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    A mass round-up is not necessary. Asa Hutchinson, who resigned today after twice being passed over for head of the DHS, was sent out a few months ago to tell us that  "Rounding up all illegals 'not realistic'". In his case, such a mass round-up was a strawman.

    What's needed is enforcing the laws against employing illegal aliens and enforcing or passing laws against driver's licenses and other public benefits for illegals.

    Would a major chicken processor try to incorporate rat meat into its extruded chicken products? Would a major retailer try to sell year-old milk? No, because they'd get heavy fines and perhaps be driven out of business or face criminal prosecution. If hiring illegals were considered like that, the problem would be greatly reduced.

    As for increasing the number of legal immigrants from Mexico, there's very little reason to give them a break over other countries and there are significant downsides. On request I could provide several links, but suffice it to say that Mexico has a certain degree of control over our immigration policies, they want more control because it means more money for them and maybe even the possibility of regaining their "lost territories", and many "American" politicians are more than willing to help them in part due to ethnic issues and in part due to money.

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    According to George Borjas of Harvard, illegal immigration depresses wages to the tune of $190 billion a year.

    Here's a standard "liberal" response to illegal immigration: give illegal aliens driver's licenses. Of course, there's a wee bit of a selfish motive here: these Hollywood "stars" want their nannies to be able to drive. And, they want everyone else to pay all the attendant costs. Otherwise, they might have to spend a few extra dollars and hire a citizen or legal worker.

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    Poll here
  • For $240,000 I'd blog for Dean.

    Pardon me for not following this story closely at all, but was there ever pressure from Dean to resume blogging? Did they feel cheated and express that in some way?

    SpringerOnTheRadio.com doesn't exactly seem to be the place to go for insightful commentary. In addition, it needs more conflict, and maybe some Shockwave games like Dodge The Chair or Is She A She Or A He.

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    That's not my website, nor is it the website of any candidate. That should have been clear.

    MayorNo.com is run by Hal Netkin, someone who I only know of but with whom I have had no contact except telepathically.

    Some people have called Netkin a racist because of that site. Why don't you check out some of the emails he's posted or the sites that oppose him to see who the real racists are.

    Here's a tangible example. A KNX reporter asked Villaraigosa about his past involvement with MEChA, and whether he still supported their goals. The "Website" AV refers to is MayorNo.com.

    Instead of answering "no, I don't want to drive all non-Chicanos out of the U.S. southwest", he was able to turn it around and play the racial victimization game. Not really a subtle move, but considering the "liberal" bias of rags like the LAT certainly an effective one.

    Once again, if a white candidate had been asked about, for instance, past membership in the CCC, the LAT and the other cage liners would have asked follow-up after follow-up.

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    You also forgot to include my note. Here's the full text:

    "Prop. 187 was heavily supported by Latinos, 52 percent to 42 percent two months before the vote. But 77 percent of Latinos voted against it. [after the smears and the mistakes--LW]"

    It would be a false generalization to say that those who failed to make the distinction between illegal aliens from Mexico and "Hispanic-Americans" represent all or most Republicans.

    It would also be a mistake to avoid mentioning the success that racial demagogues had in turning "Hispanic-Americans" against 187.

    Another stat involves a California poll on driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Even Gil "One Bill Gil" Cedillo - another former MEChA member and continual sponsor of Motor-Voter-Forms-For-Illegal-Aliens - admits that  70% of California voters oppose DLs for IAs. I'm sure some segment of those are Hispanics.

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    We all know what California's Republicans think of Latinos (Prop. 187, anyone?)

    187 was ahead 52-42 among "Latinos" two months before the vote. Arizona's similar Prop. 200 recently passed with 47% of the "Latino" vote.

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    I was reading on the race everyday and that simply wasn't even a factor.

    Now, that's odd. I just did a search for site:latimes.com mecha. One of the hits is to "Villaraigosa Is Set for a Well-Funded Race". However, "mecha" doesn't appear anywhere in the article. I even viewed source. Maybe they had it in the article but it was sanitized at a later date.

    In any case, if a white candidate had been a member of the CCC it would have received Flood The Zone from the LAT. But, Villaraigosa's past membership received, AFAIK, absolutely no notice from the LAT last time around.

    See also Bustamante, MEChA and the media and MEChA, Villaraigosa And The LA Mayoral Campaign (from 2001.)

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    There's a summary of the non-joke candidates here. I support Hahn only because Walter Moore has no chance.
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    Yeah, why shouldn't enlightened white people support Antonio? Sure, he's the former president of the UCLA chapter of the Chicano racial separatist organization MEChA. Sure, he refused to renounce that organization or its goals. But, so what? Why do white people have to be so racist?
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    #24: A search for kerry "back door draft" gives >11,000 hits, the first three to major media outlets.

    #25: If "liberals" didn't support illegal immigration (driver's licenses for illegal aliens, race-card-playing, accepting Mickey Mouse foreign ID cards, etc. etc.), Wal*Mart would find it much harder to allegedly employ janitors for $3.50 an hour (in the U.S., not some other country.)

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    "Hillary Eyeing Immigration as Top 2008 Issue"

    That article doesn't have an outright statement from her saying if she ran she'd make it a key part of her campaign, but some of the things she's said might make people think she's got that in mind. I discuss who would oppose her on this issue and who would support her here.

  • To make that more clearer, most of the Dem's versions of large corporate sponsors are not corporations but teacher's unions, putative 501 c 3's etc. etc.
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    This explains the grilled diver sea scallops.

    Back to the main point, the Dem's do have their own versions of large corporate sponsors. Are you willing to ditch them or minimize their impact?

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    I went to several "peace" protests before the Iraq war (coverage here). At one of them, they were chanting, en espanol, "Bush, you racist, you're the terrorist!" At another, a guy had brought several cardboard coffins representing the Iraqi children killed by sanctions. The L.A. City Council passed an anti-war resolution that, AFAIK, didn't say a word about Iraqis suffering under Saddam, but it did say, quoting from a newspaper report, "the billions of dollars that would be spent on war would likely cause further cuts in federally funded programs that benefit the city." I don't recall the naked old women of Marin County saying a thing about the Iraqis, only about American/Bush agression. The peace protests in Italy were used by Tariq Aziz as anti-U.S. propaganda. (Ironically, the same organization that headed those protests headed the protest letters after those two Italian aid workers were kidnapped.) You can't say all of those were due to the Stalinists (?) at A.N.S.W.E.R. Many garden variety "liberals" basically took Saddam's side. They were willing to admit that Saddam had killed his own people, but that was immediately followed by: "But, America is worse..." So, what happened to that "liberal" stereotype in the case of the Iraq war?


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