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    Any Alan Moore fans out there?

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    You know what, I think McCain would be better than Bush. I also think that argument is pretty flimsy. I think most of us can agree that saying someone would be better than Bush is kind of like saying I'd rather have one knee broken instead of having both broken.

    Furthermore, I don't see how Senator Clinton can make this kind of attack after the way she treated McCain earlier--saying that Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience and Obama has a speech he made in 2002.

    I find her argument both hypocritical and specious, and, frankly, algere, I find your diary on it a cheap shot.

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    Has anyone seen the numerous pieces of graffiti Obama left in his Honolulu high school, many of which still exist?

    First, back this up with a source. Second, back this up with a source that shows Obama did it. Third, demonstrate how--in any way--what obama wrote on a wall in high school has anything to do with what he's doing now.

    This is getting absurd.

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    this obama supporter thinks this is out of line.

    My mom's an old, bitter, woman and she supports Obama (joke)

    No, but really, that is out of line.

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    can you, though, offer an explanation for why the entire audience--including those who couldn't see "the bird--we're all reacting?

    Unless you can account for this, I think you're theory has at least one major, major gap.

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    did you actually just call Obama a killer?

  • that was the most insulting thing you've seen recently?!

    Can I start hanging out with you more :)

  • if the rest of the "skeletons" are anything like the ones already found, I don't think it's going to sway the SDs much. After all, Obama's been lessening the gap in SDs since Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc.

    Even if FL and MI are seated as voted, I doubt the SDs are going to buy into the idea that the vote totals are representative of a fair race--especially in MI. Obama wasn't on the ballot.

    So, the "lead" in the popular vote really won't be much of a lead at all.

    As for the 15-30 point victories in PA, IN, KY, WV, and PR. I might by KY, WV, and PR, but judging from recent polls, I doubt that PA will be more then 15--if that, and IN will be closer.

    Considering all of the so-called scandals that have rocked the Obama campaign, he is still doing well in the polls, is still in the pledged and popular vote lead, is still the frontrunner.

    Basically, I'm saying that the idea that there will be some massive shift towards sen. clinton is wishful thinking.

  • that is out of line. we can trash--rightfully--the bile in this diary.

    but, please don't go after the diarist him/herself like that. It's beyond rude and unhelpful.

  • either you agree it's a hit diary or you don't. If you think it's a hit diary and you're against hit diaries, then be against them. Don't pull out "you do it too".

    But since we're setting up an ad hominem bar, you can go through my comments and diaries and see that I have spoken out against hit diaries on Sens. Clinton and Obama.

    Now that we have that out of the way...

    Do you think this is a hit diary? if you do, and you are against hit diaries, why don't you denounce it instead of trying to trash people who are calling this hateful bile out.

  • aw... a cool aid joke.

    calling people cultists never gets old does it.

  • out of line.

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    let me see if I'm understanding your argument.

    Obama planned ahead. He said to himself, "I'm going to flip the bird while saying 'was in her element.'"  Even though, that's a non sequiter, he knew that was a great plan. But, he's so clever, he decided to NOT ACTUALLY FLIP THE BIRD AT ANYONE. In fact, he scratched his face with two fingers. Now, he knew that it would only appear that he was flipping HRC off (even though it was a non-sequiter) to about 1/8th of the audience, but they got the joke because they all were using their secret decoder rings that they get at their cult meetings. So they got the joke.

    Yeah, so by not actually flipping anyone off, he was flipping HRC off but doing it in a way to avoid getting caught.

    he's crazy like a fox, that one.

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    so, let me see if I understand this, it's okay to associate with people terrorists if they've served time in jail, in fact, it's okay to commute these horrible people's sentences, but it isn't okay to be on the same board and get a small donation from one.

    As for this "launched Obama's senate campaign" stuff. I'd like to see evidence of that.

    If you weren't already set on smearing Obama, this kind of guilt-by-association crap wouldn't fly.

    Is obama anti-american? Is he a terrorist? what is the point of all this? That he shouldn't ever have anything in common with bad people?

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    yes, how dare he bring up the fact that their petitions weren't in order.


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