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    Compared to whom?

    If Obama is having trouble convincing the public that HE is ready to be president, how does it help him to have an inexperienced governor at his side?  

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    isn't going to suffice to bring the Democratic Party over the finish line and into the White House.

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    but I think he needs a seasoned and familiar face.  Two neophytes to the national scene?...that's one too many.  If Obama is still working on introducing himself to many voters, why does he need the added burden of one more unknown on the ticket?  

    If he picks someone who is unfamiliar with international issues and a stranger to the workings of national government, I am not going to feel one bit strengthened in my decision to support the Democratic nominee.  

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    that Obama is in serious trouble.  He has already damaged his "brand," by moving away from the change message (FISA, offshore drilling, etc.)

    My gut tells me he needs to pick someone who is seasoned, battle-tested, and conversant with international and military issues.  Of the names suggested that would mean Clinton, Biden, Dodd and maybe Richardson.

    What he doesn't need is a candidate who is going to elicit widespread moans and cries of "Who???"  

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    But Obama lacks national security experience and foreign policy experience and I think this is a far greater deficit than the lack of executive experience.   She can't help him in this arena at all.  

    His best choice would be Biden or Clinton.

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    she has, at least not any that would add to the strength of the ticket.  As far as I know, she has no international experience, no particular experience on the national scene.  Plus, she is largely unknown to the country.

    She would be a very weak choice, in my view.

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    If it isn't going to be Clinton, then it's going to be someone who will inject no excitement into the race.

    Sounds like a pretty ho-hum list to me.  

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    really know how someone is going to govern.  We can only judge by past performance and if there is no record on defending or not defending reproductive choice, then we are basically in a crap-shoot situation.

    I'd rather not feel that I am taking a chance.  

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    I'd be curious to know.

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    for me to vote for Obama.  I am doing so primarily because I don't want the Supreme Court to trifle any further with women's rights.  Plus, I can't stand McCain.    If Obama were to pick a running mate who isn't committed to reproductive freedom for women,  then all bets are off.  

    I don't believe in "purity tests," but I also don't believe in walking away from the decades of sacrifice that men and women made to secure reproductive rights.  It matters to me that we are faced with the not-very-remote possibility of locking up doctors and nurses and throwing women into jail for having abortions.  Been there, done that, and I'm not willing to return to that terrible time.

    That said, I would have to do a lot of research on Kaine before coming to any conclusion.  Frankly, I don't know enough about him.  He isn't someone who has ever registered on my radar.  I would hope that Obama would pick someone who is better known and more seasoned on the national and international scene, but then I'm not on the VP committee...

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    and self-confidence if Obama picks a running mate who is powerful and competent and popular  instead of one who is unknown.

    Clinton had the confidence to pick Gore and Kerry had the confidence to pick Edwards.  There is no reason that this year's nominee should find it necessary to pick a candidate who isn't a star in his/her own right.

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    I hope not.
    I don't see what he brings to the ticket.  

    He's unknown nationally and has no experience on the international stage.  I just don't see any enthusiasm for a Kaine announcement.

  • a good choice for VP, so I guess that makes 54% of the diary readers "trolls."

    I happen to believe that Sebelius would be a catastrophic choice for Obama.  Why pick someone who is unknown except in party circles, has no international experience and isn't a compelling speaker?  I just don't see what she would bring to the ticket.  

    I think he would do better for his ticket if he picked Biden or Bayh or Clinton.  As for Kaine, I don't see what he brings to the ticket either, except maybe Virginia.

  • some points worth discussing and your comment is dismissive and unproductive.


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