• They must have a lot of free time over at the Obama campaign and not using it very wisely, it seems.  Even if it was true, which it is not, I really don't see how it would hurt Hillary that much.  This is why Hillary should get the nomination- she is the one best suited to take on the Republican smear machine.  Someone like Obama, who can't even get his facts straight, will be easy pickings for them.  Hillary has been through the grind and knows how to fight it and would not set herself up for something like this.  The Obama campaign is too inexperienced, they are making amateur mistakes that Hillary would not make.  She is the only one capable of fighting them and winninig.

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    I read about this- she was a cheerleading coach or something but it seemed obvious I thought that she was just saying those things to impress customers and that was all there was to it- I mean, I really don't think Bill would be using prostitutes- first off, he has too many women probably falling all over him wherever he goes, he would not need to, and it would be too risky if he was indeed doing this sort of thing.

  • I thought he was above this type of thing.  I was beginning to really like him but this makes me have second thoughts about him.

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    Why give money to a failing campaign that has no chance of winning?  Unless you just like throwing your money down a drain.

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    Thank goodness there are intelligent people on here who can debunk and see through things like this and inform the rest of us who are not as informed- a big thanks to all who put this in the perspective.

  • As a Clinton supporter, this is incredibly exciting.  It's nice to see something positive instead of something trying to tear her apart.  Clinton will make a great President and I for her 100%.

  • I never understood some of the pundits saying he had a good performance in the debate- I thought he was terrible and these numbers are bearing that out.  Attacking Obama and Hillary was a big mistake, especially since Obama's comeback on him was the biggest soundbite out of the entire debate.  It made him look foolish- and I still think that although Americans might admire someone to admtting they were wrong- they don't want to vote on them for President.

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    If you have to come up with something this petty to attack her with, she must really be doing better than expected.

  • If it's name recognition and Edwards polls at 11% after running for Vice-President in the last election, he must not have made much of an impression.

    I think Hillary is right about not saying she "was wrong" about her Iraq vote.  People might admire someone for saying they are wrong, but I don't think they want to vote on someone for President who admits something like that.  Yes she is getting bashed for not doing it, but she will be even more bashed if she does- and people who might support her otherwise would think twice about voting for her.  In the 2000 election debates, Gore made a big goof making up a story about medicine for seniors and was caught on it and the next debate, he apologized.  I thought that was mistake- people don't want to hear their candidates apologize and admit making mistakes.  They might admire them for it- but they won't vote on them.

    Hillary is the front-runner so she obviously is doing well without having to say she was "wrong" and she should continue that.

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    I did not think he did so great in the last debate.  The biggest soundbite that came from it was from Obama with a slam on him.  His "I don't know what a rich person is" was immediately ridiculed.  Edwards did not do well in the dabate against Cheney in the last election so I don't have much confidence in any one-on-one debates with him.

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    After learning of Edwards $400 haircuts and charging $55,000 for a speech on poverty, I have been disgusted by him.  Just disgraceful.

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    Clinton is the best candidate to lead our country out of the dark abyss of the last 8 years.  With her as President, America can be proud again.  She is experienced and she knows what to do to make that happen- and having Bill alongside her to help her lead, we will finally get back on the right track.

  • The fact is that no one listens to Kerry anymore.  He had his chance and he blew it so he can keep talking all he wants but Americans have tuned him out- he has made too many mistakes and taking the time to listen to what he has to say now is just asking too much of people when there are so many others that deserve our attention when time is limited.  That's just how it goes.  He is no longer relevant.

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    Richardson does not come across as very Presidential.  His performance in the debate was a disappointment and he did not have the manner of a President.  That might come across as superficial but the truth is you have to look and act the part to get the job and he's doing neither.

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    I'm thrilled that Hillary's clout is up but I am also happy that Obama has been able to be so strong in this campaign because I am hoping he will be Hillary's VP and all this exposure will help the ticket.  A big Hillary supporter, Obama has impressed me lately very much and I think he would make a great President- he has shown such leadership- he and Hillary would make an incredible team for the job of VP has changed alot and VP's are so much more active and involved than they used to be.


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