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    Yes, do watch out- the Obama people have their "hit" pieces timed to work out precisely around these few days before Super Tuesday-  Wal-Mart- Pardons, etc., it's been planned this way and goodness knows what they will try to spring this weekend.  They can't fight fair and stick to the issues because he can't win debating policy with Hillary Clinton so they saturate the media with everything other than policy.

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    Kerry seems like a jerk sometimes- he's the last person Edwards wants to hear from, anyway.  Don't you know that Kerry has just been burning with envy over Edwards being in the race and having so much influence in the race?  He seems like he has a huge ego.

  • I stopped trusting polls after New Hampshire- and Rasmussen was one of the reasons.

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    I'm still amazed that people think Obama is putting forth some new kind of politics when he is as "dirty" as it comes.

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    So this is the "new politics?"  Timed "hit" pieces that appear right before Super Tuesday about something 20 years old.  I hope people see this for what it is.

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    Words cannot even express how wrong the whole policy is.

  • Go have another drink, Ted.  How ridiculous is this?  They did say his endorsement had been in the planning stages before SC- this is how you endorse a President?  Appalling!

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    A vote for Obama is a vote against "Universal Healthcare."  Hillary and Edwards have basically the same plan- Edwards himself has said that many times.  Hillary has said, "If you don't start with covering everyone, it won't get done."  So if your focus is healthcare, you should go with Hillary.  Truthfully, besides that, they basically all have the same goals.  Not that much difference between them.  The Clintons in the 90's though proved they can actually manage the economy with good results.  I don't think that should be ignored- but I'd go with your "gut" instinct, whether it's Obama or Clinton.

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    Great news- and I have to say- I never thought I would even contemplate a Clinton/Edwards ticket but the last debate made me see they worked good together as well.  And really- they are so united on "Universal Healthcare"- which Obama does not have and I agree with Hillary- "If you don't start with it, it won't get done." Edwards and Hillary's only main difference is the "lobbyist" issue- but that can be resolved by a lot of weeding.

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    Your average voter does not care about those pardons.  She's not the one who pardoned them, anyway.

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    Yeah, well, the media loves Obama right up until he becomes the nominee against McCain- then you'll see how much they really love him.

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    He said that?  I think he was angry that Hillary cancelled the interview with him at the last minute after SOTU and didn't even say why.  But it irks me he said that.

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    I too think Obama would do the worse against McCain.  Here's where dissing Kyle/Lieberman becomes a liability (He won't protect our troops- he's weak on security)- McCain's weakness, the economy- Obama has shown no great knowledge on that, either.  Obama will have no edge on truthfulness.  It won't be pretty.

  • He went out with "class."

  • Actually, it was pretty widely reported at the time.  And both campaigns confirming it was an unusual step to me.

    I'm sure we will learn one day what was said, just not anytime soon.


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