• There is no "offending group" on whose behalf the 9/11 terrorists acted.  That's tarring all Muslims with the actions of a handful of criminals.  That is the core of the rotten argument made by those who seek to stir up hate against all Muslims.  It's disgraceful.

  • why did you write this post?  Can we please ignore the freak shows?

  • How can Obama possibly think that he will get cooperation from the Republicans?  At this point?  Does he think "pretty please" will do it?

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    Don't let what happened to Arlen Spector happen to you!  Switch parties early.

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    Needed: Better messaging; bash Republican obstructionism and corporate support; remind voters of Bush administration budget-busting, planet-busting, war-profiteering; appeal to base; GOTV; appeal to base; GOTV; appeal to base, GOTV.  Repeat until it fuckin' sinks in.

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    Good grief.  Yeah, we ended slavery before Britain ended colonialism but unfortunately, after they abolished slavery.  Oops.  And our colonialism carried on for another 150 years, as in the Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Iran, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indochina, etc.  But hey, we elected a black man forty years after the end of Jim Crow (no E there, Nathan)!  Of course, we had Jim Crow for a hundred years after slavery.

    Nationalism and patriotism are always a matter of spin so why bother?  Patriotism is a way to divide people around the world and unite them under a bogus concept so they an be manipulated to fight each other in the name of country--for the benefit of economic and political elites.  


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    A liar or a fool--that's a common expression directed against those whose sincerity is questionable.  And to talk about this war as larger in scope than Vietnam is truly an outrageous statement, and a disservice to the 57,000 U.S. servicemen and women who died there, as well as the million Indochinese killed in the war.

    An adult analysis requires more than a hissy fit, and I consider dedication to reality to be an adult characteristic.  


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    his lasting resentment and his obsession.  

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    and helped deliver the current large majorities in both chambers.  But then, you probably knew that once, not so very long ago.

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    To argue this you'd have to be a fool, a dishonest hack, or suffering from dementia.

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    Now Obama is LBJ? Give me a freakin' break, Jerome. The war in Afghanistan was supported by a lot of Dems and progressives and how dare you pull the "well, I guess it doesn't affect you, lucky fella" bullshit. We all care about what's happening in Afghanistan and Iraq but it's difficult to disengage, as Hillary pointed out during the campaign. We've asked a lot of Afghan people to work with us to create a more stable society and government there, not exactly trying to recreate the entire Moslem world--nice sloppy extension there. Afghanistan is a huge problem but was even moreso when the Talibam government provided support for Al Quaeda terrorists.

    Obama is directing a careful withdrawal from Iraq without putting a lot of people at risk and there is an opportunity there for some stabilty after we're gone. He inherited a mess and is maing progress in getting us out of there. No Democrat will offer a serious challenge to Obama--even raising it as a legitimate possibility is doing nothing but undermining his presidency at a most critical time. We don't need MyDD for that, Jerome--there are plenty of opposition sites for that.

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    Enthusiasm polls don't measure turnout.  Turnout happens on election day.  It requires a good ground operation and the Dems seem to be focusing on this.  It certainly needs to be the focus of individual campaigns.

    Teabagger challenges are going to hurt Republican candidates in November.  If the Dems can pound BP AND make some specific progress on energy policy, it would be a big boost.  Financial reform may be arcane but the Dems need to get something done and talk about controlling Wall St for the benefit of Main St.  And remind people of how the Repubs got us into Iraq, horrendous debt, and unbridled financial markets.




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    Magic number of 30 net losses.  I'll take the under--even money.  Because aggregate data don't tell the story on the ground or district-by-district and because the concrete doesn't really start to dry in June, and because of teabaggery.

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    What's the alternative? Well, not showing up, which you can pretty much count on happening from the portion of the progressive base that's had enough.

    What are you going for here?  Encouraging people to quit on electoral politics--or just on Democrats?  Are there no differences now between parties?  I don't see the bait-and-switch myself, and I was not an Obama fan from the start.  I do see the difference between Afghanistan and Iraq.  The Taliban government was actively and effectively promoting terrorist attacks on the U.S.  What should the U.S. and allies have done?  Obama inherited a difficult situation in Afghanistan and his administration is trying not to cut and run on the Afghanis who have helped our effort there.

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    The blinder-wearing supporters of the Israeli government NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO can rush to follow directions to promote calumny wherever they want, but when they call a Jew a SELF-HATER because he dares in his role as a jurist to issue a report critical of Israeli war crimes in Gaza, then you need know nothing else about where these hacks are coming from.


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