• Perhaps you could grow a pair of cups, connect them by a string, and talk to your friends and family that way, in order to avoid all the warrantless wiretapping?

  • ked by libertyleft.  We got into it the other day, he ran to the admins and had me warned, and now appears to have had my rec/rate abilities cut off.  Not content, he's taken to smearing me, and I'm the one who gets told to "calm the fuck down".


  • filled post about my diary titles, I request that you read my response, if not my diaries themselves.

    Keep in mind, I came here in March, 2008 after defecting from Daily Kos, as a Hillary supporter.  Notwithstanding that fact, even my diaries from way back in March did not attack Obama.  I pointed out things I didn't like about Obama supporters, about the media's coverage of Obama (MSNBC), about leaving Daily Kos because it was so pro-Obama and anti-Hillary, etc.  But MY DIARY HISTORY DOES NOT INCLUDE A SINGLE ATTACK ON OBAMA.  It didn't at Daily Kos, where I wrote more about poison toys, and it doesn't here.  

    I don't appreciate being slandered by libertyleft, and I don't appreciate it being mojo'd.  Hopefully, you'll figure out what's really going on here, that libertyleft is carrying on an argument with me from yesterday and I'm not anti-Obama, and you'll un-mojo his comment.

  • that diary.

    I was truly offended by the propagandish nature of the email, and the way it was attempting to pull off old scabs, and whip up anger between black people and Hillary Clinton.

    Here's just a sample of their email, which is quoted in that diary:

    Congressman Clyburn warned that "black people are incensed" over the divisiveness of the Clinton strategy and that it threatens an irreparable breach between Black people and the Democratic Party.7 He's right. And if superdelegates hand Clinton a victory despite her defeat among voters, they will be condoning and rewarding that strategy.

  • First of all, your diary history at MyDD:


    I would accept criticism from someone who has taken the time to contribute a lot more than someone who hasn't.

    Second, where do I start?

    Let's experiement with diary titles.

    Experiment isn't exactly the word I'd use.  Hatchet job perhaps.

    Lets see...

    Obama camp re-names DNC "Animal Farm"

    How did you characterize it?

    Compares Obama's campaign and the DNC to an Orwellian totalitarian regime.

    Hmmm.  Was that a fair characterization?  Let's see.  Perhaps I should quote the diary:

    Preface:  This diary is in response to all those who call people who used to support Hillary Clinton, and are now going to vote for Barack Obama, "deadenders", simply because we refuse to rewrite history, we remember how this race unfolded, and we're not happy about it

    Hmm, let's see.  You wouldn't slander me with lies twice though would you?

    Poll: Majority of Dems want Hillary as VP

    And you say

    can't help but mention "some say" Obama is a secret muslim terrorist.

    Wow, I've been Rush Limbaugh'd.  Thanks, Mr. Hannity, for playing fun with cutting up people's words, taking them out of context, and slandering them with them.  You were able to convince many people who are too lazy to read the diary that I attacked Obama as a secret muslim terrorist.  I DID NO SUCH THING!!!

    Updatedx2: Bill Clinton/Gina Gershon affair claim debunked

    Positive Bill Clinton diary.


    MSNBC Obama Propaganda Exposed

    Obama attack diary citing The New Republic.

    It was not an Obama attack diary, you fucking liar and slanderer.  It was regarding an article entitled "The pro-Obama case against MSNBC's pro-Obama political coverage".  It was about MSNBC, not Barack Obama, slanderer.

    Did Obama Accuse Clinton Of Plotting His Assasination?

    Defense of Clinton RFK statements.

    Defense of Clinton RFK statements?  Defense?  Defend WHAT?  What was there that required defending?  Come right out and say it.  I'd love to see you claim that Hillary called for Obama to be assasinated.  AND AGAIN THIS DIARY WAS FROM WHEN HILLARY WAS RUNNING AND I WAS A HILLARY SUPPORTER, GENIUS!!!

    Obama Trolls: Please Stop It.

    Aww, the poor guy so offended by being called a concern troll seems to love calling others trolls.

    That diary was about people rushing in to hijack threads from the most well known Hillary supporters AND IT WAS WRITTEN WHEN HILLARY WAS STILL RUNNING AND I WAS ONE OF HER SUPPORTERS, GENIUS!!!  

    Response to Color of Change Obama Propaganda

    Obama attack diary.

    Fucking LIAR!!!!  It wasn't an Obama attack diary.  It was an attack on an organization known as Color of Change, for an email they sent me WHEN I WAS A HILLARY SUPPORTER AND THE RACE WAS FARRRRRRRR FROM OVER!!!!!

    What Happens When Bob Johnson Tells The Truth? UPDATED

    Defense of Geraldine Ferraro comments about Obama only being where he is because he is black.

