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    "A History of Violence".

    Beautiful red herring adveritising this fim had.
    Underseen, but the best movie I saw all year.  SUPERB acting, every scene is necessary, and, oh yeah, lots of great sex, untraviolence and humor.
    And William Hurt in a completely insane role.

    While lots of people and critics carp on and on about good but vastly overrated flicks like Syriana, Good Night..., and Ring of Fire...."History of Violence" delivers the goods and then some.

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    I'm an optimistic guy, and my old man taught me that it makes no sense whining about how bad something is without getting off your butt to try and fix it. Cool, thanks.
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    I'm excited to read the book, but I have one question for you.  Other than going through what is not working in the progressive movement, do you offer any guidance or ideas or examples about where it should go from here?

    I say that as an optimist who really is sick to the gills of reading posts/books/articles about how bad off our side of the fence is nowadays, without offering any good direction to better times.  That was the main reason I could barely finish Tom Franks' utterly depressing Kansas book.  

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    "REPUBLICAN John McCain says that there is nothing wrong with the government spying on your family, listening to your private phone calls....."
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    But damn, even I wouldn't vote for a candidate labeled as "insurgent" in these times.  Just not the right choice of words for these days, eh?

    Try "maverick" or "grass roots" and I bet the #s go up a little bit.

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    I say it all the time to my friends.  Folks will vote for candidates who stand up for their principles, even in the face of an armageddon onslaught by the noise machine.  Folks will vote for candidates who speak from the haert about issues that they care about, and do it in a plain-spoken, direct way.

    Voters want leaders, not politicians.

    Voters want candidates who they think will take a stand, not waiver on the fence waiting for political winds to blow you to safety.  
    Showing voters that you have balls, even if anatomically, you don't.

    The GOP of 2005/6 is not, by any means, down for the count.  They may look flustered, but we cannot assume they are anything but a massive tank, steamrolling down our street with the intention of burying us.  That's the only way we can play, is to assume this next election is the most important we will ever face.

  • I love it when bloggers boradcast about the real REPUBLICAN John McCain.  It warms my heart.

    Every week on The Chris Matthews Show, Tweety gushes lustily over what a great candidate REPUBLICAN McCain would make, and last week he flat out said that would be their nominee.

    I'm not so sure, but I really hope not.  There are too many uninformed liberal friends we all have that don't really get that this man is a REPUBLICAN.

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    The man's been in the senate 200 years!  Why would he give a shit what a pissant senator from Tennessee says?

    Funny article title up on Yahoo tonight:  "Frist says he's ready to Block Filibuster."

    Heh, we heard that one before Billy.
    And you got de-pantsed in front of the whole congress.

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    I've been thinking about this a lot.  About how the GOP of 2005 is so much more aggressive and ruthless than even ten years ago.  And Kos makes great points about our traditional groups and institutions still fighting like it's 1988 or something.  While our side makes tone-deaf ads about John Roberts and capitulates on bankruptcy bills, the GOP is hiring scarily efficient PR firms to sell thier trojan horses.  

    I think to combat the Republican Machine is to know that every decision is now based on crippling our cause.  

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    because I am a firm believer in the unspoken American truth that we only change when things get really, really bad.  They are on that track now, and eventually the public will fight back and stand up to it.  I really believe this.

    It's just a shame it might take several more years of destructive policy to wake people up.  But when they awaken it will be a beutiful thing.

    btw, that's why I greatly appreciate the front page exposes of the passive-aggressive REPUBLICAN John McCain.  People on our side of the fence need to know that even most moderate republicans would strip away the values we care deeply about.  And that guy...his record and statements sure don't match his image on the Sunday talk shows.  Tweety said he calls the media "his base."  Keep up the good work chipping away at that.

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    Given all the incidents like this that have happened because of Bush and the GOP, when we finally take back control in DC, will the Democratic Party do the same to them?  Would you?  

    It's easy to see a progressive president moving forward on issues we care about, but wuld he or she actually plot to undermine and starve into extinction various right-wing support systems?  And which of our potential cnadidates would be most likely to do so?

    I certainly would make an aggressive effort to do this, in order to weaken the GOP influence.  But out of our 08 hopefuls, the only one I could see going after some of their bread and butter institutions that feed the GOP beast would be John Edwards.  Sure, he didn't really vote that way as a senator, but I have seen him speak several times and he consistently talks about chipping away at K Street and other GOP strongholds.

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    was when she was remarking about how she thought this administration and the emboldened GOP were initally just out to roll back all her husband's progress.  And then she realized they were really out to roll back our progress of the last 100 years.

    I agree 100 percent with that.

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    Tweety has reported twice this month that McCain has been getting several million dollars from regular GOP donors who opposed him in 2000.  
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    I sometimes feel like Rowdy Roddy Piper in that movie, where I seem to be the only one with the special dark sunglasses that let me see past the moderate facade of REPUBLICAN John McCain.

    I know plenty of liberal friends who would vote for him in a nanosecond over most any of our possible 08 candidates.

    I truly do hope that there is a concerted effort on our side to rip this facade apart on this REPUBLICAN.

    Did I mention John McCain is a REPUBLICAN?  I know, it should be obvious, but talk to some of your liberal friends and you'll be surprised how many of them will get a lusty glaze in their eyes when you mention his name.

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    screaming to high heaven the last two years for dems to deliver a plan, an alternative, to the white house strategery.

    Now that there are plans being put forth, they are co-opted and lied about?  Not surprising.

    When the republican party is tearing their hair out trying to get dems to do this or that, we should do the opposite.


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