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    "Don't you have the highest security classification when you become president?"

    I sure hope they didn't tell Bush about Roswell and Area 51.  :-)

  • Also, I am not sure that we are really all that more tolerant.  We may just think we are.  Was anyone here really tolerant of Sarah Palin?  I mean, tolerant to the point that you thought some of her policies were reasonable (even if wrong) and that you empathized with her difficulty in being thrust into the spotlight?  

    I also don't know how tolerant we are of fundamentalist Christians.  I know I tend to call them "fundies," so I think that makes me intolerant.  I mean, we are just tolerant about the things we think it is important to be tolerant about (race, gender, disability, etc.).  I would guess they think they are tolerant about the things it is important to be tolerant about for them (sects of Christianity, economic status).  That being said, there are definitely a few real scumbags there, no question about it.

  • Ha, no it's totally ok if you want to write about people tied to Democrats stealing elections.  That's fine.

  • My 18-year old college students had never even heard of Isaac Asimov.  One of them said "Is that the guy with the dogs?" (Meaning Pavlov, I guess!)  Talk about a (mostly) metaphorical kick in the nuts.

  • I've had no issues posting at Red State, though I haven't been doing diaries, just comments.  I do feel the need to be extra-respectful, but I decided that it is worth it to a) have interesting conversation with them and b) spread our framing out to places that don't normally hear it.  They are a bit trigger-happy at times, but they also just lost a major election and are feeling pretty snippy about it.  Can't say I really blame them.

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    He was awesome!  I wish I could be like him.  Well...except for the onions.

  • That may be true.  I know a lot of people who were upset by the focus on things early on in the primaries that seemed barely or not at all sexist: sweetiegate, fingergate, periodically.  I think that led many people to roll their eyes and decide that nothing was "really" sexist and that it was all just about political correctness.  And I think it resulted in a lack of focus on truly sexist issues that came up in regards to how Palin was treated.

  • Totally spot on.  On a related note, is anyone else uncomfortable with the way that both men and women have increasingly begun using terms such as "grow a pair"?

  • I appreciate this diary and we agree on more than I at first thought, CG, but come on.  "Since obama won...people were honest about [racism]."  That's not a logically sound argument.  People were undoubtedly more honest about racism and race than about sexism and sex, but just because Obama won does not mean racism is gone.

  • The problem is that I'm not at all convinced that she attained her position in Alaska because of her looks.  Did they help?  Maybe.  But saying that she "use[d] good looks to gain power" makes it sound like her looks are the main reason she got there.  I happen to think she got there because she's a vicious and assertive politician who knows what Wasillans and Alaskans want.  I disagree with her on almost everything.  But she didn't get to be Governor of Alaska by winking and lifting up her dress.

  • Not to take over now, but she will be old enough in 2012 when the seat comes up for election.  But she isn't going to run for it and she wouldn't win anyway.

  • I call dibs on being the court food taster.

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    When Savage says this will be bad for the country, it is because he sees "country" as the country of white people.  It's how many conservatives see things.  They think "American values" should be synonymous with white male values.  Ugh.  I can't stand him.

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    Anyone else expect a torrent of "Here we go again, a black guy picking a black guy" uproars from conservatives?  The nice thing is, we don't really have to care what they think.  :-)

    And if Mady is right, I'm also excited to have an AG that is against the death penalty.

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    Everyone keeps talking about Hillary as Senate Majority Leader, but has a junior Senator in their state ever become Majority Leader?  If not, Hillary has no chance because Schumer will always have more seniority than her.  Anyone know the answer to this?  I started looking it up, but it is really difficult to find who was junior or senior at the time each one became Majority Leader.  At the moment, Hillary is 68th in seniority (pending Minnesota and Alaska).  Harry Reid is 25th, and was probably lower when he was first elected, so I suppose it is possible.


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