    Nice try.  I welcome anyone and everyone to read it, and judge for themselves.  I'm not ashamed of that diary.  I'm ashamed at libertyleft stalking me, but not that diary.

    AIr America: Rhodes Sucked and Did Us a Favor?

    Attacking Rhandi Rhodes for the terrible things she said about Clinton.

    Not really.  More the opposite.  I was just passing along a snippet that I read on Huffington Post indicating that Randi Rhodes may have been fired because they didn't want to pay her a fat contract anymore, and used the Clinton comments as an excuse.  

    Obviously you didn't read any of my diaries in your rush to commit this smear job.

    Daily Kos' Mission: Electing Democrats?

    Attacking DailyKos.

    I wasn't attacking Daily Kos.  I was pointing out that one of Daily Kos' top diarists, who is now one of MyDD's top diarists, was really unethical when it came to ways to beat Hillary Clinton - see: "How Do We Make Clinton Unelectable? Part II
    by slinkerwink"

    And so on...

    And so on indeed, slanderer.  So on, indeed.

    A Response To clammyc

    A diary responding to a request for Hillary supporters to return to Daily Kos, with reasons why I would not do so.  What the fuck is your point, except to stalk me?

    Daily Obamafication of the Internet Continues

    A diary pointing out that on Daily Kos, they were authoring diaries telling people to come over here to MyDD, and chase away Hillary supporters.  BTW, this diary was from MARCH 2008, and ITS FROM RIGHT AFTER I LEFT DAILY KOS AND CAME HERE, GENIUS!!!  

    Daily Obama Not Enough: Daily Kos Infiltrating MyDD?

    See above, GENIUS.

    Wherein I Prove Kos A Liar

    See above, GENIUS.  In addition, this diary was in response to Markos Moulitsas LYING and saying he only went into anti-Clinton hate propaganda after it was mathematically assured that she lost the race.  I PROVED that he went propaganda in JANUARY, 2008, BEFORE SUPER TUESDAY.  That is another diary I am proud of and welcome any MyDD'er to read.

    So no, this is not the pattern of a truly concerned Obama supporter, if it was you would see Pro-Obama diaries mixed in with his concern.  

    Conern troll, plain and simple.

    You quote pro-Clinton diaries from March, when I was a Hillary supporter and the race was far from over, to "prove" that I'm an Obama concern troll?  What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you slandering me?  Are you just continuing an argument from the other day, and stalking me?

  • be the most effective approach.

    I updated the diary with a link to do just that, btw. :)

  • In retrospect I would take out the human being part.  It was over the top and inflammatory, which did not help me get my point across.  Of course people know he's human, as others have pointed out.

    However, I believe the second point is important.  I do believe that some of his supporters think that they should just sit back and let him do his thing, but that's not how democracy works, especially in the age of lobbyists.  We need to, as you stated, hold his feet to the fire - not just hold sticks to the fire and make him smores while we sing kumbaya.  

  • second part probably needed to be said.

    There are those out there who know he is human, but don't believe he's ambitious.  

    At least that's the feeling I got from being a former Hillary supporter, and constantly having to read about how ambitious she is, and how willing she would be to throw Democratic principles under the bus to get elected, in comparison to Obama.  

    When you claim people should vote for Obama over Hillary specifically because Hillary is ambitious and will say or do anything to get elected, you are implying that Obama is not ambitious and would never say or do anything un-Democratic to get elected.

    But again, I agree with this comment and some other comments above that everyone knows he's human, so that was over the top.

  • graph or whatever you call it.

    With all the Repubs talking about how The Surge Is Working (tm), visuals like that really take the wind out of their sails.

  • By bringing up my alleged track record, you're ignoring the diary and hijacking the thread.  

    First, you claim that my diary was about calling people sheep.  Then you quote a comment that is not contained within my diary, to "prove" your "point".  Then you bring up my alleged "track record", and then you finish by suggesting my next diary will be about Obama "worshippers" "killing babies".

    I would suggest that you look in the mirror, and start issuing some apologies.  You're not part of the solution right now, you're part of the problem.

  • so we can change ratings.  Sometimes people TR because they don't understand a post, and sometimes they do it 100% by accident.

  • overly defensive?

    Thats the problem with the internet, all nuances are lost.  My tone (which you can't read on a computer monitor) was certainly not defensive.  I'm having a conversation.

  • level, but when called a concern troll drinking kool aid in the very first comment to my diary, I responded by calling the guy a sheep.  

    I still think he's a sheep, and in particular an Obama sheep that thinks Obama is not really human and can do no wrong, but I should have kept that thought to myself.

    Apologies to anyone and everyone who was bothered by opinions I should have kept private.

  • heard him called "transcendent"?  


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