• Gotcha? How childish.

    I've never heard Feingold call himself a progressive (If you have, provide a link, please), but I seem to remember Bowers and Stoller having each backed some pretty shady DLCers on this blog -- so they must be progressives.

    I'm old enough to remember when "conservative" was a dirty word that Republicans ran away from. But they reclaimed it in the late 70's-early 80's by defining it in a good way while simultaneously demonizing "liberal". They didn't do it by repeating the opposing party's talking points as you do.

  • Hillary is despised by so many liberals because she panders too much to conservative viewpoints.

    The most recent example is that while she voted against Bush's torture law, she thenturned right around and said it's really OK.

  • Why do you think most people on blogs (including this one) have shunned it, in favor of the much more positive sounding "progressive"

    There you go again....playing right into GOPspeak......

    .....the Dukakis syndrome -- that loss of nerve that has allowed conservatives both to define and to demonize liberalism for the past decade and more... You remember, of course, that it was during the 1988 presidential campaign that George Bush I attacked Democrat Michael Dukakis both for opposing the Vietnam War and for stating he was a card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union. Both proved, Bush said, that Dukakis was a liberal. Dukakis responded to that as an attack on his patriotism. He defended neither liberalism nor the ACLU.

    Dukakis might have responded by saying: "I am surprised, Mr. Bush, that you are not a member of the ACLU. We do not have to agree on all the positions that the ACLU may take on this issue or that, but we should applaud its effort to protect the rights of Americans, even those charged with heinous crimes." Dukakis might have defended liberalism as the legacy of FDR and Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy -- none of whom were anything like 100 percent liberals but all of whom advanced the cause of a truly liberal democracy. But by ducking the issue, Dukakis opened the way for the far right to make "L" for liberal a scarlet letter with which to brand all who oppose them. In the course of that 1988 exchange, Bush offered a telling observation, saying, in effect, that liberals don't like being called liberal. You seem to have reaffirmed that analysis.

    Personally, I associate "progressive" with the DLCorporatists since that's what they call themselves.

  • Sen. Clinton  - cannot win in 2008

    If GWB can be become president for term terms, ANYBODY can.

    And unlike those other Democrats, Hillary actually has operatives in the corporate media to carry water and spin for her.

  • The difference in Lieberman and Hillary as name recognition front runners is that Lieberman had almost no money nor in-place political machine.

  • i If these trends in the polls continue and with the new schedule then Edwards has to be considered the front-runner.

    How could a guy who won only one primary in 04, and didn't deliver his home state in the election, and is second to Hillary before she has even spent a dollar or turned on her political and media machines, be considered a front runner until he's actually in front?

  • Republicans are criticizing their own these days too. And that's a good thing too.

  • comment on a post Jon Tester dismisses Hillary Clinton over 7 years ago

    Edwards will be running for VP again in 2008. So he'd better be careful what he says about Hillary.

  • Sick isn't it? and after Hillary the Bush machine will be all geared up to foist Jeb upon us.....and after that Chelsea will be of age!

    I despise Hillary and will oppse her. But based on the bavior I've seen from enough Democrats in my life, her money and machines are unstoppable.

  • Your point was to help Republicans by propagating their putdown of liberals?

    Never use Conspeak.

  • comment on a post taking your ball and going home over 7 years ago

    I'm sure toe-the-party-line types will love your post, but it won't shame one person to vote Democratic who isn't going to already.

    I suggest a new title for your diary that is positive, like.....Electing Good Dems at the Local Level -- You Make the Difference.

    And drop the "don't bitch about it later" part. You don't catch flies with vinager.

  • Dean probably can't be forced out short of some impeachable offence. And with Democrats poised to do very well this year his political stock should be on the rise anyway. And I can't imagine him leaving the DNC and stepping into the path of Hillary's steamroller.

  • "Libul" "Librul"? That's how Rush spells it.

  • "Libul"? That's right out of the GOP lexicon.

  • comment on a post Jon Tester dismisses Hillary Clinton over 7 years ago

    Hillary has the money and the machines -- media and political. I expect many if not all of the others to decide against challenging her since it would be bad for their careers to incur her wrath.


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