• nope.

    in the end all this was about pure politics, and yes both sides are risking the country.

    but as others point out they don't even think there is a problem, others don't think this would fix it.

    so why should democrats be on the hook alone for a GOP mess?

  • its come down to this

    Do we have a problem in the credit market?

    can that problem last 2 weeks while they write a better bill?

  • yes, because if they don't Democrats will lose control as they run against us with this.

    and you tell me where will they be when GOP retakes control of the White house and both chambers of congress? hmm?

    maybe not this year, but EVERY election from here on out they would pound democrats across the country for this.

    we see the mess they left, so we should blindly give them control and hope they don't screw up again?

    at least this way, will granny and grandpa EVER give control back to the GOP again?

    is this what they want in their Capitalism?

    and does a democratic agenda really look bad right now?

    ewww I dont want universal healthcare, I'd rather my Dow be down 700 pts.

  • this bill should never be passed by democrats alone. I already see it referred to the Democrats plan, wtf this was never ours,

    the Republicans got us into this mess, a Republican president brought the plan, Democrats made it as good as possible and still in the end the Republicans want to blame us? fine let it fail and lets take our chances with voters.

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    People always say Democrats aren't tough enough.

    well this is it people, this is what fighting the GOP looks like,

    we don't cave to them anymore, and people who do need to be gotten rid of.

    I will gladly let the bill fail and take our chances with the public with who they blame.

    because will as bad as it could be, voters won't be complaining anymore when Dems try and pass an agenda again.

    its time the American people took a good luck at the GOP idea of free market capitalism.

    and ask is this really want you want?

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    make no mistake all these people asking why Dems didn't pass it alone.

    if we did, the next thing you will see is EVERY dem who voted yes, would have their GOP opponent running against them, and the GOP would retake control.

    that is NOT what we want, let the crisis play out and make sure people remember what got us here, but they will not pass off their failure on us and run against us on it.

    If they want the economy to collapse so be it.

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    sorry but I would rather we face what comes and blame the GOP,

    then dems pass it and GOP use that to run against us and take control back.

    we would end up right where we are now but later, instead let the american people FEEL what it means to allow the GOP to set the fiscal policy of this country.

    either the pass it with us, or they take the blame for what comes next, but once and for all people NEED to know that the GOP fiscal policies are shit.

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    they are in the senate they didn't vote yet.

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    actually nevermind that.

    I think the house will panic soon enough with the Dow dropping, revote this afternoon and pass it.

    and in the end we don't want McCain getting credit for that.

    but still nice leadership so far McCain.

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    oh John McCain OWNS this

    he went to washington didn't he, to help?

    well what the fuck did he do?

    thank you McCain -600 Dow, great leader,

    everyone everywhere needs to blog this immediately,

    John McCain Owns Dow Dropping 700 Pts.

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    as I have said before

    we got the 269-269 tie, House making Obama president.

    we are fighting for a mandate now people.

    Universal healthcare, ending the war, helping the middle class

    people Obama will be president, NOW we need to make sure the country sees this as a mandate so that he can start his agenda and we can start the next phase of bringing his administration to the left!

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    actually bringing up Wright when Palin has a pastor/jewish problem?

    Florida is close enough, the only thing they want to to is force that fight out, sure they scare people from Obama some, but they lose Florida for sure.

  • indeed these are good signs but we have 40 more days of work to seal the deal. we can't drop the ball at the 1 yd line.

  • oh man at this point I expect a different hail mary everyday because exactly, what does he have left to lose? he is already losing if he doesn't do something.

    so they will just keep trying, this race will just be absolutely insane by the end. you just wait and see

  • THAT is what they are JUST now reaching agreements on,

    so what this diary is calling for, is for them NOT to reach agreements on the bailouts because they haven't given you the the details of what the agreement reached!


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