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    One of the things I love about this site is that it has been consistently calling out the false image of McCain as one of our own.

    What you have seen with DC Dems unwilling to take him on has a lot to do with his base.  Dems are afraid of McCain's base.  No, not moderate republicans, his true base is the Bob Scheiffers/Don Imuses/Tweetys of the world.
    As goes McCain, so goes the Beltway media.
    To take on McCain would be to know that the media would basically take his side on most issues without question (see Tucker Carlson's book about his 2000 campaign for examples).

    This needs to stop now, because the more I talk to my Liberal friends, the more I notice that McCain has innoculated himself pretty well with them.  It will take a long campaign to show liberals that he is not who he sells himself as.  And we all know what happens when republicans who campaign as center-left get elected.

    They govern any way BUT.

  • I distinctly recall Dobson's ilk calling out Senator Nelson and other moderate Dems when they were all on their post-2004 sugar-high.  They were gonna take him out, and Nelson heard this and responded appropriately by raising mounds of cash.

    Talk about the mother of all pathetic challengers.  And who would have thought?  If I mentioned to you back in 2001, that Katherine Harris, the queen of the recount, loyalist to the bone, would be runing against Nelson for senate, you would have thunk that the Bush dynasty would have sent out their elite squadron to help her out.  It is truly a tragic fall of Greek proportions.  One that I sincerely hope she writes about someday in a new book...among other things I'd love to see her spill.

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    Ford has great ads, with a perfect pitch for the kind of race he is running.  The one with the airplane and the scary red Gatorade bottle (evoking the London plot) is still my favorite though.  But this one is really good and kudos to him for filming in a church.

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    He is runing a methodical campaign, his ads are pretty good, and he's actively going after the other guy's girl, just as he campaigned in deep red East TN this week.

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    to go right down the street a few miles to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.  While Disney sticks with the same, lame rides year after year, Universal updates itself every two years.  More roller coasters, cool movie attractions, and you can have the kids ride JAWS and almost get eaten by a giant T-Rex right before they go down a waterfall.

    As for autumn, Disney does some lame "not-so-scary" Halloween parade, while Universal has the best, goriest Halloween on the east coast with Halloween Horror Nights.

  • but he is aggressive, and that is needed.  I think he'll surprise people and take Corker down.  Question in my mind, is he going to end up being one of those center-right Dems who feels he has to subtly degrade his party when on TV?

  • Didn't you almost giggle when he whipped out the red Gatorade bottle?

  • Man, I'd volunteer to pound the pavement for him!  Having him in the race would be the best thing since Ross Perot.

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    I love it when he takes down John McCain.

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    Actually, to be a Democrat in the 00's is to be like the Braves.  Always getting into the playoffs, but only to choke when it truly counts.

  • This action has certainly neutered our foreign policy options in the region.

    But you note "a Democratic Congress that no longer gives a blank check to our President will help improve our situation".

    Hmmm.  Do you think that even if we get ahold of the senate, that our party leaders will provide the kind of check on Bush's reckless policy and warmongering?  I have my doubts.  After all, a democratic senate helped give us the Iraq war, right?  I know that Harry Reid is much more preferable to that weasel Daschle, but, if they pull agreat website ad from the DCCC page over the faintest whimperings from the GOP, are our party leaders really ready to stand up to this president?

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    be the one to stress "electability", but rather clearly display a bold vision for America, and do so with charisma and enthusiasm.

    Those last two adjectives pretty much eliminate 6 of the Dem prospects right off the bat.  And I bet we all can name them already.

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    I find your comment on Obama to be right on.
    My hardcore old-school progressive uncle in the Land of Lincoln said the exact same thing to me about the senator last night.  And he said lots of others around town are feeling that way (neglected, somewhat slighted) too.
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    For some reason, I get a kick out of when a Democrat calls a Republican "un-American".  Makes me smile.

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    Celebrating my independence from being single.

    God Bless America.


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