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    I find that ironically, My DD is the mirror image of DKos. the only difference being that Obama supporters can have their voices heard here, over there, we're shouted down, called "paranoid" and troll rated out of existence in the diaries. THe point being that Clinton supporters can come here to get away from the poisoned well that Dkos has become lately.
    What I hate more than anything is people saying they won't vote for Obama/Hillary if Obama/Hillary wins.
    Why are we here fighting for people like Darcy Burner to get elected and then shooting ourselves in the foot by not getting a Democrat in the WH?
    What is the matter with you people?

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life and your children's lives in Iraq?

    Do you want to see our Constitution spit on and ignored?

    Do you want to see more federal bailouts of companies like Bear Stearns, while people are getting thrown out of their own homes?

    Do you want to see two or possibly three more neo-cons on the Supreme Court?

    Joe Lieberman as Sec State and Dick Cheney as Sec Def?

    Think about the alternatives when you go to that booth in November.

    It frightens me to contemplate 4 more years of Republicans and what it will do to this country.

    It should frighten all of us.

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    As a Hillary supporter, I don't fear that at all, and were I black, I would probably be supporting Barack Obama as well. Why be afraid of someone because they're supported by African Americans? Bill Clinton, anyone?
    If you're talking about the crazy side of the right wingers (the evangelicals), they hear this stuff all the time from their own preachers (in a different form, but it's still hate speech), they aren't going to vote for a woman or a black candidate and they certainly aren't going to vote for the Democratic candidate, so why worry  about them.
    And what the hell is a "democrat" voter, anyway?
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    You're joking, right?
    We call people like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson on the carpet for saying that we brought 9/11 on ourselves for pandering to gays.
    We call Hagee on the carpet for his bigotry against Catholics and other faiths.
    Fred Phelps deserves nothing but scorn for his "God hates fags" campaign.
    But we're supposed to give Jeremiah Wright a pass, because he's black and he's Obama's pastor? And that's making a bigger deal out of it?
  • He compared Obama to Jesse Jackson because Jackson won a huge majority against his opponents in the South Carolina primary, and was even the front runner for a short time in that race.

    It's silly to say, well he was trying make Obama the "black candidate" by comparing him to another presidential candidate who was also black. I've got news for you, people know he's black, he's been considered the "black candidate" since he started running. Just as Hillary is the "woman candidate".
    Why is that racist?

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    I can't go along with this "strike".
    I agree that Dkos has been turned into an echo chamber of Obama support, and a lot of very good writing is passed by in order to start fights in pro-Hillary diaries.
    But if we all leave, there will be no balance over there at all.
    I think there's too much drama around here and we lose sight of the issues in favor of a giant meta fest.
    Fortunately, it hasn't affected the Dem party as a whole, but when the MSM starts talking about "strikes" on blogs, and starts gleefully analyzing the "deep divide" in the Democratic party over this primary race, it's time to take a step back and realize that, despite the threats from both sides about their votes, we simply cannot let McCain win this election.
    This isn't about us and how we're treated on some blog.
    Some things are worth fighting for.
    And Alegre, I want to thank you for your wonderful diaries that provided  the insight and balance that is desperately needed at DKos.
    Your voice will be missed over there.
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    Monica, real estate deals, Rose Law Firm, tax returns, etc- this is old news, that has been investigated for 10 years by Republicans and a special prosecutor, and has already been "vetted" and easily refuted. Everyone knows about Monica, because the right wing never stopped talking about her.
    That's what vetting is, and Hillary's already been through the worst the Republicans could throw at her husband during his presidency, and her last 8 years as Senator.
    Obama has never been subjected to this type of scrutiny.
  • Actually, there was no DNC pledge to take the names off the ballots, that was a play by the state of New Hampshire to prevent other states from taking over their number two position in the primaires.

    "In the past, New Hampshire maintained its discriminatory privilege
    and dominating role because our party would not take them on and
    because of the gun that New Hampshire holds to candidates' heads,
    insisting that they pledge not to campaign in any state that encroaches on
    their primary.
    New Hampshire's gun remains at our candidates' heads and they
    fear the repercussions to their campaigns in New Hampshire if they don't
    sign the New Hampshire pledge -- dramatic proof, if any more were
    needed, of the disproportionate impact of the New Hampshire primary."

    http://www.michigandems.com/Levin-Dingel l%20Letter.pdf

  • No one campaigned here, either (Obama made one stop near his mother's home town of Wichita), and I was still able to figure out who to vote for.
    Did you know that the DNC rules were exactly the same as the Republicans?
    Why didn't the DNC follow their own rules and save us, FL and MI all this BS?
  • Mail in votes are not allowed for elections, nominations or recalls.
    This is a primary.
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton have been working towards building a stronger Democratic party since before Bill was president.
    To say that Hillary is trying to destroy the party and get McSame elected is nothing but fear mongering from Obama supporters.
  • The DNC rules state that if a state moves it's primary up in violation of the rules, exactly what you stated above should have happened. Half of the delegates seated, no superdelegates.
    A perfect solution that would have avoided all this mess, but the DNC didn't even follow it's own rules.
  • Of course, you neglected to mention the bill that was unanimously voted on by the Democrats also contained the approval for new voting machines (a paper trail, remember how important that is next November) to be in place by the GE.

  • Actually, they outlawed mail in primaries for an election, nomination or a recall.
    This is a primary.
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    I'd just like to point out that other Hillary supporters are not making me "anti-Obama". I'm quite turned off by some of his supporters on the blogs, but some of Hillary's supporters embarass me as well.
    I think he'd make a great president, but I prefer Hillary.
  • Why do so many people have a problem absorbing this mundane fact?
    A revote is perfectly legal and is the only way to get the delegates seated, the only problem we face now is how to pay for it.


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