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    Should Olbermann take after Obama, you'd applaud it because it was Olbermann's 'honest' opinion?

    Somehow I can't quite believe that.  I'm sure you're going to qualify that by saying that of course you and Olbermann'd agree because Olbermann only speaks the god's hones truth at all times - right?

    Be careful my friend.  That's a very slippery slope you've just committed yourself to.  

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    She didn't mention Cowen by name.  Olbermann did that all by his lonesome.  

    Frankly - I found that high horse he climbed up on rather artificial.  The man needs a good long session in front of a highly reflective mirror.

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    What happens if he decides he doesn't like Obama any more?  Will he go after him the way he went after Hillary?

    I agreed with his BushCo takedowns too.  It took reading an article listing sexist commentary Olbermann had made across the board before I got upset.  Now I just watch to see Rachel Maddow.  I'd love it if she got her own show!

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    I considered his criticism excessive.  He was more dismissive of Couric than I've heard him be of Dick Cheney at times.  I thought his verbal indulgence was more due to his own culpability, frankly.  The man's made his share of sexist remarks.  Now he defends such commentary almost blindly.  More and more Olbermann reminds me of those he criticizes - O'Reilly, Dobbs.  

    You know - I worked as an actor and director in theatre, film and TV for a lot of years before several nasty accidents limited my mobility, and switched my focus from performing to writing.  I ran into a lot of people who made the mistake of believing their own publicity.  It has to do with ego, yes; but more with the kinds of people you surround yourself with.  If everybody tells you you walk on water - you begin to put on the robe and sandals.  

    I think Keith's just about ready to grow that beard.      

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    That's blog-speak.  No one outside of the internet uses it (not really).  Were you talking to your friend about blogging?  Did he say he was a blogger - or knew you were one?  How exceedingly odd.

    Glad to hear you're OK.  What a terrible experience.  Do post more on this when it goes to court.

  • And I've never made comments such as you referred to.  I'm talking about that ONE comment - and it was offensive - no excuse.

  • I've only been able to stomach going there a couple of times - but I did not see any posts by Alegre.  Do you have examples you can cite (links please)?

    If not - then please don't repeat something that may not be true.  If she does post there - and her posts have been racist in nature - I want to see them.  Frankly - I just couldn't hang around looking.  The overt racism really made me nauseous (no lie).  What is wrong with those people?

  • This thread has become more about Clinton than Alegre.  Many people have chosen to highlight the negative rather than focus on what Alegre (or Clinton for that matter) did right (though I'd really like to have this limited to Alegre alone).

    I'd like to see her re-engage too - but I do understand why she hasn't.  Who wants to weather constant bashing?  For weeks the only comments her diaries elicited were personal diatribes.  Few if any even tried to engage her - and if they did - they too were piled upon.

    I didn't always agree with Alegre.  I wanted to discuss those differences - but the 'troll patrol' prevented that by harassing anyone not following their lead.  And here they are back again - bashing Alegre, bashing Clinton.  Conversation isn't impossible - but it's deuced difficult - and I have no earthly idea how to change that.

  • First time I've smiled since reading this thread.

    And very true, by the way.  Neither candidate can control what all their supporters say - and that's across the board.  I think some people's personal bigotries and hatreds came out in this campaign.  Their candidate came to reflect more of themselves than the other way around.

  • should Obama select Clinton as his V.P.?  You obviously despise the woman.  Will you continue to support Obama?

    I am really curious about this.  So many Obama supporters claim to really 'hate' Hillary Clinton.  How will that all play out if Obama decides she'd make a good V.P.?

    Conversely - to those Clinton supporters who feel animus towards Obama - do you support him with Hillary on the ticket?  How does all that play out?

    Me - I'm unhappy with just about everything this primary brought to light.  Sexism, ageism, racism - it was ugly across the board.  I initially supported Obama's entry into the race (Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama).  My support shifted to Clinton over time - but I will vote for Obama over McCain.  Those of you seriously thinking that McCain favors women's rights should perhaps read this Daily Mail article on McCain's treatment of his first wife.  To simply say it is shocking misses the boat.

    But I re-ask my initial question, Politicsmatters: Will you continue to support Obama with Clinton as his V.P.?  Or will your obvious and vocal loathing for the woman prevent your seeing the forest for the trees?

  • Women died.  Women are still dying.  And to you it's a joke.

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    I've always said that the MSM would start in on Obama as soon as they pushed Hillary out.  And it's already started.  Just listen to the characterization of Senator Obama's private conversation with Lieberman.  Every media outlet referred to Obama as 'intimidating' and 'threatening' - code for 'beware the big scary black dude'!  Hell - when McCain got into a shoving match with a fellow Senator a couple years back he was called 'pugnacious' fer chrissakes!

    I think the media will break for McCain.  As you say - they are, by and large, conservative.  This is going to get much uglier by far.

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    Why?  Why further a lie?  

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    Let's re-hash Clinton's presidency.  Then maybe we can follow it up with a dissection of Carter's and Johnson's (that out to be fun!).  

    I used that example by way of making my point.  I will NOT get on the merry-go-round with you over either Clinton and what they did or did not do.  That's not the point of this diary - and it wasn't my point in commenting.  

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    to actually read what you wrote.  You're disappointed with the Democratic Party overall - so you've registered as an Independent.  I get that.  I moved from Democrat to Independent a number of years ago.  Like you, I still support progressive causes, and usually vote Democratic.  My changing parties was my way of registering displeasure at how badly the Democratic Party as a group was handling things.  

    Example: Though not an initial fan of Bill Clinton - I came to realize he was a fabulous president.  The Democratic Party all but abandoned him during the impeachment process.  I'd have liked them to have some guts - to speak out.  I did.  When anyone asked - I'd say Clinton's personal sins were between him and his wife.  All I gave a damn about was how he was doing his job (which was just fine, thank you).  Too many Democrats left Clinton to swing in the wind.  He was the head of their party.  He deserved better.

    I'm disappointed with this primary too.  The Democratic Party should have stood up for Hillary - decried the sexism.  They should have stood up more for Obama as well.  Instead they waited.  There was a whole of weather-vaneing going on - checking to see which way the wind blew before taking any kind of a stand - and even then that stand was taken on sand.  I'm angry, and I'm disappointed - and like you, that particular anger is separate from the candidates.  It's directed towards the Democratic Party as a whole.

    So I do get it.  This is not about re-hashing the primary.  And that's why I recommended your diary.  


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