• but you won't teach them that Post Partisanship is just a schtick right? you will teach them is possible it to do one day right?

    because really that's my point.

  • did you not read the post I quoted there?

    it was the VERY point of the quote. that post partianship is a joke.

    Kos has more then once also suggested this.

  • agreed and I am not calling for the change itself.

    only that when someone says Unity should be a goal, we dont say Post Partisan Unity is a Schtick that they send the wrong message.

    they say unity is the problem and should be avoided when really its what has been needed.

    if you believe Post Partisan is something to reach for then you weren't who this was too, only those who keep saying its bad. it is teaching the next generation that striving for post partisanship is bad.

  • oh I don't its your generation that gives me hope it's possible.

    After 2000 and 2004 I gave up on politics, and even wanting to enter politics. it was to bitter and divisive and I didn't want anything to do with it.

    Then I saw the progressive movement and how every this election and since even 2004 built a movement and united people for change.

    and I said, what if my generation did one better, what if instead of just uniting the people to 1 party, we united the country.

    and I decided I would do what the Progressive Movement has taught me to believe.

    I don't have to just wonder, I can get with people like me and bring about the change we want.

    it only takes one person crying out against the cynics and doubters

    Yes We Can

  • comment on a post To the Members of My Generation, A Call to Arms over 5 years ago

    after the really awesome discussion here, that completely made me ignore 2 classes tonight.

    my vision of unity is the grassroots movement of the left and the grassroots movement of the right (they will start building one after they lose). seeing a problem and coming together to bring about the necessary change.

    Will they agree on a solution? no, will it be easy no.

    but both sides will be honest with each other that there is a problem, and that they will deal with it so another generation will not have to.

    they will debate, they will discuss, but they will fix it.

    but it can only happen, when both sides believe it can happen, thus Generations need to start wanting it to happen, and passing this ideal down to future generations until a day comes and I think it will.

    When the Grassroots movements on both sides will form a partnership, they will Unite and solve a problem. And they will teach other generations that this is how Politics is done.

    This is my vision of Unity in this Country.

  • we are about to elect the first Black President and you want me to drop my idealism and live in the real world?

    what was the real world 100 years ago?

  • comment on a post To the Members of My Generation, A Call to Arms over 5 years ago

    If my generation is to young to really know anything.

    and i agree we basically are, all we know is the Bush Administration when it comes to politics.

    but if that's all we know

    Why is his message of change so powerful to us?

    what do we want change from?

  • except for my generation doesn't

    as a whole we don't believe we are going to change anything, because before Obama what could change, both sides just fought back and forth, and never did anything.

    and that's how politics were, and if that continues with Obama, it will only cement it.

    and we will pass that on.

  • I don't mean having to have the same ideas and politics.

    maybe I can't fully express it, maybe if I didn't have to defend the very idea of a United America it would be easier.

    I truly envision a country that truly understands the idea of bi-partisanship.

    and no unity isn't the only goal, I believe we need to unify on ONE ideal. to teach the next generations to strive to be better.

    Unity is basically believing not just saying, but believing

    there isn't a red state or a blue state.

    I mean are we united by nothing more then the name of our country? that is all that binds this country together?

    and is it so wrong to hope that a future generation will be bound by more.

    can I tell you what, no, but that's because what has the previous generations thought me about Unity in this country?

  • indeed I know was attracted to Obama because you know what i really believed it.

    I really believe we don't have to be Red States and Blue States, but it only happens because each generation teaches the other this is how it works.

    can anyone change that who know, but I think eventually a generation has to go you know what, we will be the first to really try, and at the very least we will ingrain our children with the ideal to actually want to work towards unity and a common destiny for the country.

    I play online games with 15 year olds who join us older people in discussion of politics, its just amazing to see a 15 year old talk about politics, and I think what are we teaching them if they watch the current state of politics.

    but it seems to be such an unpopular Idea.

    to me I just thought it was an idea rooted in the very principals of this country.

  • I mean put it this way, the entire point of this diary for you is to not to do what you almost have done.

    I said my generation should fight for unity, you nearly have me saying yeah its impossible so why even try for it in the first place?

  • and i am saying a crisis is NOT the best way.

    yes maybe for the current state of things.

    but honestly a questions

    1) if unity is something to desire who will desire it if when we do express that desire we are told its bad, or wrong, or impossible?

    That is my point for the previous generations don't hamstring us, don't pass on this mentality that its impossible or that waiting till a crisis is the best time to try and solve something.

    because then we too will act like that and pass that on.

    teach us to strive for equality and unity and we will pass it on and so on, and maybe one day it won't be impossible.

    but it wont happen if every 24 year old who goes out and says one day we will be truly united is met with.

    You are naive, and wrong, but you will see.

    I mean did that never happen to your generation growing up?

  • comment on a post To the Members of My Generation, A Call to Arms over 5 years ago

    what are you passing down.

    why hasn't anyone gone yet

    "it seems hard, and i don't see how it can be done, but a country that doesn't let politics divide it!? well just like there were those who said a black president? one day. I now too say a country that can actually unite to solve problems without needing a crisis? you know what? one day"

    you guys simply believe it can't happen or its bad, so you are trying to convince me it's bad or can't happen.

    Not what the progressive movement is all about.

    get out there and show em it can be done.

    Unity is embedded in the promise of this nation, otherwise what point is there for a democracy if not for the people to unite together and bring about the changes their times call for.

    If not united to achieving certain goals, what is the democratic party for?

    and why is it so impossible to believe one day instead of uniting around parties, the country as a whole can unite and solve problems.

    I am not saying being a utopia, but I am saying that when we see a problem, it doesn't get talked about for 30 years waiting until we are forced to do something.

    Unity = we see a problem, we discuss, we fix.

    just because it seems impossible now, doesn't mean you think you need to convince future generations it is always impossible for them too.

  • oh, I thought it was both Whites and Blacks coming together to solve that, Unity no?

    the problem is you only think in parties, EVERY solution has come about by people uniting to solve it. they didn't care about parties or ideologies, only that there was a problem that needed everyone's help.

    I am simply saying what if we taught future generations to stop needing crisis, to get the big stuff done?

    how will we do that? we have to unite with 1 goal, and that's to solve which ever problems face us.  

    I am saying now my Generation can do something different, I have friends who are conservatives, we can talk for hours.

    what if one day we both ran the respective parties? why couldn't we talk and think through tings then, like we do now?

    except for politics will teach us this is impossible.

  • Full unity does not mean conformity of believes.

    it means that as a country we believe in shared goals, moving the country forward, striving to better the world for the next generation. and improve what we can.

    does not these ideals we require people to unite to do them?

    are we so against independents or republicans helping us to do so?

    There should be no reason why political activists my age are as divisive as previous generations except for we have picked it up from them.

    I am just saying do we really want to continue to pass it on? maybe yours does.

    I am asking mine to think about the subconscious lessons we are learning and whether or not we really want to follow those in the future for ourselves and the generation we will be raising.


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