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    Ha, Karl Roves 'math' isn't what it used to be. Even what it used to be was dependent on running lowest common denominator anti-American campaigns, and took setting aside an election in favor of a Supreme Court decision to get it off the ground in the first place. Go away Karl. Just go away.

  • I think Napolitano is highly qualified and understand her selection by Obama to serve in his cabinet, but for the reasons you mention, I really think he should have selected someone else. In this particular instance, the tradeoff is too high a price to pay, imo. While I'm at it, I might as well mention that I'm disspointed Obama didn't personally engage to help Martin in Georgia.

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    I expect deeply southern Georgia to be a tough challenge for Democrats. I mean, look at the number of strictly partisan Republicans who voted for Stevens in Alaska despite 7 felony convictions. Still, I remain hopeful.

  • Thanks alot for this diary linc. As someone else pointed out, I think you nailed it. After suffering through 8 years of Republican corrruption, abuse of power, and mismanagement, I am just sooo relieved the Democratic party is poised to take over control the White House and has increased it's majorities in both houses of Congress, that I am unable to harbor grudges. We ALL won this time. Even partisan Republicans who voted for McCain won simply because he lost, whether they appreciate it yet or not. That's just how I see it with the number and seriousness of the issues confronting us, brought on in large part by Republican ideology that may look great on paper, but clearly has no basis in fact in the real world.

  • I was unavailable all weekend so I'm late to this diary, but just wanted to say good on you Bob. I accepted a part time job offer from a record/cd store when I was in high school. After a month on the job, I was informed that all employees were being required to take a lie detector test, presumably to uncover a propensity toward stealing. I declined for reasons similiar to yours and was let go as a result. I didn't mind losing the job, but was bothered by the realization that it would reinforce my employer's belief that invasion of privacy is necessary because he most likely assumed I had something to hide. When your right to privacy is challenged, you lose on some level regardless of which way you choose to handle it. That is what I object to the most, and why I strongly believe it has no place in a free society.

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    Great advice and well articulated Denny, thanks. I staunchly supported Hillary in the primary too, but draw the line when it comes to actively seeking to divide the party. As for Obama, he's clearly indicating his intention to govern above politics. I'm totally impressed with and on board with that.

  • Yup, and let's not forget how they slimed disabled veteran and former Sen. Max Cleland to elect Chambliss in the first place. Interesting how they challenge the patriotism of authentic American servicemen and heroes, when in fact it is they who use any excuse to trample on our Constitution, etc etc etc.

  • I agree for the most part, except for this:

    "..the stuff that happened to her, as she pointed out, would not have happened had she been a man."

    Two words: Dan Quayle

    Both Quayle and Palin clearly lacked an acceptable level of readiness to take over leadership of the govt. in an emergency, and that is what drove the subsequent narrative for each, imho.

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    On canadian gal's site, the sentence 'I am Canadian and a gal' at the top of her web page clearly explains who she is, easily grasped by even the dimmest lightbulb. So much for the current state of artificial intelligence development.

    Speaking of artificial intelligence, in a brand new Gallup Poll, 67% of Republicans chose Sarah Palin as their #1 pick to be the party's presidential nominee in 2012. I kid you not.

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    What remains of the congressional Rep minority is more far right than ever, and consequently more out of touch than ever. If the number of votes Stevens drew despite 7 felony convictions is any indication, the Rep party intends to die a long, slow death, kicking and screaming the whole way. Sucks to be them.

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    Obama's rising star has risen to the top and in the process expanded the perspective and outlook for all minorities. America has finally, concretely made good on it's promise of equal opportunity for any among them who had good reason to doubt that it would, or could. I can't help but to believe this election has been an empowering experience for them. Coupled with the fact that minorities are the fastest growing segment of society, and I think we've seen the manner in which things have historically operated in this country permanently change overnight. 'Yes we can' has moved beyond an ardent hope to realized fact, opening the floodgates for a whole host of potential rising stars to follow in the footsteps of these five distinguished senatorial predecessors. Very fine article Bob, thank you.

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    You should hang out at dKos more. Definately more your style.

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    I'll keep mine short, citing just the 2 biggest to my credit.


    1. I thought Hillary would win the nomination.

    2. After some initial misgivings, I gave Edwards the benefit of the doubt.


    1. The Democratic candidate would win this election.

    2. The party would find a way to come together in the end.

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    Great diary, thanks, although I can't quite bring myself to thank them due to the mess they've left in their wake for Dems to sort out and clean up.

    The fact that Palin rocketed to popularity among them and drew them to the polls to vote for McCain is oddly reassuring in the sense that it underscored the subjective and dangerously frivolous nature of their rationale in determining who they support. A decisive majority of voters clearly see it for what it is now, leaving Republicans stuck in the past with no way out until they see it too.

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    The idea of Hilary as SoS is registering as spot on as choosing Rahm for CoS, and is it just me, or does the manner in which this is unfolding seem uncannily similiar to the way it happened for Rahm too.


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