• Lieberman has already said he would not be on a ticket with McCain- that he does not want to be a VP candidate again and he wants to concentrate on the Senate.  He said this about 2 days ago.

  • I am confident California will go for Hillary. I have already voted for her.  Rasmussen was very wrong about New Hampshire and I don't believe he has gained as much as they say.

    We'll see what happens.

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    Same-old, same-old, yawn....

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    I thought he gave a good speech- I especially liked the line "this son of a mill worker will be just fine"- something he has said in the debates about all of them if they lost- being just fine.

    To me, he has seemed more genuine in the last week- at the last debate and in this speech, I really believed what he was saying was what he felt- he didn't come across fake like he has to me pre-Nevada.  He was more relaxed and stopped going straight into the "stump" speech on every answer.  He was more himself.  Good luck to him, I'm sure either Hillary or Obama will have him in their administration in some capacity so we'll be seeing him again.

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    No, but some of them write some real ignorant stupid diaries.

  • I'm not sweating it- in fact, I'm more and more confident Hillary will be the nominee.

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    But a case could also be made-

    Both Edwards and Clinton support "Universal Healthcare"- Obama does not have a "Universal Healthcare" plan.

    Both did not believe in giving driver's licenses to illegals- Obama does.

    I'm sure there are many things that could be pointed out.

  • Pundits keep saying Edwards takes support away from her and hurts her more than Obama, but it would not be the first time they've been dead wrong, so I don't know.  It certainly seems like he would have hurt her in the South if he had stayed in.  We'll know soon enough.

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    I think it might also be that the deal he and Elizabeth made was to focus on his campaign even though she was terminally ill- he can no longer win and perhaps he wants to put the focus on Elizabeth now.  Sticking around to try to play kingmaker (which some say is a longshot, anyway)- well that's really not a good enough reason to stay in when your wife is dying.

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    I am shocked.  Although a big critic of his, there is no denying his first health care plan helped pave the way for Clinton to be so bold in hers- and he helped drive alot of the issues.  He has been a big influence in the campaign.

    I honestly don't know which one benefits more from him dropping out.  Though I know he would not endorse Hillary, I am not sure why people think he would rush to endorse Obama- endorsing Obama is a complete betrayal of "Universal Healthcare" which was one of his main issues.  And as he said many times, he and Hillary's healthcare plans are basically the same.

    I am a bit relieved he won't be in the debate Thurs- he helped Hillary incredibly in the last debate but that was the first time he ever did that- almost all the others consisted of Obama and himself ganging up on her- and easily could have reverted back to that.

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    I have to admit, I am stunned about this- did not see it coming.  And even more shocked that he says he won't endorse at this time.  It's like, why now?

    At any rate, I do hope that either Hillary or Obama would make him Attorney General if either one wins.

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    Unfortunately, if you elect Obama "Captain," his ship will be called the "Titanic."

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    Hillary CONSTANTLY talks about policy and issues, you must not be listening at all.

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    Such sour grapes.  If Obama had been the winner, not only would he would have been there, he would had the Kennedy Clan in tow behind him.

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    Forget it!  We had the 80's- Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet, Whitney, even Elton was still doing good tunes- Ronald Reagan and Bush stunk- but Dallas was one hell of a show!


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