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    Hillary would take it as everyone else would. Its literally a heart beat away from the presidency.

  • Ask Joan Kennedy what Teddy thinks of women.

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    Obama doesn't need any Clinton voters though right? The party will do just fine without all of us and/or our money so why worry about it. Barack don't need Hillary remember?

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    disgusting comment that will only harm the party

  • on a comment on Obama/Strickland: Victory over 6 years ago

    Strickland is a big reason why Hillary beat Obama in Ohio by the margin she did. He is loved there

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    Wait for Lieberman's convention speech

  • comment on a post New Poll West Va: Clinton Up 43 [Updated] over 6 years ago

    Hope the Obamacrats will "move on" easily when McCain spanks their boy in November

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    Wish they had told Kennedy to quit in 1980 when he was challenging the incumbent President of his own party and had nowhere near enough delegates unlike Hillary who has a sizable chunk and almost as many as Obama.

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    The Supers cannot vote and officially give Obama the nomination until the convention so even if the wave comes and they all say their for him, techincally he ain't the nominee as long as Hillary is in the race and has control over her delegates

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    Just seat the delegations, Obama shouldn't even care since its "over" anyway right?

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    Someone doesn't loan another 6.4 MILLION dollars out of their own pocket unless they see possible victory. Hillary is not STUPID and I think even Obama supporters would say that. She has something up her sleeve. Maybe she does want VP and maybe she is going to make it impossible for Obama not to choose her. She does have a huge chunk of Clinton delegates who might force the VP question at the convention. It might be easier on Obama to just give it to her and move on. I think Hillary would fit the traditional VP role quite well. First no Republican would out debate her, if McCain picks Romney, Hillary will eat him alive and she could play the bad cop quite effectively. Hillary as VP vould be payback for Cheney :) The GOP hates her as much as we do Uncle Dick

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    A lot can happen in six months

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    The media will turn on Obama the day after Hillary bows out and the Clintons are finished. Always remember the media is "McCain's base"

    WHY have so many looking at you Daily Kos  forgotten how absolutely IN LOVE the media has always been with McCain? Its SO frustrating! Its like watching an accident in slow motion, THEY WANT HILLARY GONE so its safe to begin Operation Destroy Barack! As long as Hillary is hanging in there as an alternative to the party they won't do it but they are trying to get rid of her in full force now because the clock is ticking!

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    If this scenario happens the nomination will be Hillary's in 2012 and all those idiots who messed it up will be laughed off the stage. If Obama loses in November, Hillary Clinton will be the undisputed leader of the Democratic Party which is why she ain't dropping out

  • on a comment on Let's Take it to Denver over 6 years ago

    Oh and Kennedy did it against an INCUMBENT PRESIDENT which is even worse


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