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    Of why NOT to vote for "Republican Democrats"

    Ben Nelson the most conservative Democrat (D) did NOT vote with Democrats on the majority of issues whereas...

    Lincoln Chafee was the most liberal Republican voted with his party the majority of the time...

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    Analysis: true blue Democrats vs. the blue dog "Democrats"

    As it turns out, the anti-bi-partisan category also strips the cover from the least loyal Democrats as well. Among the top 10 Most Republican Democrats (8 Blue Dogs), 855 votes have been cast with the Republicans, while 122 against measures with bi-partisan support. Blue Dogs are pretty keen on bi-partisanism. You have to go down to the 40th Most Republican Democrat to find one that has cast more votes for the party on a partisan issue than for bi-partisan measures. Of the top 10 Most Republican, 56% of their votes with the Democrats are bi-partisan supported measures. Are they really voting with the Dems? Or just voting with the crowd? Take the bi-partisan votes votes away and the difference between voting for the party or against it gets pretty small.

    Therefore voting for Republican Democrats there is no gain.

  • Since everyone here loves polls so much...every poll so far shows that the majority of americans want to keep abortion safe and legal

    Roe has become an albatross for Democrats.

    The only way it has become an albatross is the now the Democratic leadership wants to abandon is base and join in with the wingnuts.

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    CONAN THE BARBARIAN....please...
  • No one is stopping you from funding these Republican Democats... be my guest. I won't give a penny nor a vote.
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    This is the difference between the Dems and the GOP... only in the GOP dreams would they have someone like Ben wanting to "join the team" instead they make do with the Sonny Bonos and the Lynn Swans

    If Ben went to the GOP and said we wanted to run in a state where they had no bench ... how much you wanna bet that the GOP would already coaching and prepping him. Swan has been in training for over a year now... now one said that he is just an old football player with ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE AT ALL... like Sonny Bono.

    Yet, here Ben an intelligent, articulate well known person is mocked... oh yeah... let's get behind Casey and Langeving instead... very interesting indeed.

  • It came on the same day the Senate took up the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. for chief justice of the United States.  
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    Then Ben is in the same league as Arnold and Reagan... the only difference is that he is intelligent.
  • some of us actually depend on the Democratic party to protect our civil rights... but you would not know anything about that...
  • Gee Moderate...when were you ever a Democrat...since you only like the Republican Democrats... not everyone belongs to the white male christian anti-women. anti-gay "special interest" group as you do ... some of us actually depend on the Democratic party to protect our civil rights... but you would not know anything about that... because you know that when push come to shove you will not think twice about jumping in your SUV and running over to the Republican party to "save yourself"... yeah, I sure you would donate to Operation Blessing to "help" out those lesser fortunate folks...
  • Dump them all... I'll be damed to give them one penny... at this point after this pathetic capitualion on Roberts... I am willing to "go another round" with the GOP... perhaps then enough Republicans will hurt for there to be some change...

    If the elected Democrats demonstated they wanted change it would be another story but all their actions just support this administration and their backwards assed policies... I would rather save my money AND my vote.

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    to show that abortion is draining on the Democratic party...as the Democrats for Life love to tout?

    It is a perfect set up... "you see our hands are tied... we have to nominate more Kaine's and Casey's because the GOP makes us look bad when we support abortion..."

    Reid is just looking for a convenient way to dump abortion without looking like he ahs dumped abortion... this foul capitualion on Roberts is now beginning to reek to high heavens.

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    Joe, you are saying that Trippi, McMahon, Squier and Associates did NOT get a percentage from the ads created for Dean?
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    bad news for Democrats is that they are viewed as overly partisan. In particular, Democrats were seen as more likely to instigate partisan attacks over two recent issues in the news -- the federal government's hurricane response and the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

    ...however he did say that this was an internal Republican poll and I doubt that it would say any thing else.

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    You have just broken my illusion of the Great Dean... I will never see him in the same light... Just to get even with Dean for "stringing me on" and letting me believe he was so great....I think I will now follow the pathway lead by the DLC/NDN....



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