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    As a Hillary supporter, I agree that she does need to something more for the youth target audience.  She has embraced the internet, that has done well but it does seem like something special for them is needed.  Appearance might be part of that.  Obama comes across as a big brother, Hillary as a mom, and Edwards as a distant uncle.  When she gets the nomination, I expect she will address the youth aspect more- Obama seems to have it pretty sewn up there- but once she is the nominee, she can target them more.  I don't think they will turn away- the election is bigger than just Hillary- the direction of our country is at stake- I think they will respond to the democratic nominee.

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    I, for one, cannot wait until the debate this Thursday on PBS.  On the PBS website, a featured question is “If you were not running for the presidential candidacy, given the remaining candidates, who would you choose to represent the Democratic Party, and why?”  What a loaded question!  I am not sure this will be asked but it would be so interesting if they did.  Will the frontrunners risk naming each other or will they choose someone they know has no possibility of getting the votes.  Who would wrangle out of it by saying something like "I would vote for someone who....." without naming anyone.  With someone like Clinton who seems friendly with both Biden and Richardson, would there be hurt feelings if she doesn't name one- and with Richardson already being named as a possibility for VP slot- would naming him be a clue to that.  And since Obama, to me, seems to have the best chance of taking voters from Edwards, would Edwards risk naming Obama?  I do hope this question is asked because it will reveal a lot about their characters and I cannot wait to hear what they say.

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    I applaud Obama for this.  He's a decent man.  I think about the "transgendered" community at times and how hard it must be for them with so much bigotry against them.  I hope she goes- I don't think it will hurt his campaign- but it's true she will have to deal with the aftermath and how the attention focuses on her when the "dinner" is over.  People are still very hateful in this country.  My heart goes out to her and wish her only the best.

  • I did't know the song before it won- someone made a youtube video of it with Clinton images and I think it's WONDERFUL- a great song for the campaign- maybe if people see it with the images- they will have a difference opinion because I REALLY like the choice- here it is-

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ionFwC1UU Uw

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    If this is the only kind of thing you have to resort to for bashing Hillary, then it's going to be "smooth sailing" for her right up to the Presidency. This is ridiculous.  Don't you know you make yourself look bad with stuff like this? And what's the purpose?  No supporter of hers is going to drop her over this and support someone else- this is not a tactic that is going to work.

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    Biden has more people than Hillary who won't vote for him.  I have to admit, I watched the last debate again last night and the way he was almost yelling all over the place, it was pretty scary.  They say since everyone knows Hillary, her negatives have probably hit a ceiling while there is not telling how high others can go once people know who they are.  Hillary has a chance to bring her negatives down as she goes along and I am confident she will do that and it appears she is already doing that.

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    This sounds like it is saying that gays will vote for Bloomberg because he is the only one who supports gay marriage.  Won't happen.  Gays are smarter than that- they are not going to vote on someone who cannot win to make some "fleeting" statement and risk having another Republican anti-gay administration in office for the next eight years. How dumb would that be?  They won't do it.

  • I watched the last debate again last night and Edwards went on and on about "honesty" and how it was so important that the next President is "being honest" with the American people.  Well, his flimsy excuse about being part of a hedge fund, this whole center which is supposed to be about poverty and he is using funds for Iraq and foreign policy centers, and now saying he won't disclose the taxes, it all sounds pretty dishonest to me.  By his criteria, he should not be the next President. I know Edwards' supporters are crushed by this, I feel sorry for them, but they need to stop putting the blame on everyone else and start looking at who is really responsible for all of it- and that is John Edwards himself.

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    Clinton seems to have a wide lead in the polls.  She could lose both Iowa and New Hampshire and she will still get the nomination.  I just don't believe people are going switch their pick just because of the win in other states.  People have minds of their own- I don't think they are going to let that influence them.  All of these people- -and there are a lot- who have put her on the top of polls and they are just going to drop their support of her because someone else wins another state. I don't think so.

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    Sheesh- talk about being bitter and jealous over someone's successful song campaign contest.

  • This is fantastic news!  Her lead is getting stronger and stronger!  I have never been this excited over a candidate before.  Hillary is a historical candidate and I am proud to be one of her many supporters.  Once Hillary is President, I will feel safe again- safe that the Presidency is in capable hands.  Hillary will turn this country around and will make the world stop hating us.  She will be a leader I can trust to do the right thing in our interests.  Wth Bill by her side, it will be a glorious time to be an American again.

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    These were mistakes of his but a few lapses in judgment I can forgive him for because I do think he's trying not to do stuff like this but he's new to all this and he's only human and who knows what is going on behind-the-scenes.  I still like him.  If he keeps going this direction, though, my opinion of him might change.  It only made it worse that the info his campaign was sending out was false so they don't even do a thorough job of checking facts which doing something like that in the General Election could really backfire on him in a major way.  This is where his lack of experience comes into play- Hillary would not set herself up for something like this.  But although I back Clinton, I'm still a fan of Obama.

  • Yes, I've read many bloggers bashing him over this.  The most damning part is he was supposed to be raising money for the poor yet used that money for foreign policy and Iraq seminars which have nothing to do with them and really can't be excused, no matter how you look at it.  They say he's stealing from the poor!

    But Edwards has a lot of dedicated loyal supporters so it might not make much difference, I don't know.

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    It's weird, I keep seeing articles where one will say he hurts democratics and the other says he hurts republicans.  So I don't know- I hope he does not run because I'm already tired of hearing about him.

  • Well how can he immediately respond when he's so guilty?  It takes a good couple of days to come up with an excuse people might buy.  I just hope it's better than the one he used for the "hedge fund" where he said he went to work there to learn about money.  That was a REAL beauty!


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