• There are plenty of poor, hungry kids here at home.   Probably not far from where you live.  

    Help them instead.

    At least they will be thankful for it.  

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    Liberals have a new motto:

    "We want to get voted out of the majority even faster then the Bush Republicans."

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    He should be rewarded with a vigerous "Democrats for Griffith" campaign or "liberals for Griffith" .... help the former Dean supporter out ... throw the drowning man an anvil.

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    You are confusing a "public option" with the hollow, wildly unrealistic campaign promise that Obama made that all Americans would be able to have access to the same plan that Obama enjoyed as a US Senator.   That was a garbage, throw away campaign promise.

    Furthermore the plan that Congress members have access to looks NOTHING like the public option that was proposed by the House or some members of the Senate.

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    How old are you?  6?

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    You mean we won't all be able to enroll in the same plan that Senator Obama was able to enroll in as a member of Congress?

    Ya don't say!!???


    Obama supporters were drinking the kool-aide.

    I find it hilarious that is us pragmatic Clinton supports are now the one defending Obama from the Obamamaniacs.

    .... Hey Obamamaniacs give us all a good laugh and tell us there isn't "a dimes worth of difference" between Obama and McCain.

    Sheesh.   Sometimes I admire Republicans.   At least they wouldn't cave on their guy 11 months in.

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    She was the better candidate and would have made a better President? .... At least in the minds of a majority of the primary voters in Mass.

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    Markos is a little whiner who wishes he could be the Glenn Beck of the left.   Hint to the little fella .... he can start by buying his suits were Beck does.    I hate Beck but he does buy nice suits.   Marko's mother dresses him funny.

    Markos and his type need to run along and prepare the Nader '12 campaign. .... They can dredge of the old "there isn't a dimes worth of difference" nonsense from 2000 and then seeth for 8 years while Republicans knock their teeth in.

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    Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn stand up and flex their political muscle everyday.    They believe what they are saying 100% and stand their ground.  ... Of course they are out of touch with the American people and that is why they are in the minority.

    Democrats and progressives can quickly find themselves back in the minority, standing their ground and flexing their political muscle.

    One way that progressives are showing they are out of touch with Americans is this absurd belief that if health care fails Americans will blame Republicans.    That is just nonsense.   Americans blame the loser, Americans don't like losers, and Democrats will be the losers if health care fails.  

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    Yeah all that pent up pressure for change after the last time health care failed back in 93.   It only took 16 years to come to a head.  

  • Israel will become to this century what South Africa was to the last.    

    I say we kick the oil habit and leave the Middle East to rot in the heat and the sand.   Let them all kill each other.  

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    1 year ago progressive had no idea what the hell a public option was.    Obama didn't run on  passing one.

    Pass the friggin bill and quite whining about it.    

    If the bill passes it is a major victory.  It would historic and the first step in either dismantling or regulating the insurance cos.    Its a big bite at the apple that will allow a lot more bites in the future.

    If this fails we are looking at another 10 to 15 years before anyone else has the political courage to do anything with health care.   Who wins then? ... Republicans and insurance cos.

    Progressive have to ask themselves if they want to make themselves dumb like the Republicans.    Republicans today are willingly ignorant to reality and that has them at where they are today politically.    Is that where the progressive want to be in  2 more or 4 more or 6 more years?     Back in the minority because they refused to accept politcal reality?

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    The guy has no strong base of support.   The Republicans are training all their guns on him and his once rabid supporters are off texting or twittering and blathering about nonsense that doesn't add up to spit.

  • Based on recent comments by Clyborn I don't suspect the Stupak Amendment language will be in the final bill.

    By the way, can we please make sure Stupak loses in 2010.    At least we'll know what we are dealing with if a Republicans wins.

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    Can't we make Dodd ambassador to New Zealand or something, hand him the Medal of Freedom and ship him off pronto?


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