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    I used to think Pfleger gave a damn too - until I began listening to what he had to say about anyone who remotely disagreed with him.  And he advocates and participates in violence.  Just because someone says they have good motives doesn't mean they are a saint.

    No - you want an example of a priest who constantly put good works above his own aggrandizement?  I give you Cardinal Bernadine.  All Pfleger's interested in is his face on TV.  I'm not at all surprised he attached himself to Senator's Obama's campaign.  It's the kind of thing he does.  Publicity is that man's bread and water.

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    Michael Pfleger is well known in Chicago.  He came come within in inches of excommunication under Cardinal Bernadine.  He constantly resorts to violent tactics to make his 'point'.  The man is always front page center - incredibly politically active.  Anyone from Chicago claiming not to know how Pfleger feels or what he has to say would be lying.  It is, in point of fact, disingenuous of the Archdiocese to claim otherwise (especially as regards politics).  And if Senator Obama cited Pfleger as a supporter of his campaign - he did so knowing what the man had to say about everything.  You see Pfleger never met a reporter he didn't like.  The whole of Chicago knew what Pfleger felt about Bill Clinton.  He hated him - from the get go.  Called him out during sermons.  Called his wife out too.  Michael Pfleger dislikes Hillary Clinton just as much as her husband.  I lived in Chicago - so I know.  Senator Obama knew too.  He read the newspapers.  He watched the local news.  Pfleger is a 5 o'clock regular.  Every summer there's a Pfleger watch - what will Mr. Crazy do now?  Try and run someone over with a car?  Been done.  By him.

    Go ahead.  Google him.  Check out the YouTube videos.  If you still think Pfleger had noting bad to say - your hatred of everything Clinton has made you blind, deaf and dumb - and I'm not talking speechless here.    

  • McClellan's book is a bombshell!  He rips Bush and his administration to shreds.  No one is spared.  And no one saw it coming.  The lid's come off now.  What do you want to bet McClellan's isn't the only ex-admin book coming out this summer?

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    because they come on here and say they are.  Same goes with Obama supporters.  I suspect there are a huge number of right-wingers out there doing everything they can to foment trouble.  And it's worked.  Progressive sites believe in free speech - so they are loath to block someone for being an asshole.  Right wing sites have no such problem.  They'll kick someone off at the drop of a hat.

    So....if anyone here is truly interested in debate and not hurling aphorisms - don't respond to the name calling.  Eventually even the most vigorous troll will go where he gets play.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • they will start in on the Obama's.  It's already begun with Michelle (combining sexism with racism).  Such an ugly combination.  I'll be interested to see if those denying that sexism reared its ugly head against Clinton will continue to do so when those same pundits rip into Michelle.  Wrong is wrong - no matter the target.  We have to speak up whenever we see it.  The Women's Media Center and Media Matters are to be commended for their constant vigilance.    

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    All I can say is: hear, hear!  We had this very same discussion in my household over breakfast this morning.  If we lose this election because we've adopted Republican talking points as our motto - then god help us!  I'll vote for whoever's the nominee - because I put America ahead of my personal likes and dislikes.  I can only hope that most Americans will feel the exact same way.

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    I would have taken offense.  I don't know if Alegre did or not. It's the subject of the failpic, you see.  I saw it as going to far.  Nice to know you didn't mean it that way.  

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    You stay on subject.  With you it's a discussion.  That came across like a personal attack.  You don't do personal attacks.

  • Let's hope the discussion remains on subject.

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  • No one will be talking about his Pastor problems.  It will be all Hillary all the time.  There's been another outbreak of killer tornados in Kansas tonight (an entire town was wiped out) - but that news was pushed aside to replay what Clinton said.  Talking heads had to speculate on whether or not she wishes harm to come to Senator Obama.  It's insane.

    And it is politics today.  Once Clinton's out of the way - the media will focus on taking down Obama.  Sharks must feed.  I hardly listen any more.  I read newspapers online.  There's less hyperbole and more actual news.

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    It's a form of silencing: "Na, na, na, na, na, na (has she shut up yet?) na, na, na (I've got my fingers in my ears!) na, na, na.  Don't bother.  The ones harassing you wouldn't pull their fingers out of their ears for a nuclear holocaust (especially if the news was delivered by a woman).

    Great article by Andrew Stephen.  I hadn't read that before.  Those things he noted?  That's what made me stop supporting Senator Obama.  It was cumulative.  Oh - I'll vote for him over McCain - and just hope that he rises to the occasion.

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    Like I said - bad pain day.  My focus is a bit off.


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