• Wasn't Hillary just a calculating pol who was all about winning and would say anything to advance her self interests?   Wasn't that the knock on her by so many within the party that supported Obama because they claimed he was different?

    I have a major problem with things like this.  They give the Republicans ammo to use against him and to try to drive a wedge between him and what should be his base, or  by doing to him what they did to Kerry and paint him as a say anything wishy washy blah blah blah.  

  • The fact that Daschle's name would even be considered makes me want to puke.  He is another guy that thought hugging Bush was a wise choice before a tight election.

    Daschle caved to Bush / Cheney at every turn, which is bad.  Worse, is he then let them cut his heart and lungs out in the next election.   W.E.A.K.

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    Why in the world would either accept the position?

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    Mountains out of a molehill.

    Who watched this thing?   Really only the hardcore types.   It was on over the weekend, opposite the Olympics.  Lets all breath easy.

    McCain did pretty well.  Better than Obama maybe.   Obama didn't do badly.

    Obama does have to ditch all that hemming and hawing that he does however.

    I think McCain will do poorly against Obama in the debates.  Obama got better in the debates as they went along.  The long process actually helped him there.  He got a lot of practice.  McCain ... not so much.

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    You make no sense.  What does Bill Clinton have to do with Howard Wolfson?

    Gore?  Edwards?  Who cares.

    How long has it been since Wolfson has been on Hillary's payroll?   Even this had been said when he still was, again, what does Bill Clinton have to do with Howard Wolfson?

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    I don't think the Clinton campaign was sharp enough from the get go.  They waited until Feb to take it to Obama and that was too late.

    It is all about winning.  Even the most starry eyed Obama supporter from last summer will have to admit that now as Obama changes positions to track to the middle.

    Winning is smart.

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    All luck, all the hype, it all went his way.  

    Lets hope McCain doesn't break that bottle over his head.  It is going to get ugly.

    As for Edwards, he has to be the most arrogant POS in a century.  Just imagine for a second that he pulled it off and he was the nominee today.  Imagine the mess we'd be in.   He didn't care.  He just cared about stroking his own ego.

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    You are certainly right.  If they have something real to offer then certainly speak loudly.  But I don't give two cents about what they where or how they spend their time with their daughters, etc.

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    John Edwards?

    .... Just kidding!

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    Penn's plan sounds smart.  But in the end Obama's money which allowed him to organize all the smaller states and dominate the caucuses would have carried him.

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    Lets ne honest, Cindy was stinking rich and hot.   John cheated with a poor skank.

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    McCains 1) old ... really really old, and b) crazy .. as in wants to start 3 more wars.

    Just focus on those like a laser beam and watch John lose by 8%.

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    And like all the rest his wife was along for the ride and dreaming of the White House.

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    Gap shorts and a T-shirt ... I am all a twitters.  I long for the days when first ladies were seen not heard.   I mean, I don't care what she wears or how good a mom she says she is as she campaigns earlyanfd often.   It reminds me of Laura milking her 2 weeks of working at the library and pretending it equaled a career in teaching.


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