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    Must be a bitter pill to swallow, but she was outstanding tonight- and I guess many were not insulted since several stood up for it.

    Check your blood pressure, Hillary's on FIRE!

  • I agree- he is doing good tonight- he is coming across very personal as well.

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    Hillary is on FIRE!!!!  Go, Hillary!!!

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    Gravel acts like a "crazy."  He's just not Presidential.  If only he could get the same points across without waving his arms around like a loon.

  • I think Gore would run if there was extreme dissatisfaction with the current candidates or head-to-head's showed that no Democratic candidate had a chance of beating the Republicans.  And if polls showed Gore entering the race would make a huge difference in the race against the Republicans, it would really be his duty to step in to save the party.  I think this is why he said things like "he doesn't see himself entering the race."  But the polls show that democrats are satisfied with those who are in the race and now all three top ones have been shown beating the republican candidates- so there is not that pressure to run so I do not think he will run.

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    This is one more strength to add to already impressive campaign and leading poll numbers.  And it's great that all democrats benefit from it.  Our job will be to get out there and galvanize the people into voting- we seem to have the numbers on our side.

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    Being completely honest, as a Hillary supporter, this does worry me a bit, especially if his numbers greatly exceed hers.  It will be a great boon to his campaign.  It will be the first time, I think, a chink in her armor will be seen.  I am confident she will overcome this but it is a bit of a setback, I will admit that.

  • Please let THIS sink in.  Hillary supporters are not dropping Hillary Clnton.  We are confident she can win.  Good luck to your candidate.

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    He hasa gotten a lot of interest lately - I plan on paying much more attention to him tomorrow in the debate.

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    I could understand you not voting for her in the general election if this was not such a pivotal moment in our history.  To even risk one vote that might keep the republicans in the White House is very selfish to me.  This country has been lied to, manipulated, our esteem around the world has been completely lost and we are hated by those around us- thousands of our most precious youth have been lost and we have a White House that is run by criminals and it will be just more of the same if republicans keep the White House.

    The democratic candidates are not that different in the things they want to do.  The democrats can elect Paris Hilton as the nominee, I'm still going to vote Democratic.  I don't care who it is.  It's about ending the Republican reign of terror from the White House that has gone on for the last eight years and in which may continue in the same direction if another Republican is elected.

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    Rudy would be such a disaster as President.  How he stays high in the polls is a mystery to me.- If he wins, he will be "asleep at the wheel" for four years.  It's possible we could sink even lower than we already are.  It's depressing.

  • She's got New Hampshire!  So far, so good!  Can't let up, though, that's how others can surge.  Al Gore is not going to run, people can put that dream away- they need to deal with the facts and this is reality!

  • Go Hillary!!!  And I know you can take Iowa and then it's all yours!  Yeah!  And oh please, how many diaries have been started about Edwards and his head-to-head polls.  This site has become very unfair to Hillary.  I wonder how long my comment will be up before an Edwards person rates me a 0 and has it disappear.

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    Gore is not going to run.  How many times does he need to say it?

    Edwards, even if he wins Iowa, cannot turn the campaign around.  That's just pie-in-the-sky.  Nationally, he does not have the support.

    They fear Obama, who I feel is the only one who has a chance to take the nomination from Clinton.  He will really have to start catching fire more, though- but we've still got a way to go.  I am a Clinton supporter but if Obama turns things around and wins, I will support him.  I'll be disappointed about Clinton, but I respect him.

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    Richardson is certainly moving up with this bit of unexpected support- I'm hearing more and more of him and about him.  He is rumored to be a possible Hillary VP pick, which would help her bring in New Mexico.  Obviously bringing up his name recognition helps strengthen his chances for that, although if she wins, I prefer Obama as a VP pick but now I'm not sure of that happening.


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