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    I have been checking and receiving e-mails all day long on Gmail.

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    As of the posting of this diary, we have donations from 127 people around the country through our Act Blue site.  Ranging from $5 to over $1000.

    Please help us reach our goal of 145 individual donors by the end of the week.

  • But I do know, that Rapists are initially guaranteed visitation rights, as any other father.

    Perhaps a Judge could throw those rights out if there is abuse after the rape.  But the SD legislature has passed laws telling it's State Courts that rape, in and of itself, is not enough to take away visitation rights.

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    Focus, because I quite frankly am scared shitless about what the new Supreme Court might do if they get a chance to review Roe and HB 1215.

    Tell us why you do or don't support this fight.

  • skeptic06, by the your use of the term bollocks, I can assume your Brittish.  By being on liberal sights, I assume your of the Labour Party.

    I think your a little bit cranky about the recent election returns there.  Tracy Joan has been around for a while, knows the rules.

    Quite frankly, this doesn't really read all that much like a press release.  Just letting us know that the Democratic leadership put out a major policy initiative yesterday for when we take back the House.  I would much rather read the DNC take on things, than just the Washington Post.

    But that's just me....

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    Encourage others to do the same.

    That ad was just ridiculous.

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    District  16
    Regula, Ralph         21,288     55.16%
    Miller, Matt         17,307     44.84%
    Total Votes     38,595      

    Regula locked it up

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    District  6
    Wilson, Charles A.-WI         24,583     60.37%
    Carr, Bob                 11,283     27.71%
    Luchansky, John S.         4,855     11.92%
    Total Votes                     40,721      
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    I was really rooting for him.  Even threw him a few bones.

    But at least Capri won't turn OH-13 into a top tier Republican race by buying that primary.

    Guess I went 1 for 2 today, not too shabby.

    But would much rather have had Sulzer win, and Capri win.

    Tis life.

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    Don't forget to give out the link for donations.


    donate away folks.

    Good luck with the auction, hope it raises a ton of cash

  • That is what is most amazing about all this, that both AFL-CIO President John Sweeny and a representative of the Win To Change coalition stepped on the stage of this rally in support of immigrant workers rights.

    You get undocumented workers legalized, they get rights, protection, learn english, get invested in the country knowing they'll be here for the long haul, etc..

    Any pro-immigration bill, is also a pro-worker bill.

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    It was amazing, Senator Kennedy and Congressman Moran (VA) made speaches.  The Washington DC Cardinal, a Methodist Bishop who was speaking for all Methodist Bishops, Muslim leaders, Jewish leaders, and more importantly labor leaders.  That's right, John Sweeny as well as the president of the SEIU speaking for The Change to Win coalition.

    EVERY single progressive should be proud of what happened today.

    Thanks for posting this Matt.

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    I went to the Washington International School (small private school in DC)

    But grew up in a house about 1 mile from McLean High.

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    I live in VA, we can't let this go through.


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