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    CG, what happens when the legislature is back in session?
    Isn't this just postponing the inevitable for Harper?
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    The Republican's version of the American dream evidently consists of having someone else write a book for you, have another someone else run a website for you, while you try to suck every last dollar out of your 15 minutes of fame.
    He will fade into obscurity soon, I hope.
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    There's not much he can do while the current administration is still in power.
    Obama is not a superman, he is not going to solve all the problems in the first 100 days or probably in his first term.
    He has asked Congress to have a stimulus plan ready for him to sign the first day he is in office, which at this point is the best we can hope for.
    As for the younger generation becoming jaded, it happens to the best of us, it's a product of growing up and facing reality.
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    My parents are Repulicans in SW Fla (there's a lot of them there too) and they loved Jeb Bush as governor.
    And there are still a lot of ( worst pres in history) Bush supporters down there, too.
  • I'm not talking about pre-employment drug testing, I'm talking about random testing after you're hired. Basically testing for no reason other than your name appeared on a computer generated list.

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    What a great link!
    Just what I need, more "stuff" to read!
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    Wow, this guy sounds like a real scumbag, getting paid hundreds of thousands to "ponder" and think about things.
    The comments to the article you linked to were quite amusing, as well.
    Thanks for the diary!
  • I think Sebelius has a better chance for Senator, but Moore would be a good choice as well.
     But did I read the diary right that Brownback wants to run for governor after retiring from the Senate? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    We'd be right back to the banning of teaching evolution in our public schools, a reversal of women's rights, no money for research at state universities, etc. etc. I can't think of a worse choice.
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    I had to rub my eyes and take a shot of whiskey when I actually saw the heading "Maddow for Meet the Press".

    Please STEP AWAY from the whiskey bottle, too much imbibing has scrambled your brains.

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    Good for you, Bob.
    Random drug testing is an invasion of privacy.
  • on a comment on Rewriting History - MyDD Style over 5 years ago
    Who exactly is Jerome "hoisting on a flagpole"?
    Is there something wrong with bringing up the fact that some people agree with him? This is his blog, isn' it?
    And you have several choices regarding Jerome's posts, one of them being not reading them.
     Another choice might be that you can refute his points with facts rather than attacks like this diary, or you can just accept that he is not the supporter you want him to be and get past it.
    Myself, I think the proof is in the pudding, that is, that Obama won. We know he won't govern as a progressive, because his history tells us he is a centrist. Some supporters fooled themselves into thinking Obama was a staunch progressive, rather than seeing the writing on the wall, and those people will never be satisfied.
    We can hope that the other Democrats we elected will push Obama towards more progressive legislation, but at this point, I'm just thrilled to have a Democrat in the WH that has brains and addresses problems in a sensible manner.
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    You moron, Hillary said that in a speech she made when stumping for Obama.
    By the way, Jerome isn't the only one who said that any Democrat would have won in the environment during the latter part of the GE. One of the other people who said it was Howard Dean.
    And if you read at all over DKos, you'll see a lot of disgruntled Obama supporters, some of those being front pagers.
    So it's not as cut and dried as you'd like to think, I'm afraid.
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    Um, because this diary is posted on an open forum that welcomes comments. D'oh.
    Oh, and I work around livestock for a living, I know shit when I see it, that's for sure.
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    You cherry pick one sentence out of a speech several minutes long, and chastise Hillary for not addressing the inspectors in that one line?

  • In many third world countries, birth control is left up to the women, and it's quite possible there was no insurance to pay for such here. Hopefully the Obama administration will make birth control affordable and easy to obtain.
    There are many people suffering financially who only have one or two kids, should we just start legislating who can have children and who can't?
    Sounds like China, doesn't it?


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