• Believe me, if I wanted to insult "liberals" it would have been very clear in my comment.  Don't be so such a sensitive liberal....

    Seriously though, just from talking to family members and other like-minded folks the last year or so, it occurred to me that most of them would vote for REPUBLICAN John McCain if given a choice between him and even Hillary Clinton.  I didn't really understand this, and am still trying to, so I turned inwards about my own non-hostile feelings towards the senator.  I found out a few months back that I felt pretty good about him.  He didn't seem like a wingnut, and the press loves to portray him as sticking pins & needles in Bush, so that's a plus.  So, I realized I liked the guy somewhat.

    Then, my next step was to actually do some surface research on his votes, beliefs, actual behaviors/statements that don't include his TV appearances.  And Ho-ly shit, did I see a totally different sack of shit.  All politicians are two-faced to some degree, but this guy wasn't EVEN REMOTELY like his media persona lays him out to be.  Not at all like he presents himself.  So, it is my mission now to educate all of my liberal friends and family that this guy, despite his "maverick" persona is actually a REPUBLICAN.  And if you are a REPUBLICAN in 2006, then that means you are lock-step with the Worst Administration Ever and you have only pummelling intentions for liberals and progressives.  You are the enemy.

    As for my quote, look it up.  I replayed it on my cool-assed DVR while I typed to assure accuracy.  And the thing wrong with his endorsement of the Arizona amendment is that it makes a law to DENY rights, not expand them, and that's not what I'm about.  As far as his Darwin statement, he's just a panderer.  But also a brazen one because of his recent floundering on the ID issue and fundraising meetings with Falwell and other wingnuts as also reported by Tweety.

  • If true, that cocksucker!  What a fucking scumbag.

    I say this as the Hotline Oncall stie reports he will be going back to South Carolina on MLK day to give a speech there.  Wonder what he'll praise the good Doctor about?

    I'm trying to think of a word to describe his shify positions, but flip-flopper isn't just it.  That one got old with Kerry.  Hmmmmmm....

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    Andrew Sullivan was on Tweety's weekend show and captured the primal essence of REPUBLICAN John McCain in one long sentence:

    "He both endorsed an anti-gay marraige constitutional amendment in Arizona, which is a big deal, but secondly he recently said when asked to name one of his heroes, he said: 'Charles Darwin'".

    There you go.  REPUBLICAN John McCain - more flip flops than you'd find in an International House of Pancakes.  That dude just recently said he thinks children should decide whether or not they get taught Intelligent Design.  I guess he doesn't think too highly of his heroes.  Or, in reality, he just likes to have it both ways because he knows that your liberal friends don't pay all that much attention to him and they think he's just swell.

  • Man, it's been such a hard day back at work that I REALLY needed that laugh.  Much appreciated.

    Do some homework about what he says vs. what he votes on and campaigns for.  You may find your eyelids hurting from being opened so wide.

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    He's probably in India, getting a kidney transplant at one of their custom hospitals.  Osama is a frugal guy and probably knows that health care and major surgeries doen in India will not only be performed by top doctors, but also would be super-chaep and not drastically dip into his whole detroying-the-infidels fund.
  • that people in power in our party just talk too much?

    I mean, it was March of 2004 when I first heard a Dem strategist complain that the Dems had "no unified message".  And here we are today, with people on our side saying the same thing.

    That's how it is with lots of stuff too, not jsut message.  Too much damned talking 'bout what needs to be done.  I, for one, am sick of it.  I like your coment about how to say which direction we should move in.  Every time someone mentions that they should include "...because that's what Democrats stand for!" at the end of the sentence.

    I just want my elected reps and their overpaid, complacent consultants to shit or get off the pot, that's all. Just shit or get off the pot.  

  • So, don't you think it might be a tad more productive if elected reps like Obama quit mentioning about what the party needs to do and just did it, and then broadcast accomplishments instead of complaints?
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    a group of slugs in a marathon, sitting around complaining about how their team is so slow and slimy.  No self-awareness and no sense that they are the problem and only they can get moving faster.
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    that since they are our elected representatives, these people ARE the Democratic Party!

    I hate that shit, where nearly all elected democrats whine about how much the party sucks and it has no ideas.  Well, you dumb bastards, let me clue you in to something:  people only think that because all the democrats in Washington repeat it all the time.

    And by the way, if I could infuse the party with an official agenda and give it some balls, I fucking would.  But I can't.  Only you guys can!
    What, like YOU aren't the main of the problem you are bitching about?  

    Last time I checked, I don't know a SINGLE fucking democrat voter or activist who lacks balls or a positive platform of ideas about where to take this country.  

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    of providing false info to FBI.

    There are many skeptics that seem to think he's in the clear and have forgotten that Fitzgerald has another THIRTEEN MONTHS left on his fresh new Grand Jury.  

    Karl Rove is going to be indicted, and I will take the day off from work to celebrate.

    Happy New Year!

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    They want him to be out front more.  Shit, I remember seeing Terry Mac's face on TV every single time Enron Ed was on.  But Howard? Nope.  

    It truly think they know Howard has been working the trenches, not the pundit circuit.  I truly believe that it scares them, makes them tremble a little.

    They aren't sure what he's up to, and it bothers them.

  • They need to get ruffled a bit.
    It's a good cure for complacency.

    But yeah, WHO will be angry?
    Man, what a tease....

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    Though I know that's not her head on that body, I still rated it super.  I'm a man.  I'm weak.
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    How DARE you suggest he was wired!  That's so Summer 04.
  • Can I borrow this for future reference to all my nut-sucking liberal associates who think REPUBLICAN McCain is a swell guy?


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