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    I'm in NH.

    There's a better than even chance Gregg loses his seat in 2010 anyway. It's the way the wind's blowing in New Hampshire with Sununu getting thrown out this time around.

    I voted for Lynch, held a sign for him at the polls, and have met him a couple of times. He's a good governor, but if he appoints a Republican to that seat I won't ever vote for him again.

    It also makes no sense from Obama's perspective. It only makes sense to appoint Gregg to get that 60th vote.

  • Merry Christmas. May the new year bring you an open mind, intellectual integrity, and an improved sense of reality.

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    Ran for and was elected to local budget committee twice. Served 5 years. Ran to make a difference in local education issues. Quit to get my evenings between Thanksgiving and New Years back. ;-)

    For reference - I'm a middle aged white guy.

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    but he's definitely not center either. He doesn't neatly fit in the normal boxes.

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    Haven't you gone off to join the National Security Force?

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    • fill bottle with gasoline
    • stuff rag in end
    • light rag
    • throw
  • I've heard that as well. I think it's probably possible to build President Obama a smart phone, but I don't think he'll get to keep his off the shelf blackberry. I smell UPGRADE! :-) (He also probably can't send email from it, though he could read his email.)

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    There is no way presently to secure President Obama's Blackberry communications. He is also required by the Presidential Records Act to keep all email communications, and that isn't presently feasible.

    Personally, I'm looking for the Blackberry folks, or maybe Apple, to come up with some technological solutions. After all we've finally got a President with a desire to use the technology. We might as well make it possible.

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    I thought it would be Dean. As has been said, I'm curious where he'll end up. It's clear he'll never get enough credit for running the DNC. I hope he gets to go someplace he can make a difference.

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    If she can take it, she takes it. No question. Anything else will just be cover for why she can't have the job. If she "turns it down" and goes off to help Teddy with health care it's because Bill has screwed her over and there's something in his finances that won't look good in the light of day. They can't ever come out and say she didn't pass vetting, so they'd do the polite thing and allow her to say its her idea.

  • So it's going to be a disappointment to young girls that Michelle and Laura has a polite meeting?

    So it's going to be a disappointment to young girls that Michelle is focused on making sure her children are taken care of?

    Wow. What a disappointment. The only questionable line in this whole exchange came from Laura Bush, and frankly, why should I ever care what Laura's got to say, unless maybe she eventually chooses to write a tell all book about what really happened in the White House during the disaster of her husband's term.

    Give Michelle a freaking break. From where I see it, she's got her priorities exactly straight, and anyone who expects her to be off doing anything else at this point but preparing for what will be a huge jolt to their family is delusional.

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    Chrysler came out a more efficient, better run, and more innovative company, and taxpayers made about a half billion dollars on their investment.

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    While tariffs are an issue, they are not the whole story by half. While it takes Japanese automakers from concept to production roughly 8 months, it takes U.S. automakers about 5 years. Detroit has dragged its feet on producing fuel efficient vehicles in favor of high profit SUVs and light trucks. They bet wrong and lost and now want us to bail them out.

    Sure. No problem. The bailout should come in the form of low interest loans to ANY U.S. automaker based upon production of high fuel efficiency vehicles. In other words, no loans to produce gas guzzlers. Lots of money for plug-in hybrids.

  • That's a Republican meme. There's nothing wrong with Summers asking the question of what traits might be genetically placed. His presentation withstanding, his point that there may be intrinsic differences between men and women, is well, obvious. His enemies and the media blew this out of proportion to force him out.

    The best thing, IMHO, about the Obama win is that the smart people are back in charge. Smart enough to ask complicated questions, and smart enough to solve complicated problems.


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