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    no its not a swift boat

    my wife is an Iraq war vet. and she agrees the last thing you want is a POW who was tortured as president, they don't have the temperment.

    did you see him on morning joe? McCain should not be President

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    lol McCain has never polled ahead in PA, tie is as close as it comes,

    if at the height of his bounce from Palin, he still can't poll ahead in PA, then no way he stays ahead as his decline begins.

    the election belongs to Obama, unless he or Biden fall on their faces in the debates.

    even at the height of his bounce Obama never dropped under 270 on the RCP electoral votes, and now we see McCain is starting to slowly decline.

    he better pray Obama or Biden screw up the debate, otherwise it may be close, but close won't get McCain the White house

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    CO, NM, VA, MI, PA

    the 5 states Obama should focus on ohio and florida, he should only spend enough time to keep McCain spending money there.

    each Dollar McCain spends in Ohio or Florida, states he has been leading in for a while, is a dollar he cant send in the 5 I listed.

    I am not even counting IA anymore that is should just be considered solid Obama at this point.

    also McCain please feel free to spend in MN also, for the same reasons

  • and they are completely open with their poll providing you all the internals

    the other polls don't do that so yes, the R2K poll should be included

  • there is only so much lies and negative press that the independents will ignore.

    and even if the base will still vote, its hard to stay excited when it looks more and more that Sarah is just another say anything politician.

  • if you are going to help the knowledge of this new op-ed get out.

    we wanna see it on Countdown and The Rachel Maddow Show tonight

  • oh hey I don't blame Cindy but as I said, it seems the Republican ticket has a problem with abusing their power, and after the last 8 years are we really going to risk it again?

    hopefully more information comes out on this, now that the whistleblower is talking

  • with Palin on the ticket this is not a suprise, the election will be close.

    happily a new poll out today Obama up in Ohio. any GOPer who wants to get excited about McCains bounce has to take a moments pause, Obama can win without Ohio, McCain can't.

  • indeed which is why blogs need to work on our power to drive the narrative, why does Drudge/Halperin get all the attention?

    we get enough blogs talking about it long enough and it will sink in the the subconscious of the CW.

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    I have honestly said the same thing. I live in MN I am not that far from Canada.

    if this country could really let itself be fooled enough to think McCain will lead us somewhere different then Bush?

    then what hope is there for this country. but then again I still think the american people AREN'T stupid they won't be conned. I still say Obama will win because the American people know we need change and McCain is just more of the same.

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    the ABC debate got everyone pissed off enough.

    I mean we need to be able to go, ok you know what the narrative needs to change, lets change it.

    say this lipstick on a pig comment should be changed to when will the Media call a lie a lie.

    but it would take us days to get enough blogs on the message, that's my point, we move to slow as a community.

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    very good idea, but they would have to be on all the top blogs and that requires a concentrated effort.

    can we get that done is the question

  • I think that is a good idea imagine if 50 top left blogs all post the same type of diary at around the same time. say a diary comparing McCain and Bush's education policy, 3-4 hrs before the prime time new shows came on,

    anyone reading a blog would see it everywhere and boom they would talk about it too. and I bet if enough blogs at once started talking about it, we'd break into the news cycle.

    it works for videos because those go viral naturally, now if we could artificially make a meme go viral.

    but the coordination to do that, I doubt the left could do it.

    we don't think that way.

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    Obama would never work the refs, I don't think he would sink to McCain's level until absolutely necessary, and right now he is still favored to win.

    I have been trying to think of ways for others to work the refs though for weeks, about ready to make a brainstorm diary.

    I think there is enough smart bloggers that we should be able to work the refs ourselves. Drudge can do it, why can't we?

  • I agree Barack will win in the end, but I am tired of the GOP tactics and say its time we had a way to fight back.

    1) Obama killing the 527's now seems like a bad idea, we knew the GOP would use them, but man I at least thought McCain would pretend to run an honorable campaign.

    2) Democrats need to stop with the Barack should do this or Barack should do that, the blogs by now should think of a way to do it themselves, there has to be a way to drive the narrative.

    I still think the most effective thing is for the blogs to discuss 1 topic, this forces people to take notice when we talk about something, forcing media blogs like TPM or Politico to take notice, and when they do its only a matter of time before it hits the MSM.

    right now the MSM picks and chooses what stories to take from the blogs, bloggers should start thinking of ways to not give them a choice but to force story lines on them

    I think thats how we win these fights. by doing what Democrats seem to suck at, fighting back.


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