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    Clinton knocked it out of the park on Letterman as well. She was funny, gracious and at the end practically said Barack will be her running mate. Good stuff

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    Sad that the woman who lays down with Ahnuld every night has that much pull with Democratic voters

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    After this Hillary will be on Letterman tonight, she was also on Extra and Inside Edition as well as a few others. She has been EVERYWHERE today lol And as we know most people who break the last day break for Hillary :)  I do think this was a great way for Hillary to hit every state in literally one hour, I have all my friends watching this

  • Ummm I am a person and I am for Hillary. Let the votes speak for themselves

  • Even if these upcoming states in Feb favor Obama, Hillary will still be picking up delegates in them and lets not forget TX, OH and PA could be firewalls for Clinton. In Ohio she has the backing of Ted Strickland who has what 70 percent approval ratings??? Maybe if she needs to Hillary could throw a hail mary pass and just choose her running mate like Reagan in 76. Clinton-Strickland anyone??? She has a large advantage in endorsements in TX and factor in the large latino vote. PA she has the Rendell Philly machine backing her. As long as Hillary does well tomorrow she will be fine. In fact if she wins in the high teens in terms of states I doubt she will be hurting for money

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    If its turns out this way Clinton is on her way to the nomination

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    Bill hasn't gone anywhere he just isn't making news. He has been very active, 5 events in California today alone. Yesterday he was working the black churches in Cali and watching the Super Bowl in New Mexico. I saw him hear in Georgia last Friday. He has also had multiple events across the Super Tuesday states including NJ, MO, AR, NM, CO, AL etc. He just has been focused on pushing Hillary and nothing else. The national media isn't paying attention but he is getting local coverage and nice crowds. Here is GA it was PACKED

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    I love the overconfidence! Saw the same thing in New Hampshire and in Nevada. Sure Obama has strong black support but its mainly concentrated in a few congressional districts. Hillary is going to walk out with a nice chunk of delegates as well and isn't that what Obama and the media have been pushing, "doesn't matter who wins a state this is a delegate fight". Edwards dropping out HELPED Hillary in Georgia

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    I think Hillary's national town hall tonight plus the fact she's going to be all over television tonight including Letterman is going to help her with undecideds. Yes in case you haven't heard the Clinton's are doing a town hall which will be reaching 22 states at the same time tonight and broadcast live on the Hallmark channel. That station has a huge female audience. Also Chelsea Clinton is in Delaware today, and Bill Clinton has five events in California today. I saw Bill in Georgia on Friday and Hillary last Wednesday. I will not be surprised if Hillary wins my state

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    Would it be a good idea if you thought it would benefit Clinton???

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    Actually their is a greater machine than the Clintons, have you heard of the Republican Party and their allies aka the right wing??? They may be grumbling but the GOP knows McCain is their strongest candidate. McCain is being tarred and feathered by Mitt Romney right now for not being in lock step with Bush, this will benefit McCain in the general. Also the media LOVES a horserace and they love John McCain so expect them to turn on Obama as soon as Hillary is effectively gone from the race. I expect "Obama favors drivers licenses for illegals" to be the Willie Horton ad of 2008. Obama fans think the Clintons treated them unfairly wait until the right wing noise machine is unleashed.

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    The media will turn on Obama. He's fresh meat and we all know the media is McCain's base.

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    The nomination was hijacked by the media and the Kennedy family. I think Obama fans are WAY overconfident not just about the nomination but the general election as well

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    At least a real Democrat endorsed Hillary and not one whose married to Ahnuld


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