the Dow crashing.

and if the choice was passing this crappy bill that would have to be reworked in a year anyways but giving the GOP something to use to regain control.

and a meltdown.

then I vote Meltdown and I vote it gladly while looking at EVERY "fiscal conservative" out there and saying thanks alot

the hell they create a mess and make us fix it so they can use it against us, because thats what they wanted. and I say let the chips fall where they may then, and I will remind everyone where ever I go.

THIS is what you get when Republicans control the White House and Congress.

and Democrats tried to give them an out, we said we will split the responsibility for this, 50/50 BOTH democrats and republicans would unite and pass it so no side could hold the vote against the other.

and what did the GOP try and do?

get us to pass it alone so they could hold it against us.

screw that and screw them for trying.

the dow is now down 630 pts, thanks GOP.

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Brace yourselfs, the Market is going to tank tomorrow

just writing down my predictions now, but thanks to McCain's grandstanding and totally screwing up this bailout. Everyone got the signal that the bailout is in danger.

but do we remember the reason the bailout is needed?

there is a credit crisis right now, banks have stopped lending to each other, and when that happens our economy shuts down. we needed the bailout in the first place to keep things liquid. Democrats and Paulson had been working on a compromise for 4 days we were nearly there and McCain Fs it up.

Now fearing what would happen when the markets realized the bailout may be in trouble, they seized WaMu and sold the deposits to JP Morgan, (First of all can they seize a company that hasn't declared bankruptcy? isn't this America?)

just remember when all this started 2 weeks ago, it was because out of no where Lehman Brothers folded and the markets took a dive. THIS was why we were even talking bailout.

now McCain has stalled things and now the Markets are reacting again, WaMu is gone

    Dow    -176.00    -1.60%    10,842.00

and the Dow's after hours trading have been getting worse by the hour. 2 hrs ago when I looked at this the Dow was at -111.00.

McCain plans to go back to Washington tomorrow.

look for our markets to just tank tomorrow

my prediction: 400 points easy*

*unless McCain and house republicans fold quickly and signal they will get on board the Dems plan and help it pass.

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Pennsylvania SUSA: Obama 50%-44%

SUSA poll out today,

ok this race is now starting to break open, Obama up in Iowa, CO, NM, and now is surging in PA, MI, WI, while VA will come down to the ground game.

this thing is just about done folks, and yeah everyone sees through his latest gimmick, this is just becoming sad at this point.

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They would rather create an incident, then admit McCain screwed up

ok so we all know about the Spain gaffe from yesterday.

but now after all this they are going to make this worse!


In this week's interview, Senator McCain did not rule in or rule out a White House meeting with President Zapatero, a NATO ally. If elected, he will meet with a wide range of allies in a wide variety of venues but is not going to spell out scheduling and meeting location specifics in advance. He also is not going to make reckless promises to meet America's adversaries. It's called keeping youtr options open, unlike Senator Obama who has publically committed to meeting some of the world's worst dictators unconditionally in his first year in office.

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Breaking: McCain causes diplomatic incident, American press not reporting yet?

in a Story that TPM is currently breaking and which may or may not break into the American press with this economy news, but

Well, it doesn't appear to have registered in the American press yet. But the story keeps bubbling in the Spanish press about McCain's bizarre gaffe about the Spanish Prime Minister. Here's the front page cut out from the Spanish news channel that did the interview. They've talked to the interviewer now. Her take? McCain didn't know who Zapatero was ...

and as one of the readers over there responded

I listened to the interview. The characterization is correct. I originally gave McCain the benefit of the doubt, thinking that he was just snubbing Zapatero (something that would be welcomed by the Spanish right). When I was there, there was a lot of agitation among Spanish conservatives because Zapatero was ignoring the country's relations with the U.S. and making overtures to more leftist countries in the Latin America--Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia (all the countries mentioned in this interview before Spain). There was even a controversy because Zapatero sat down when the U.S. flag was passing by in a parade. I believe his excuse was "his legs were tired." So I figured McCain was giving the Zapatero the cold shoulder in the same manner as the Bush administration has done.

After listening to the interview, however, I agree with the characterization that McCain was unaware of our relations with Spain, or even the country's geographical and political position. When asked about meeting with Zapatero and the country's relationship with the U.S., McCain ignored the question and went into some boilerplate about America's friends and enemies and analyzing relations (think Palin and the Bush Doctrine). Then, he tried to transition his answer into more friendly territory, discussing President Calderon's government in Mexico. He never really addressed Spain, but pushed right into commenting about Mexico. The interviewer actually tried to redirect him several times (again, think Charlie Gibson and Palin), until she actually stated that she wasn't talking about Latin America anymore, but rather Europe. For whatever reason, McCain responded to this question by repeating what he said before about analyzing America's relationships with our friends and enemies.

Seriously, this was pretty bad.

McCain needs to be hammered on all sides for this, this man is just not fit to lead this country, I mean I am now wondering whether or not the American press will pick up on this, I know with TPM on it, this will slowly spread through the blogs.

we need more Spanish speakers on this

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